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Shards/Crystals the new FFXIV currency?Follow

#1 Oct 23 2010 at 7:00 PM Rating: Decent
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I got to thinking about this today as I hit the 25 millon Gil mark. Gil realy is losing its value as a currency. There is no way I should have as much gil as I do at lvl 35. there is nothing for me to us Gil for and I realy don't see SE puting out Chocobos or Air ships and charging 500k + a ride to pull some of this gil out of the game. Then I got to thinking if Gil loses its value as a currency what would take its place.

I started to think of just how I made gil. Sure I make a lot from guild leves but not to the point that I should have made this much this fast. I am not a crafter, **** not one of my crafting jobs is over rank 1. Then it hit me. Crystals and Shards. I have been selling every crystal and shard I got from lvling. And the truth is Crystals and Shards are the only thing in the game that are not seeing a price drop. infact they are steadly increasing in price. Most shards started out selling around 100-150 gil. Now I am geting around 200-300 gil for each shard. Crystals that where selling for 1000-1500 are now easly selling for 2000-2500 gil on my server.

Now befor I get to my question there is another game that we saw this hapon in, Diablo 2. Im sure a lot of you know that in Diablo 2 you did not buy items with gold. If you wanted that nice rare sword it would cost you in 2 forms of currency. Ither SOJ's or ruens/gems. You never saw anyone saying. "WTS godly sword of *** kicking for 300.000 gold." No it was "WTS godly sword of *** kicking 40 sojs". And this is where my question comes in.

Will we soon see Gil lose its Value 100% as a player to player currency? Will we soon see people shouting. "WTS (insert item here) for 3000+ shards!"? Now befor you anser this stop and think for a second. Its is not hard at all to make gil in this game. I could see making more than the gil you will need to keep your self riding chocobos and air ships when they come out. Shards and crystals will always be needed by crafters. Once they start to have more gil than they could ever spend for the life of the game what is to stop them from charging shards and crystals for gear instead of gil?

Just somethng that I was think about and wonderd what others mite think. So what do you think?

PS this post gose hand in hand with what Im talking about here. Thanks to Mistrik for leting me link to it.

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