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Dragoon Guide (a letter to Ben)Follow

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I was recently dungeoning with a friend when the other DRG wanted my help teaching him a few basics about the class. I am by no means any good at writing, or explaining things... or helping people... or...
ANYWAY, I thought maybe someone else might find some use for the letter or maybe they can poke holes in it. Either way is good for me. :P


Happy New Year xTHREE! Ben!

Yahoo mail **REALLY** sucks!

Sorry for the lateness of my reply I have been suffering from manflu!
The problem with using macros is there will be gaps between your attacks which leave a lot of missed dps. (.1s every 2.5s is totally 4%!)

There is a standard attack rotation for optimal damage and it even uses filler subskills to keep the timings straight. This may have changed this patch, and tbh it kinda sucked anyway cause it required you to have a fixed skillspeed. :p

POTENCY -- Is a linear modifier to damage so it basically works as a way of adding up how much damage you do.
(It is believed that this is also true of DoTs proccing every 3s starting at 0s and not including the last s)

Your big combos are:

True Thrust > Vorpal Thrust > Full Thrust ..... 260 potency average

Impulse Drive (**must be behind target!**) > Disembowel > Chaos Thrust ...... 290 potency average with full DoT, 200 potency average without.

Disembowel also increases piercing damage by 10% (doesn't stack from multiple dragoons)

So as you can already see an effective way of ordering your attacks is:

Impulse Drive combo >> True Thrust combo til Impulse Drive DoT/buff are almost finished repeat

I never saw you do this when we played with Star, I think that would make a good improvement from the start!


You have an attack called "Heavy Thrust" From Flank: Potency 170 +15% damage for 20s

FLANK - From the sides to where the enemy flank bar disappears, not sure on exact angle but I think 45 degrees from front.

This would pay for itself is used at the front of that other combo because it will have higher than 290 potency impact on the fight (20s is atleast 6 attacks even at 250*15%=38 per strike you're looking at a dps net gain after 4 attacks)

Heavy Thrust works on non-GlobalCoolDown (non-GCD) attacks as well and compounds with other buffs such as Blood for Blood, I stack all these buffs and then burn all my non-GCDs in this period to make them do almost 50% more damage!

You also have an attack called "Phlebotomize" which is a stand alone DoT sort of thing with 295 potency! By working that in you can squeeze even more DPS.

So a fairly normal rotation is something like

Heavy Thrust > Phlebotomize > Impulse combo > True Thrust combo > True Thrust combo > etc

So long as you understand where you get your damage from I think you can work the combo out on the fly, it's not always possible to constantly hit the mob or from the angles you need so you have to change stuff.

and then there are COOLDOWNS D:

Dragoons can do a lot more damage outside of their GCD skills

BLOOD FOR BLOOD -- Should be worked into your main rotation, whatever you choose it to be, 30% extra damage yo!
INTERNAL RELEASE -- (requires pugilist 12) Nerfed this patch, used to be a good 5% dps increase or so, barely adds 1% to total dps now but will make you do more damage short term and is nice to have imo
LIFE SURGE - Use with Full Thrust for optimal effect, or use it to get some health if you're about to die!
INVIGORATE -- Important skill, if you have skillspeed gear you will run out of TP running normal rotations. More likely you will need to use this skill combined with AoE abilities in certain fights.
POWER SURGE -- Boosts some of your jump attacks!

(Offensive off-GCD)
JUMP -- Use whenever up
SPINESHATTER DIVE -- Use with buffs or if you need more single target damage UNLESS the mob you're attacking needs to be stunned at specific points (will cause timed stun to fail).
DRAGONFIRE DIVE -- Use with buffs or if you need more aoe damage.
LEG SWEEP -- Use whenever up UNLESS the mob you're attacking needs to be stunned at specific points (will cause timed stun to fail)
MERCY STROKE -- (requires Marauder TWENTY SIX! D: ) Free 200 potency attack when mob is under 20% hp, 90s cooldown, this is honestly my new favourite skill, SO GOOD in pvp and valuable in pve.

ELUSIVE JUMP -- Halves enmity, (breaks bind/heavy), use to not die!
BLOODBATH -- DPS into hp, use to not die or soften work for healer!
FORESIGHT -- 20% Defense boost, use to not die!
KEEN FLURRY -- Parry stuff! use to not die!
SECOND WIND -- (requires pugilist 8) Self-heal, use to not die!


I noticed when we were in the dungeon that you used Ring of Thorns to aoe.

Peronally I believe TP efficiency to be the key factor in AoE damage, there are some fights where this will be very important.
With this in mind I think opening with HEAVY THRUST for your 15% damage bonus, followed by spamming DOOM SPIKE is the way to go. (RoT 100/120, DS 160/160)

Apologies for the super long email! I'm getting distracted and starting to ramble.
I understand playing on a PS3 must be difficult, I have 3 hotbars full of skills and use a good 25-30 of them in pretty much every fight, but as long as you understand the basics, use smart rotations, big cooldowns and big off-GCD skills your damage should be good and much improved.

If there's anything you're still having trouble with let me know, my writing -- so not great! D:

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