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Daes Dae'mar was created with the idea of bringing together those of us who enjoy progression but find party finder groups to be rather lack luster or downright hostile. We consider ourselves medium-core with a focus on personality compatibility, having a good time, and actually completing content (so skill is important to us).

Yes, an FC has been created we just need to rank it up. We will be having to start from scratch due to the transfer. <3

Is Daes Dae'mar a good fit for you?

For people who find themselves pugging most progression content, it's hard to feel like you're actually a part of a community. Free Companies often times feel like various cliques just mashed together, making it hard for newcomers to feel welcome or involved. We want to offer a remedy for those situations. We want to offer a remedy for people facing those experiences or craving a place to call "home".

We know this has already been attempted many times over and often fails for a number of reasons.

    Poor quality control - We believe that the only way a linkshell like this can succeed is by providing members a place to go where they don't hope a specific person answers because of subpar performance. Drama - Progression can be stressful, we all get that. However, it doesn't need to be aggressive or ruthless. There's room for a good laugh with good people. Drama is unacceptable within Daes Dae'mar for any reason. Incompatible personalities - While it's impossible to create something where everyone loves everyone else, a large part of LS recruitment is going to focus on finding people with the right type of personality (explained further below) Different goals - It always feels like there's a disconnect in LSs like the one we're attempting to build. People find themselves sending tells to certain players out of fear that another person will respond who is not the right fit for the content.

Our Approach

In order to avoid the issues above there are a set of standards and "rules" we've come up with.

    Being a mid-core focused LS, we want our members to have a good grasp on their role whether it be DPS, tank, or healer. There's always room for improvement and we strongly support the idea of helping someone take steps towards bettering themselves as a player. We encourage feedback and communication so we expect our members to be able to handle receiving said feedback. To stave off drama, issues between members must be handled outside of LS chat. If it filters into LS chat, the people involved will receive a single warning. If it happens a second time, they are removed from the LS. We also encourage our members to let us know if they witnessed something that we did not. As stated before, we're aware that we can't make everyone like each other but there has to be a certain level of compatibility. We will never tolerate harassment, belittlement, or hate speech towards anyone or any group of people. That being said, it is also important that our members are not easily offended. Nothing is worse then having someone around who is constantly trying to censor people. Our main mission is to supply a fun, welcoming community via LS (and FC for interested people) for mid-core players that are interested in a more social and engaging progression experience. That does mean that there are performance standards involved; however, we are open to assisting players who want to reach that level of game play and success with their class. A positive attitude and a drive to learn your class is always welcome here. Please be aware that may exclude you from some groups while we work with you simply because of the goal of the group (for example if a raid team needs a replacement or if a group is going for a clear with a tight DPS checks or complex mechanics). That does not mean you will be ignored or never invited to anything but we wanted to be completely clear.

What we have to offer

Note: The below items are definitely going to take place but not right away since we're still stabilizing after our transfer

    Events - Not necessarily content based but we want to incorporate fun, social events to bring people together and allow members to get to know each other. We also wanted to make them fun and rewarding giving away prizes through different contests. These will not only be geared towards battle classes but also crafters and gatherers. Discord server - Yes, everyone has one but it's an excellent way to keep in contact with people so even if you don't want to transfer to Zalera, you're more than welcome to join the discord and be a part of the community that way.

FC Specific
    Discounted Raid Consumables - Pots and food that won't cost some form of body part Free glamour prisms - FC chest stocked for all of your glamour needs This is just the start. We plan on expanding this list in the future.


Originally from Gilgamesh, we decided to relocate to a less populated server so if we had people who wanted to transfer over and join our community, they would be able to.

If you're interested please feel free to send me a shoot me a message on Zalera (Oriax Nox) or comment on this thread. We'd love to get this community growing, hear any feedback, and just get to know some great people

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