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General Discussion
Our main Final Fantasy XIV forum
20249 358791 Your thought on Elite Hunts Go to latest post
3 hours, 8 minutes ago
FFXIV Linkshell Recruitment and Server Forums
FFXIV Linkshell Recruitment and Server Forums
2844 11734 The Agency <Mi6> is recruiting for current Static Groups!
1 day ago
General Discussion Archive
Archive of Pre-2013 General Discussion Posts
14738 264697 How important is internet speed? Go to latest post
333 days ago
Disciples of Magic Forums Threads Posts Last Active Thread
FFXIV Arcanist Forum
48 238 Went from conjurer to arcanist but having problems Go to latest post
179 days ago
FFXIV Conjurer Forum
14 72 Is Aero 2 a steaming heap of coeurl excrement? Go to latest post
186 days ago
FFXIV Thaumaturge Forum
6 45 Post 2.1 patch BiS
217 days ago
Disciples of the Hand Forums Threads Posts Last Active Thread
FFXIV Alchemist Forum
11 38 Alembic of the luminary Go to latest post
263 days ago
FFXIV Armorer Forum
3 7 Making a living? Go to latest post
326 days ago
FFXIV Blacksmith Forum
3 12 blacksmith Go to latest post
312 days ago
FFXIV Carpenter Forum
5 17 Other carpenters? Go to latest post
268 days ago
FFXIV Culinarian Forum
8 22 Spicy Tomato Relish Go to latest post
55 days ago
FFXIV Goldsmith Forum
6 21 Mudstone anyone Go to latest post
289 days ago
FFXIV Leatherworker Forum
12 16 Material Location Finder Go to latest post
306 days ago
FFXIV Weaver Forum
7 23 How do I synthesize my own recipe Go to latest post
285 days ago
Disciples of the Land Forums Threads Posts Last Active Thread
FFXIV Botanist
11 36 Botanist Gear at level 50 Go to latest post
238 days ago
FFXIV Fisher
21 104 New fishing guide with recommendation on best setup
156 days ago
10 28 Crystal question Go to latest post
200 days ago
Disciples of War Forums Threads Posts Last Active Thread
FFXIV Archer Forum
14 52 New Archer with a few questions Go to latest post
96 days ago
FFXIV Gladiator Forum
14 83 Just starting out Go to latest post
184 days ago
FFXIV Lancer Forum
7 38 Macros, share your awsome Macro here. Go to latest post
84 days ago
FFXIV Marauder Forum
13 86 Your Marauder's Latest and Greatest Accomplishment Go to latest post
14 days ago
FFXIV Pugilist Forum
4 36 Struggling with Pugilist. Go to latest post
144 days ago
Jobs Forums Threads Posts Last Active Thread
FFXIV Bard Forum
5 15 Newbie question Go to latest post
229 days ago
Black Mage
FFXIV Black Mage Forum
22 211 Stardust Rod Novus: what stats you think we should use?
18 days ago
FFXIV Dragoon Forum
11 75 which secondary stat is best Go to latest post
175 days ago
FFXIV Monk Forum
4 21 Which attribute affects second wind for mnk or pug? Go to latest post
230 days ago
FFXIV Paladin Forum
11 34 PLD stat allocation
52 days ago
FFXIV Scholar Forum
6 17 SCH hotbar swap and summon macros
93 days ago
FFXIV Summoner Forum
9 32 Summoner Macro Guide, Pet Control and General Play Tips Go to latest post
1 day, 11 hours ago
FFXIV Warrior Forum
5 66 Warby's Warrior Guide 2.0 Go to latest post
70 days ago
White Mage
FFXIV White Mage Forum
6 26 How I beat Titan HM and learned to love the bomb Go to latest post
135 days ago