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SE's patcher is fine.(By fine I mean working as intended, not that it is perfect) Most of you who are having problems have your home networks set up poorly. A percentage of you are getting hosed outside your control. SE can't do crap about that. Utorrent may work for those cases where you don't directly have control of your modem/router(i.e. College dorms) For the rest of you I present a small education in general networking you will need.

First Port forwarding. You need this to listen to ports for the FFXI patcher. You ever put in earplugs and have someone across the room whisper to you? Same idea. You need to open a port between 54992 to 55551 on TCP. And ports 55296 to 55551 on UDP. Also you can change the port you will listen on in the config program for FFXIV. You do not need to open up all those ports necessarily but you do need at least one of them open. The more the better. You need to forward these ports through your modem/router (hint: Both should not be trying to route) You can use this link to get equipment specific info on these

Now, you are listening up to your computer supposing you didn't mess that up. Now you need to let those ports and the exceptions for the program in general through your computer's firewall. You all have a different programs be it windows firewall Norton etc. You should also be able to google how to add an exception there.

After you do those things you should see the FFXIV patcher working smoothly.

One thing of note: Your router/modem may also have some kind of firewall. Forwarding the ports sometimes won't kick through that on some brands so if your connection still sucks might try turning it off for a test on speed and if it fixes it then look at how to bypass it.

Utorrent as I stated before may help the rest of you. You'll still need the port forwarding in some cases but Utorrent will at least flag up and tell you your network connection is all messed up... so that's an indication either way.

Also for those of you under someone elses control for the internet you get you may be able to talk to thir help desk etc and get information on what they will allow you to use for ports or in rare cases hook you up.

Hope this helps someones downloads not suck anymore. Additional information will be added to this post as questions/more help come to light. Feel free to add to this or ask questions.

If you have to utorrent to get timely patches I'll include a post I made in another thread to hopefully walk you through some of it,

I'll do this for the beta version as i dont have retail but the only difference should be the word beta probably. Go to C:\Users\Owner\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version\downloads\ffxiv-beta\ 2d2a390f\metainfo. If you're not on win 7 and possibly vista youll just basically go to my documents to start. theres a 2d2a390f folder and a 48eca647(or the like for retail) these are the 2 different files that house a meta folder with torrent data. the torrent is opened in the meta and the downloaded file is put into its Patch folder by the FFXIV downloader . Note that you may need to start the FFXIV program and let it get you new version data to make a folder to completely see where it goes and what the file is called that you will write over and replace.

The tricky part here is to remember or know the new file name. The FFXIV downloader will tell you it and the torrent file in the meta folder will be the same file name. Just in beta I think there were like 8-10 diff patches like this.

step one is start the FFXIV Program and get the downloader running to catch the torrent data that will show in the meta folder.

Skip step one of you already have a download link for the torrent data. No need to do the same thing manually.

Step 2 is to go to the Meta folder and open up the new torrent data with utorrent or the like. If you have utorrent those files will have the utorrent icon like u can open them in it.

Step 3 download the files and they'll be put where the torrent program puts them(likely a folder named downloads)

Step 4 Move the file you downloaded into the bca2a8ae or the d96437e6 patch folder and let it write over it.

Now your patch should be applied the FFXIV downloader will start still when you open it and it will full fill the bar and move to either the game or the next patch.

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