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PS3 "limitations"Follow

#52 Jun 06 2009 at 4:13 AM Rating: Decent
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Dandruffshampoo the Eccentric wrote:
Final Fantasy XI is going on six years old.

Yeah, PS3 is a beast now. You don't think in six years it's going to look like a piece of sh*t compared to a good PC? Smiley: lol

It depends if you have a gaming rig specially designed for games. If you live to overclock your PC so it breaks down every 2 years, be my guest. The PS3 is much more powerful than the PS2 and look at how well the PS2 graphics are holding up to other MMO's like WoW. Sure they look snazzier on HD monitors and tweaked registries, but you have to say FFXI still can hold its own. All this from a mere 4mb RAM on a PS2. I suspect the PS3's FFXIV to age much more gracefully. I have a feeling that due to the world economy, things will be slowly down anyway. The human eye can barely notice the difference in a few less pixels on screen.

Let's look at the the facts. FFXi is limited by 56k. FFXI is limited by a mere 4MB of RAM. That screwed up game plan options for sure. FFXI was a first attempt at a MMO by Square. The internet is now a much more evolved experience for games compared to 2002. Don't believe me, look at Nintendo. They finally figured out that online gaming is the rage on the Wii of all things dropping the ball on the GC. FFXIV is dropping Playonline which can only be a good thing. The PS2 was the weakest system on the market in 2002. Gamecube and Xbox both blew away the PS2 in graphics. The PS3 is the most powerful system around anywhere. I don't think the limitations will be so evident at least for another 5 years.
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six years? FFXI for PS2 is there since 2002.
#54 Jun 06 2009 at 11:05 PM Rating: Good
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neocronNV, Guardian of the Glade wrote:
Has anyone here stopped to consider how stupid this thread is? We know next to nothing about FFXIV and already we got people biting at the bit to find things to ***** and complain about. What is also stupid about this thread is people are trying to compare a x86 architecture chip to a RISC architecture chip (yes I'm looking at all you tech guru's who have posted in this thread). I'm sorry but that is just plain ignorant and all of you tech guru's should go down to your local bookstore, grab a copy of the MCDST coursework material, and slap yourself upside the head with it. If your lucky... maybe some REAL tech knowledge will ooze from the coursework material into your brain and you'll realize just how stupid it is comparing an x86 architecture chip to a RISC architecture chip.

It's not a remotely stupid question to consider. When I buy MMOs, I don't consider the next month's gameplay; I consider the next five years, ten years, even. To me and many others, the value of these games is in the strong friendships we form, and that's not easily switched to a new game a year later.

When considering how many times we've heard "PS2 limitations" as a response when asking for much-desired changes to FFXI, naturally the same question occurs when examining the PS3 and FFXIV. Even MORE so because of the vastly different architecture, not in spite of it.

So if you consider the thread stupid, just browse elsewhere ;p the rest of us will happily debate the (very real) possibility the PS3 will limit FFXIV, and how that will determine our desire to purchase it.

Enjoy your retirement, Vhailor of Cerberus.
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