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If you could make FF14 what would you?Follow

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So I was at work as usual it was kinda slow at Starbucks and I started thinking about FFXI and what I enjoyed and disliked about the game over the 6+ years I invested in the game. (Since U.S ps2 launch) and what I would and would not like to see in FF14. This is what I came up with (Kind of if you had the power to do whatever you wanted what would you do thing) One thing I realized is that they didnt choose new races that kind of made me sad. Almost like they are rehashing FFXI why not go with something new after all it is a "NEW" game. Ill post my ideas below.

Sub-jobs: I think that this was a great idea in FFXI and would also be a good idea in 14. It adds depth to the game and versatility. I think it gave jobs options that they would not have been possible otherwise. SMN healing and BRD back up etc. Yall get the point. But what if they did something like in FF1 where you can opt for a more advanced job type of deal. Like ex. Start off as a THF then you can opt to branch off to a Sky Pirate or Ninja. A warrior can adv to a Beserker or Knight. A Blm can opt for **** Knight. Granted the game would be different but its just an idea. Then if you choose to not advance to a different job and would get all the benifits of the original job. The adv jobs wouldnt nerf the basic ones just a chance to branch off and do a quest and change prof mid game. Like I said just a concept I had come up with thinking at work for a couple hours.

RACES (This IMO should be a big deal): I think that them choosing the same races was kind of a bad idea. It accosiated the game to FFXI and this is not FFXI it is a new MMORPG so bring some new characters to the table. IMO I would like to see some races from Tactics and other games in this one. Here are some of my ideas.

Rhonzo: By far one of the coolest races to ever hit the FF universe IMO a Warrior race that looks neat and would fit in well in a MMORPG fun to look at and even funner to play as. (COULD REPLACE GALKA)

Viera: Seriously give that some thought rad looking better version of Mithra hands down the bunny from ****!

Mogs: These would make tarus wish they were never created if we could play as a mog welll....... ya get the point!

Humans: Obviously a staple for most RPG's and are in ever FF game.

Bangaa: These guys rock and would be a good replacment for the elves even though elves rock the whole idea was breaking free from the races of FFXI and I think they would be a great addition to the roster.

MACRO: I think the macros already were done well so why change that aspect or maybe if there is something better then go for it but I think that the macros were fine as is.

NOTORIOUS MONSTERS AND DROPS: One of the biggest problems in the game IMO was the competivness for NM's I think that it would be a smart idea to make all NM Drops BOP so that you dont have to compete with gil selling jerk off's.

WEAPON SKILLS: I think that this should stay in one form or another. I think that the Skill Chain idea was a great idea that gave partying a bit of strategy and not mindless grinding. Made it much more interesting then the WoW grinding.

2 HOUR JOB ABILITY: My only problem with this is it should be lowered 1 hour. I think 2 hours is to long of a down time. This will make the ability more usable but not broke. Or heck make it a 30 min cooldown. Still wouldnt make it broken.

JOBS: THIS IS A BIG ONE. These are some ideas that I had that werent in FFXI or should be made better and brought back IMO.

1.Knight: A knight is your Warrior without the direct damage. Specializing in Mace, Flail and Sheilds they are make good tanks and deal fair an average amount of damage. Their specialty would be lowering opponents stats with their rend abilities as well as breaking armor for PVP purposes think of FF Tactics.

3.Viking: A wall of defense. This guy specializing in dual wielding sheilds. Sounds stupid I know but his job is to defend and boost party stats with his moral boosting Shouts. He has a variety of Shouts that also demoralize the mob and affect the mobs stats. All the shouts save a few will be a taunt and have a 30 seconde cooldown. The only class that has the abitliy to attack with a shield. Shield bash, Slam will also be able to stun enemies for a small period of time. (Think of a Spartin warrior with a spike on its shield slamming it into the oponents head over and over again ouch!)

4.Ninja: Thats right the Utsusemi King is back and this time with a boost to his ninjutsu (making it viable to actually use most of it to lower your opponents resistances). One of which counts as a taunt. The standard ninjutsu still applies being able to lower the mobs resistance to increase magical damage and we have one strategic tank. Dual wielding and evasion is your friend still specialzing in throwing weapons and katanas.


1.Time Mage: With the focus of Red Mage being a damage dealer/back up healer/magic burster. The time mage gets a place in support. They would bost spells such as Haste, Hasteja, Slow, Slowja, Stop, Immbolize, Float, Reflect, Quick (FLEE), Gravity, Gravija, Extend (increases duration of status effects and buffs). Two Hour would be Meteor where all mobs in the area would be hit by a giant well... meteor dealing massive damage and effecting all mobs targeting the party with Stop.

I would like to see Bard return. Aswell as maybe some jobs from newer tactics games or other jobs such as.

Oracle, Dancer, Chocobo Knight. If you do not know what they do look up the jobs on websites. ================================================================================================================
Damage Dealers

Beserker: A dual Weilding axe toating powerhouse. Sacrifices defense for raw damage. Give this guy the old warriors war cry, and an ability to use haste every 5 min for a 30 seconde durration you got your self a good DD. Give him a 30 min where he gets nothing but crits for 1 min and you win =).

Sky Pirate: A mix between thf and ranger specializing in guns and knives. This guy will control hate and then deal some mean damage from a distance to keep his squishy body from getting agrro. He will also be a great puller. Give him some special abilty with guns like Trick shot (attack with a 50% chance to crit) Add some elementle damaging shots that can MB and we got a winner.

Red Mage: thats right a Red Mage DD. The trick is to know your mobs weakness and use that Elementle enchantment on your swords. Add some healing and some nukes and you got a happy team.

For the sake of not taking up anymore space imma stop here but feel free to share your ideas this is the whole point of my starting this forum.

Also note that I would like to see more ability to solo. Like in WoW. But greater rewards for team play which I loved. Also keep the lvl sync and we got one **** of an MMORPG. Please get rid of the exp cap at 200. that was one problem i did have with the game.

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IF it were my game to completely design, there's a few major things I'd do:

1) No tanks. heavy armor wearers would shield lightly armored characters, but they couldn't force an enemy to attack it, cloth wearers and ranged characters would have to actively stay at range, a little more like constant PvP. Different monsters would have different strategies too. Beasts may just attack whatever is hurting them the most, slimes may just plain hit what's closest. Smarter mobs may try to go for the healers or CC the tanks, etc.

2) The player would be a team. You'd have your main character yes, but basically your player unit would be a party that increased with your charisma and level. At level 1 its just you, at level 20, you could have a second character in your party, at 40 you could have 3, up to a max of 5, or 6 for certain charismatic jobs like paladin. You'd walk around as a party controlled by 1 person. When you teamed up with other players, your parties would team up into a force. Battles would often be against lots of mobs or occasionally one epic mob. You'd get new party members from the world and quests, some might be rare to find and have special abilities, some might be more common. There would be a recruiting office you could stop by frequently to see characters up for recruiting, once in a while there might be a rare one.

3) The class system I suggested on Pikko's thread: Here

Those are pretty major and not things people have done in a MMO before, I think people would like them!
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I like the idea of a new lvling system but my main concern is new content. I really dont like the idea of having the same races in the game, and I hope that they dont rehash all the old jobs. Make combat faster. I honestly cant see a game without tanks because the squishy will die.... period and usually the highest DD have weak armor or average armor and cant take hits. But I guess well see they sure hyped that game up and didnt give us crap to work off of.
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Wow very thorough thread,

I wouldn't change much from FFXI

1. Make the game more enjoyable from the beginning. How many times have we heard people say they hated FFXI and they didn't even make it past level 50, the real fun starts at 75. Square enix already knows they messed this up, and did a good job fixing it in FFXI, and have already announced that they addressed this in FFXIV.
2. Make PvP more meaningful, do not force it upon players but also don't make it so meaningless that no one does it. (Ballista etc.)
3. Don't copy WoW, be original with my pve and pvp. Hands down I can say square is the most individualistic company in the mmorpg industry, I can name a ton of things in FFXI that were original to mmorpg's where as other games I can name 1? 2? maybe 3?

So basically I'd do what Square will do :)- Except for push for PvP, cause its all the rage in the mmorpg industry!

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