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Azury Ariella's Solo Guide (Up to Level 35)


Note: This guide is about efficient ranking up (I tried almost every mob and listed the best), and therefore some viable camps may be left out.
Also this guide can be used by -all- jobs


General Tips for ALL Levels:

DO LEVES!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Leves with gaurdian's aspect are the best way to get quick SP.

Save certain high-drop items and use it to level crafts to 10. This will help keep your physical level up with your rank level. If you aren't in a rush, try to keep your physical level 5 levels above your rank at all times. This will make fights much easier and reduce death. Its worth targeting mobs for shards + items at the start of the game to help boost your physical level up a bit. Consider sheep near the lighthouse east of limsa lominsa for sheepskins and wind shards (allowing you to take leather to 10 easily), or mobs that drop ores near ul'dah, or funguars that drop logs in Gridania.

DO BEHEST! Behest is probably your best alternative to leves for SP. To join behest, talk to a battlewarden which appears at every camp on the hour every hour.

You can solo a behest if you are approximately 5 levels higher than the camp where you are partaking in the behest is. For example, if you are at a camp that has leves recommended for level 20, you can safely solo behest at level 25. You will get pretty decent sp 8 to 10 levels above the camp level when soloing.

If you cannot solo a behest, shout and try to team up with other people. Make sure you have someone label the mobs before you start fighting (do this through the emotions menu), and tell your party what order to fight the group in.

Rank 1 - 8

All Areas: Start off by fighting mobs right outside your city. Do leves every chance you get, and help other people out with theirs. Leves will give you -VERY- good SP. Also do behests at the first camp every chance you get.
Remember to craft a bit in order to boost your physical level above your rank.

Gridania - Camp Brentbranch
To start off, target star marmots and do leves.
At around level 4 or 5, target the funguars and any other mobs you find around Brentbranch.
GO EAST. There are -lots- of mobs there that usually aren't camped. You can even go along the path to the north east section of the forest for lots of mobs, or you can go south along the path, all the way to thanalan fighting star marmots, and then back.

Ul'dah - Camp Black Brush
Do leves, behest, and fight the mobs around camp black brush

Limsa Lominsa - Camp Bearded Rock

Do Leves, behest, and fight the mobs around camp bearded rock.
At level 5, look on the map south east of camp bearded rock (east of limsa lominsa). You will see a bay with a lighthouse on the east and west side. Head to the lighthouse on the western side of the bay. Here there are LOTS of sheep. These are easy to take out, give good sp and exp, and give amazing drops (wind shards, sheep skins, etc). They will get you to rank 8, but you can stay till 10 easily.

Rank 8 - 13

Gridania - Camp Emerald Moss
do behest IN GROUPS.
Focus on fighting (solo) thistletail marmots. These will get you to level 13. There are LOTS of them in lots of different areas and caves, so explore. These will also get you lots of fire crystals, which are in high demand.
You can also fight the glowing beetle things, and moles, inside of caves.

Rank 11 - 14

Ul'dah Camp Drybone - contributed by seraphite syamine of Saronia
Moles and Bogies in caves surrounding the northern area of Drybone, near the Black Shroud. Find the caves yourself. Each cave supports one person, fastest claimer wins. Good luck.

Rank 13 - 17 or 18

Ul'dah Camp Drybone
do Behest IN GROUPS
Focus on fighting dodo's. They are scattered around the map so find a place where 2 or 3 spawn and have fun grinding on them for hours. You can also fight any other mobs you can handle in-between dodo spawns.

Limsa Lominsa - Camp Skull Valley
do Behest IN GROUPS
Focus on dodos, throw in puks if you see them and can handle them. If you go to the airship docks near the camp, there are a lot of dodo's and also bee swarms that you can fight while waiting for respawns.

Limsa Lominsa - (37, 25) - Contributed by Beregren (on ZAM)
Fight puks, wild ewe, and dodos.
Camp can only support two people
At level 16 throw in yellow aldgoat nannys if you can handle them (if not wait a few ranks)

Rank 15 - 20

Limsa Lominsa - Camp Bloodshore
Head west through the cave to an enclosed area with lot of moles. Take out the moles. When they do their special move -run-. You will learn how far you need to run to avoid it. These are especially great for those with ranged attacks.

Gridania - 34-50 on map
Sultan Trumpets (moles) in a cave. Good from 15-18 (possibly earlier)
Thanks to: RustyMcDaggers

Fight young opo-opos. There are multiple camps for these.
You can try south of camp brentbranch where there is one circle-area with about 7 of these.
Or you can go to camp emerald moss and explore. They tend to populate many of the passages, and there is a really good camp with about 10 of them in a group near the village.
These may be a bit difficult at 15, but are quite easy at 20. It depends on your job and your gear.

Gridania - Camp Tranquil

Fight thistletail marmots + fairy funguars + fullgourd funguars. If you're a meelee job i strongly suggest you level marauder a few levels for trunksplitter as it does quite a lot of damage.

Rank 20 - 25

Gridania - Camp Tranquil
Do behests

Fight opo-opo's, ladybugs, arbor squirrels, and most importntly roselets. Roselets will probably net you the fastest sp. You can throw in thistletail marmots and funguars too if you like.
THIS TAKES TIME, expect one level a day.

Consider partying. Post 20, solo is no longer efficient. Get in a party and fight some crabs for the best sp. Solo if you want to play alone, go afk a lot, or want to farm while exp'ing.

Coerthas - Camp Glory. Via Gridania

Fight squirrels, antelope, wolves (they are east along the path to the eastern village), Hyppocerfs (western path before the bridge). Whatever you can handle. This can take you past 25.
Thanks to: Epedemic Optikz of Mysidia

Rank 25 - 30

Coerthas - Camp Glory. Via Gridania

Fight saltsprey pterocs to the southwest of Camp glory (south of the area just before hippocerfs).

Fight hippocerfs when you are able to (depending on your job/abilities/phys level). 4 spawn in the area right before the bridge, and 1-2 spawn in each of the two small areas before that. They agro sight, at a fair distance. So watch out.

Nanawa Mines (North of Ul'dah)

There is an amazing puk (pteroc) camp just north east of the leve crystal. These pterocs are a few levels up from the ones in coerthas but also slightly more difficult.

Rank 30 - 35

At rank 30 you really should not be solo'ing anymore. It will be nearly impossible to get any more than 100sp per kill, and will therefore take 2-4 days to solo a level. Grouping at this point is -much- more viable.

Coerthas - Ishgard area

Fight antelope near ishgard

fight the pteroc southeast of ishgard (south of camp dragonwhatever). These can 1-shot some jobs with their weaponskill attack to be careful.

Fight hippocerfs to the west of ishgard (surrounding the castle directly west of the landbridge that goes to ishgard)

Other Options

You can try mobs in the various dungeons or around the 30 and 40 leve crystals, but to be honest most will probably be disappointing. If anyone has found a good camp outside of coerthas at this level, please let me know. You might want to try targeting mobs that you can solo incapacitate.

I wish you luck on your adventures <3
-Azury Ariella of Wutai / Azurymber

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