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What can SE learn from FFXI and other MMORPGSFollow

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FFXI - Do not create somthing like rusty cap fishing that can be botted by everyone on the server easily

FFXI - When you release things do not have bcnms that can only be done by 1person/party at a time (remember lineups for adventuring fellow?)

WOW - Do not create diseases that can be spread in a city

EQ2 - Do not create EQ2

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FFXI - Don't gimp a job within the first three years.
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lol in reference to drg?
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EXP for completing a quest/mission!
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From Dreamscape and the Worldsaway engine: Layered storage.

Big box 1 contains 10 smaller boxes.

Each of those boxes contains 10 other boxes, each holding 10 items apiece. You can access each box with a submenu.

We've turned 1 storage slot into 1000 with 3 simple menus.

Not for carrying things around in inventory, of course. But in your private houses or whatever.
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darkrainkujata wrote:

WOW - Do not create diseases that can be spread in a city

Actually, that was cool. It was a glitch, but it was a cool glitch, and the people who experienced it remember it fondly.
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