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#52 Jun 03 2009 at 10:42 AM Rating: Good
puppetmasterserena wrote:
I'll tell you what i WON'T be doing. Gathering crystals from monsters I kill, seeing they only sell for 15gil a piece to merchants, and start just tossing them as I loot them. I didn't know about crystals selling for big money (at the time of NA PC launch) on AH for the longest time. So much wasted gil!

But you also have to consider: everyone is starting at 0 this time around. There aren't rich Lv60 JPs running around buying them off the AH for 7k a stack. (I got in a shout discussion my first day, saying charging 7k for Fire Crystals was dumb because of how easy it was to step outside and get them.)

I hope they learn their lesson on NPC prices, but really, getting a few hundred gil for crystals might be good money at first. Myself, I'll probably focus on missions for a bit once I hit at least Lv10.

I'm probably going to Fraps a lot, getting maps uploaded, and checking missions and stuff. Hopefully do some stuff on the XIV wiki. I don't want to do too much, because it is ground zero of the new game, and all that documenting will suck up my farming / grinding time. Smiley: tongue
Until we meet again... stay gold. *bang*
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