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#1 Jun 02 2009 at 3:02 PM Rating: Decent
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Okay, so we all think we have cool ideas for jobs, right? Well, what if they let us make our own? We could choose from a pool of skills, abilities, latent abilities, spells, etc at certain level tiers. It would bring soooo much customization to the game, and we'd basically get to make our dream jobs. Of course, each ability/spell/whatever would cost a certain amount of points, and you'd get a certain amount of points to assign skills, abilites, etc. So, basically, you can't have an overpowered job, by making them have only certain abilities/spells available at each level tier.

What do you guys think?
#2 Jun 02 2009 at 3:08 PM Rating: Decent
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So, basically, you can't have an overpowered job,

ah boo, i wanted to see what sam was like in ffxiv =/

nb4 baconmage is new bandwagon
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