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[Cactuar][FC][LFM] The Crescent Order [TCO] is recruiting!!!Follow

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The Crescent Order (TCO) has arrived in Final Fantasy 14, and we are opening our doors to anyone who seeks a casual gaming experience that still knows how to kick it into high gear when necessary. My name is Roas, and I will be the captain of this little ship.

What is TCO:

TCO is a multi-game community that has existed for over fourteen years, beginning with Star Wars Galaxies and now finding its way to current adventures such as Wild Star and Final Fantasy 14. Our goals are not only excellence in game play, but excellence in community. TCO strives to provide a family friendly gaming environment where all can find fun. Joining TCO means you are a part of our gaming community, giving you access to any active branch in any game we play.

I am also contractually required to note that we have cookies.

TCO in Final Fantasy 14:

Data Center- Aether

Location- Cactuar


Current Company Rank- 7

TCO has only recently arrived in FF 14 as a group. This of course means we currently cannot offer as much as more established companies, but that is not going to stop us working hard to make an impact now and as the game goes on. Core TCO members have joined us from other games to help us build the Free Company, and we want other like minded individuals to join us in this endeavor!

So if you are interested in helping build and be a part of making something special, you might be TCO. There will come a day when we claim some land and build that house with all the amenities. If you want to help make that happen, then you might be TCO.

TCO's Goals in Final Fantasy 14:

First and foremost: have fun.

We play games to have fun, and if that isn't happening, then what's the point?

In a more detailed explanation, we are looking to enjoy most of FF 14 from dungeons, trials, raids, Fates, Triple Triad without win trading, and most other activities. We want to tackle Extreme modes, we want to do Savage fights, we want to see even the old content no one does anymore, because it's new to us, and we want to get all that shiny gear. However, we're not going to push or rush. We'll take it slow and take it easy, because in the end a game should not be treated like a job.

We are also not a PvP guild in this game.

What TCO is looking for:

We're looking for you. We're looking for that ready to have a good time gamer who also wants to be a part of a gaming family that simply enjoys being together. Yes, I know we are asking a lot from those who are about to join us. We will need your help to make us strong in FF 14. We are asking you to join us on the ground floor of TCO's adventure in FF 14, helping us lay the foundation (literally when we get land and build a house) for a journey that we hope will last for years to come.

And it bears mentioning that even though FF 14 is not entirely geared or friendly towards it, we are an Alt friendly guild. I myself have 3 characters just for the fun of it.

The TCO application process:

Yes, there is an application. It's not always the most exciting thing to see, but the application serves a purpose. The TCO application process not only allows us to get to know you, but for you to get to know us and make sure you want to be here.

Normally, this is where I would ask you to visit our forums to initiate the process, but as it happens we are in the middle of moving to new shiny fresh forums....they're just not done yet. So in light of the current state of things we offer these options:

Step 1) Use the in game application. Do this by searching for any of the officer characters listed below and then view Free Company for TCO. There will be an application button.

Step 2) Once an application is submitted, new recruits are put into a 14 day probationary period. This time is a two way street of observation. We get to know you, and you get to know us. At the end of the 14 days, it is safe to say that you will know if you like being a part of TCO, and we'll know if we want you to stick around.

Step 3) Once the probationary period is over, you are a full member with all the good things that entails.

See, it's not that bad.

What TCO Offers Members:

1) Once a full member in FF itself, you will have full access to the Company Chest, as well as al Company House amenities once we build one.

2) Access to the TCO TeamSpeak server so that you can join us in easy chatting while adventuring through the realms.

3) Access to the brand spanking new TCO forums once they are live where you can stay up to date on events, in game projects, talk crafting or class shop, or maybe check out what other TCO games are up to.

And that's my pitch. I hope that I've been able to grab your interest in us, and that you'll consider joining our family. Feel free to chat up any TCO member you may come across in game, but if you have direct questions you can drop me or the only other current officer a /tell. Also feel free to PM me here with questions.

My characters: Roas Atrades, Valius Atrades, Ninya Beatura

Officer characters: Myru Ariaku, Nomi Ariaku

We thank you for your time and consideration of TCO.

Edited, Sep 27th 2015 7:18pm by RoasAtrades
Server: Midgardsormr
Character: Rroas (aka R2)(retired)
Class: 75 War/Nin or War/Thf cuz that's all that mattered
#2 Sep 27 2015 at 5:19 PM Rating: Decent
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We just hit Rank 7. Come on by and check us out! All players welcome!
Server: Midgardsormr
Character: Rroas (aka R2)(retired)
Class: 75 War/Nin or War/Thf cuz that's all that mattered
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