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Races, Races, Races...Follow

#1 Jun 04 2009 at 8:39 PM Rating: Default
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I'm not sure about everyone else, but i strongly believe that this new game must have new races in order to truly be its own. Although using the same races (don't let them fool you.. they're exactly the same minus a Galka tail -_-) does make those 15hour playing fools feel comfortable... It also holds the stench of 'that' game when we should be breathing in fresh air..


I believe that the middle mithra on the official website is male, but you never know with mithras... they were so ugly i couldn't tell they were girls unless i saw their mosquito bites.

I also LOVE the prospect of playing as a winged race! Gria! >_< At the far left is a freaky horned child. . . So i'm excited but at the same time there is absolutely no evidence of Gria dragon wings. If he/she DID have wings they'd be apparent... *sigh* Even if they just 'happened' to leave out the wings (NOT!), Gria are still said to be all female (here we go again...).

What i made this topic for, however, was to ask about THIS SUSPICIOUS PHOTO! I MEAN PHOTOS!

Now, this was released on Apr. 23 i think (don't know the year). I'm probably wrong. Some people said it was an april fool's joke. Could be. It also could be a mod or something... but it DOES have the crystal tools logo. And keeping with the Gria... other obvious races would be Viera and Moogles straight out of FF12 (I loved the way those characters looked, especially the Moogles. They totally dethroned tarus in cuteness!!!) You can see that the Moogle (obviously a moogle design from FF12 w/ ears and wings) is wearing blm artifact armor which is curious.

I would hope that all armor from ff11 would be scrapped and moved out for new ones. But maybe they want old players to feel 'comfortable' with that too. Anyways, I hope there really are about 3/4 new races. Please tell me what you guys think. Are the pictures fake? :/

Also, if viera ARE a playable race... They better not pull this divine uterus only race crap. That's so stupid! ADAM AND EVE DUMMIES, ADAM AND EEVVVVEEEEE!!!! And, no, if SE were to put some thought into a male viera he would come out looking cool. Same with galka girls. I always imagined them to be the Kim kardashians of FF11. We needed a voluptuos female anyways.
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Yes those photos are fake, they were actually an April Fools Joke done on Allakazam. But they did fool some people and websites.
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Wouldn't be surprised if we saw viera or gria though. That long image gives hints of them but too hard to tell. You can see one of the females have pink ears to the side and the taru looking character with horns.
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