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Just didn't feel right leaving one of the last posts on here be from Atreya, default as it is.


Remora was home since the day I first logged in nearly four years ago and started taking my first awkward steps in Windurst Woods.

Even when I stayed away, <<<Welcome to Remora>>> was there to greet me whenever I returned. A small, unchanging bit of text that most of the time I ignored or scrolled past to get at the important things- latest LS message, greeting friends, checking the mail. Still, it let me know that I was back and a world full of friends and fun awaited.

Now that welcome sign has been discarded. Along with all the other bytes and bits of code that made up my homeworld version of Vana'diel. Oh, I know its silly to get sentimental about something that was really just another copy of Vana'diel. Leviathan has the same areas after all, my MH looks the same, ****- I even managed to keep all my names! Its just not home- not yet.

All the strangeness will no doubt wear off soon and I'll accomplish new things, meet new friends, kill (and be killed) by new monsters. Yet, today- <<<Welcome to Leviathan>>> just looks uncomfortable and odd. As if I stumbled through Alice's looking glass without realizing it. Tomorrow I will probably just shrug and go on with things- but today? Today, it just feels like my whole world's been changed.

Good bye, Remora and farewell.

Edit- polished it up some.

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