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SMN vs BLMFollow

#1 Feb 03 2015 at 2:47 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm a relatively new player and am really enjoying the game. I started off not really knowing what I was doing and started levelling a conjurer (thinking it was a dps caster). I eventually switched to arcanist and thaumaturge and now have a 41/16 summoner.

My first question is how high should I bother levelling thaumaturge up to?

Also, being a fan of caster dps, is BLM considered to be a better class than SMN? I like having the different pets and even don't mind DoT rotations, but coming from a mage on WoW, I am a fan of doing burst dps. I've read conflicting stories about SMN being the worst dps class and even being kicked from groups because it is useless. Is it true that SMN is not very sought after in end-game? I'm wondering before I go much higher if I want to go back and get BLM and level it up instead. Are BLM's more sought after in end-game content and does it do much better dps?

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