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The HP/MP Caps and Your Character
Your class or race will not affect your HP/MP caps from point allotments. For example, a Hyur Highlander will not have a higher HP cap from allotting points into VIT than a Lalafell Dunesfolk. That same Lalafell will not have a higher MP cap from alloting points into MND than a Hyur Highlander.

In addition to this, your job choice does not affect the VIT/MND cap for HP/MP gains. A Rank 22 Conjurer will have the same HP/MP cap from allotment as a Rank 22 Pugilist, which is 82 VIT/MND. To further clarify, a Pugilist won't have a lower cap for MP gains through MND than a Conjurer. A Conjurer won't have a lower cap for HP gains through VIT than a Pugilist. A Gladiator won't have different caps than a Pugilist and a Thaumaturge won't have different caps than a Conjurer. At rank 22, the cap for HP/MP gains is 82 VIT/MND for every class regardless of race.

This doesn't mean a Conjurer will have the same HP as a Pugilist. A Pugilist has a much higher HP modifier from a single point of VIT than a Conjurer. A Conjurer has a much higher MP modifier from a single point of MND than a Pugilist. Stat modifiers seem to vary from class to class.

The HP/MP Caps and Equipment
How about equipment with VIT or MND on them? VIT and MND on equipment do NOT add HP or MP. If you don't believe me, reset your VIT or MND stat to base. Next, unequip all pieces of armor. Finally, reequip pieces of armor with ONLY +VIT or +MND. Do NOT equip pieces with +HP +MP. There won't be any increase in HP or MP from VIT or MND on equipment.

This is easily tested with the various PGL Favored equipment, such as Barbuts, Harnesses, and Subligar. Most of these pieces of armor have +VIT and +MND while offering no +HP or +MP. This doesn't mean those stats are broken on armor. VIT and MND found on armor will continue to provide the other benefits those stats have, such as Defense and Magic Defense, without increasing your HP or MP.

+HP and +MP on equipment considered a separate stat. If you become point allotment capped, equipping armor with +HP and +MP will still increase your HP and MP. Equipment is not subject to these caps. The caps only affect how much HP and MP you gain from the Point Allotment tab.

The HP/MP Caps Per Rank
This is where I'll need your help. When contributing, be sure you're accurate.

To find the cap, pump VIT or MND until there isn't any further increase in your HP or MP. Your +HP or +MP equipment will not affect your cap. Neither will anything else you are wearing with VIT or MND. For example, having equipment with +100 VIT won't make any different to your HP cap from point allotment.

It's best to do this by allotting each point one-by-one. Determining and finding the pattern to this, it appears that each cap is an even number. Don't contribute a cap with an odd number unless you have proof via screen shot. Be sure you're contributing from your Point Allotment's page not the Attributes and Gear page. Now, onto the list:

The guide is now complete! All caps should be correct. However, if you find that one of the caps is incorrect, please post the correct cap here to have it updated.

Due to on-going discussion and testing, the following caps only affect the point you stop gaining HP and MP from allotting your points into VIT and MND. It seems as if you will continue to gain in "invisible" stats (such as Defense/Magic Defense) if you increase these stats further. This also applies to the other stats with invisible modifiers, such as STR, DEX, INT and PIE. The caps for the "invisible" stats has not yet been determined. You may use this list as a benchmark for invisible stats if you prefer, just be aware this listing only affects your HP and MP caps from VIT and MND. Enjoy!

Rank 01: 30
Rank 02: 32
Rank 03: 34
Rank 04: 36
Rank 05: 38
Rank 06: 40
Rank 07: 42
Rank 08: 44
Rank 09: 46
[Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 10: 50 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 11: 52 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 12: 54 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 13: 56 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 14: 60
Rank 15: 62 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 16: 64 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 17: 68
Rank 18: 70
Rank 19: 72
Rank 20: 76
[Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 21: 78 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 22: 82
Rank 23: 84 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 24: 88
Rank 25: 90
Rank 26: 94
Rank 27: 96

Rank 28: 100 [Confirmed by: Meowshi]
Rank 29: 102
Rank 30: 106 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 31: 108 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 32: 112 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 33: 116 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 34: 118 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 35: 122 [Confirmed by: Rhysen]
Rank 36: 126 [Confirmed by: Rhysen]
Rank 37: 128 [Confirmed by: ShinmaAlexandre]
Rank 38: 132 [Confirmed by: EpedemicOpticz]
Rank 39: 136 [Confirmed by: TaruOfThought]
Rank 40: 138 [Confirmed by: TaruOfThought]
Rank 41: 142 [Confirmed by: pathead]
Rank 42: 146 [Confirmed by: pathead]
Rank 43: 148 [Confirmed by: pathead]
Rank 44: 152 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 45: 156 [Confirmed by: Kilnaga]
Rank 46: 160 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 47: 162 [Confirmed by: sospleaseunotres]
Rank 48: 166 [Confirmed by: Kilnaga]
Rank 49: 170 [Confirmed by: Kilnaga]
Rank 50: 174 [Confirmed by: Riniaru]

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