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In the recent interview, the Dev team stated that their development philosophy was to "Make the best Final Fantasy Game, which would be an MMO format."

With this in mind, do you all think this is a confirmation of the class structure and development from past games?

What I mean is there are the "Traditional FF's" Like 1-5, 9, 11, and Tactics series, and "Non-traditional FF's" Like 6-8, 10, 12 and, from what we've seen, 13.

I ask this because they also talk about individual character development, which sounds more like a license board, or "Non-traditional" FF.

So what do you all think? Classes like our beloved FFXI, or uniquely customizable individuals that can weild axes, heavy armor, and cast Flare?
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We will expand the job system to make it fairly different from the one in FFXI.
I'm hesitantly going to go with "non-traditional" but not quite as loose as axes / heavy armour / ancient magic.

The player can grow & develop in a more natural way without putting too much weight on the player.
They probably won't be using a 'skill tree' system like many other MMO's do, that puts a **** of a lot of weight on the players (ugh, which do I pick, if I pick this I can never go back!).

It'll be interesting to say the least. :O
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