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Which DPS class is most wanted above all for their damage?Follow

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I'm new to EQ and still just downloading it but I know about certain classes and their desirability in groups from when I used to play EQoA (console version of EQ which came out in 2003; I played from then 'til 2006), and from there I learned when my Ranger hit cap level (50) before the expansion (Frontiers), the Wizard was the most wanted DPS class in the game for high-end raid boss mobs because their nuke spells were not gimped due to the boss mobs being red conned and being 5+ levels above 50! Rogues or Monks were highly sought after melee DPS for groups all-throughout the levels pretty much, except Melee classes didn't hit high at all on high level (red conned) boss mobs; only bow path Rangers could hit a bit higher compared to other Melee with our bows; still no where near as good as casters back then!


I just wanted to know if there's a clear, noticeable desirability on DPS classes in EQ today?

I am planning on making a Rogue for the high(est?) DPS I'm reading they can get (among other reasons, like sneaking/steatlh, backstab, etc.), yet then I read some contradicting information that the Berserker might out-DPS the Rogue in some areas, or depending on their weapon?

They said Wizard out-DPSes all, yet they're solely mana-dependent, whereas Melee can still hit regular until their mana regens on its own during the fight(s); so this would even it out between Wizard and highest Melee DPS class(es)? Or no?

This would depend on a few factors I'm assuming but if anyone could give information on their personal experiences when grouping with Wizards and other DPS classes, it would be appreciated. :-)

If Wizard does most damage in-game hands down in short fights (grinding on same level mobs in groups) and long fights (fighting high level boss mobs), then I'll probably make a Wizard first, then a Rogue alt later on. But if Rogues can [consistently] hit roughly as high in the damage department as Wizards, I'll try the Rogue first, then Wizard alt later on.

Just curious what the general opinion is on this. I hated making the 'mistake' (not mine, really) of picking one class which wasn't really needed on raids back in the early days of EQoA! So I'm not making the same 'mistake' again, or trying not to! ;-)
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