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Voicechat: TEAMSPEAK
Current Members: 10
Rank: 8
FC House: Manse Umbra - The Goblet, 8th Ward, Plot 11


Shadow Legends returned to Eorzea after a long hiatus. We're currently seeking players who would like to be part of our gradual and exciting growth and rebirth. Though we may be small, we're building our community the right way with the right people. Its all about quality over quantity and we'll never recruit anyone for the sake of numbers. Please check out our ad below, hear us out, ask questions if needed and we hope you'll join the family with open arms.

True Legends Are Forged In The Shadows!

Welcome and thank you for considering joining our family. The Shadow Legends Free Company <SHxL> is a non-elitist community that is based on the pillars of Teamwork, Unity and Organization. We welcome players from all walks of life regardless of playstyle, background or personal beliefs. In Shadow Legends we believe that amazing players are nice to have, but amazing people is what we recruit. Because while having the best gear and most current knowledge is a nice thing, being a person who is not only reliable but friendly and always willing to help out is the most important thing to us. We'd rather have a small population of players that actually care about each other, socialize and enjoy helping each other achieve goals then a large group of anti-social people only concerned with themselves. We are a family that will take the time out to teach and guide new, low level players while also maximizing the end game experience of the seasoned players.

Our community is focused on content progression, grinding through story, developing our classes and skills as well as helping each other upgrade their gear and relic weapons. Not only that, but we'll also have several members who are into working on master crafting and gathering. You may run into some of us having fun in the Gold Saucer, questing it up, farming FATEs or working hard at our house.

The Ideal Member

Our ideal members are players who are guild oriented, goal driven, team players and highly social. Players who genuinely love to come online, socialize with fellow guild members and work as a team to accomplish goals. We also require members to be hospitable, greet each other, be of service if others need it. Why do we say this? Because if you can't even be bothered to say Hello to another member or if you see another member getting wrecked and you just walk by without helping or if you are just an antisocial person, then this is not the place for you. What other qualities are preferred? Players who actually like using voicechat to have a better interaction with each other. Players who understand the importance of contributing to the guild bank both with gil and items to help fellow members with their crafting/gathering and housing needs. The old quote, "A house divided will not stand." is so true. We're not asking for members to give us their life but we do expect everyone to treat this like a family because that what we are, Brothers and Sisters in-arms.

Real Life Comes First

This is very simple but needs to be said. We are not a casual guild or a hardcore guild. We're in the middle. We are serious about growing, helping each other, getting things accomplished and having a fun time. HOWEVER, we firmly belive that real life comes first and we will never ever fault anyone for taking a couple days off to handle real world things. No member should or will ever feel obligated to be online on any particular day unless its an event that you signed up for like a raid, then you only need to notify us you can't attend. Never put the game before your work or family.

Player Development

Part of our mission is to make sure that everyone has what they need to succeed as player. We will set out to mentor those who seek guidance. You can count on us to teach you and provide you with the knowledge you desire. If there is something we don't know, we work together to find out the information as a community. If you need help with your crafting, gathering, quests or upgrading your gear (including relic), then we're here to help you with that. No one is perfect and everyone needs help at some point. The best part of joining Shadow Legends is that you'll never get the feeling of being alone. You'll have a family of friends to support you every step of the way.

Our Organization

As a member of Shadow Legends, you're going to get out what you put into it. With that being said, we are fostering an atmosphere where organization is key. We will host multiple weekly events which will include both end game content and activities for members of all levels (i.e. Chocobo racing, treasure hunting, dungeon farming and more). We will also work together to make sure that Shadow Legends is a highly self-sufficient community by combining all our efforts and saving the funds (GIL) in the company chest for things that will benefit the FC as well as storing items for crafting, gathering and developing our classes in the chest.

Ranks, Promotions and Staff Roles

Plain and simple: You have a desire to hold a staff position and move up in rank? Its done through two ways. Time in guild and merit. Meaning if you want to be an Officer, then you have to show us you want it. Act like you want it. Earn it. Nothing is ever given, only earned. Trust us, we'll see and make note of all those who stand out and have that potential.

Our Primary Focus/What We Offer:
- Leveling
- Providing wisdom and guidance to inexperienced new and low level players.
- Assisting with obtaining max level crafts and gathering classes.
- Completing all raids & dungeons
- Provide atmosphere of acceptance and friendly faces
- Teamspeak VOIP (voicechat)
- FC House/Company Workshop

Interested in becoming our newest Legend? Visit our website to register, contact us in-game, join our Facebook page or simply reply below.

NOTE: Shadow Legends is a LGBT-FRIENDLY community. We DO NOT tolerate discrimination or bigotry of any type.

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Join us today!
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Join today
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