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#1 Jun 03 2009 at 6:13 AM Rating: Default
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Ok, so this is sort of a selfish post as it mostly is just going to make me feel better to get it out of my system. When FFXI came out, I was in college, now I'm a full-time corporate america worker-bee. What this means is that, until 2.5 years ago, I had all the time in the world and now I have very little. I left FFXI right around the time I started working (after a few years of "dedicated" playing)... just not enough time to do anything meaningful, and I felt sort of like I was on rinse-and-repeat with a lot of tasks. I tried other games as they were released that required a bit less time dedication... LOTRO, AOC... but didn't stick.

Now FFXIV is announced and I'm as giddy as a school-girl. Anyone else in a similar situation? In college, there were plenty of other people to go be excited with... not quite the same in the office. So it's just me, sitting here, searching FFXI/FFXIV forums. I'm trying to plan out how I can maximize my free time once FFXIV is out so that I can enjoy myself again while still sparing an hour a day for the girlfriend (maybe open a ... bookstore?).

I am so **** excited!

Ok, that feels better.
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