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Dissecting the FFXIV website - Panoramic Wallpaper & MorFollow

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Hello everyone,

In the interest of protecting the ZAM network from an onslaught of Square Enix lawyers, I will NOT be posting the Files directly.

I will however, outline detailed instructions below on how to extract images, sounds and even that wonderful panoramic image by Kazuya Takahashi from the Offical FFXIV website.

Site tinkering - Mac OS X:
1) Open up Safari.
2) Navigate to
3) Select "Skip" to skip the Intro Movie.
4) With you keyboard hold down the keys: Option + Apple + A.
5) Now that your "Activity" window is up, you can view the different elements of the website. What you are looking for is any of the .swf files as those contain all the goodies, but you are now free to play with everything the site has.

Extracting files - Mac OS X:
1) Download File Juicer and Install it.
2) In Safari open the following URL:
3) Goto "File" -> "Save As" and save it on your Desktop.
4) Now with File juicer, open the file Top.swf and let it extract the images an elements into its own folder. You will find among other things top[8]-inflated.jpg which is that wonderful panoramic image.
5) You may now use the previous method to decompile all the .swf files on the site to see what there is to play with.

Extracting files - Windows XP

1) Using your favorite browser of choice use the previous steps to navigate to
2) You can google "SWF Decompile XP / Vista" to find a suitable solutions. There are so many of these available on Windows I will not list one.

Please post anything you find that is interesting. I am just happy to have that really nice panoramic image as my new multi-monitor background.

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