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2 New Races Confirmed in LOGO (No Joke)Follow

#52 Jun 10 2009 at 11:47 PM Rating: Good
in the FFXIV logo i see humes, mithras, tarus, elvaans, galkas, and weapons. in the banner on the FFXIV page im seeing the same stuff. and a girl with a funny hat.
#53 Jun 12 2009 at 2:30 AM Rating: Decent
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insanekangaroo wrote:
Have any of you considered that some of the characters in the logo might have Invisible cast on them, so we can't see them at all?

It's Final Fantasy, so Invisible would have worn off about 3 seconds after it was cast.
#54 Jun 12 2009 at 3:39 AM Rating: Decent
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KarlHungis wrote:
It's Final Fantasy, so Invisible would have worn off about 3 seconds after it was cast.

Unless you are a 50+ RDM wearing Skulker's Cape and casting Sneak with Composure up. Then Sneak won't fade until Groundhog Day :)

The thing that struck me most, was the sheer number of polearms and swords in that logo. A certain artist is a serious DRG freak!
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#55 Jun 12 2009 at 5:12 AM Rating: Decent
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omg thats no moogle...
look closely!


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#56 Jun 17 2009 at 7:56 PM Rating: Good
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catwho the Pest wrote:
Amano is given a lot of freedom and liberty with his art, so making any assumptions about a FF game based on just the logo is a very bad idea.

SolarusX wrote:
Eh, it's Amano. Honestly, if you look at some of his character sketches for FF7-10, the final characters came out -very- different to what he originally visualised them as.

Exactly. Remember King Edgar Figaro from FFVI? He had access to some of the gnarliest weapons that have ever appeared in the series, yet the concept art depicted him as the lovechild of Ziggy Stardust and Dakota Fanning instead of the chainsaw and 10-foot-dentist-drill wielding madman that actually made it into the game.

If anything, all the concept art suggests is that age customization for existing races might make its way into FFXIV (the "Gria" looks like an Elvaan or Mithra child with something behind her head to me). There is also the fact that no new races appear in the E3 trailer or the official logo (at least as far as I can tell).

And then there are bits and pieces from various interviews that seem to suggest that the world of FFXIV will merely be comprised of slightly modified incarnations of the existing five races:

IGN wrote:
Q: What do we know about the setting and the story?
A: It takes place on an all-new Final Fantasy world known as "Eorzea." Though it does share some monsters and races from Final Fantasy XI, they're not direct representations and have been altered in multiple ways that make them unique to Eorzea. The similarities in races will allow experienced FFXI players to create a new FFXIV character that looks somewhat comparable.

IGN wrote:
Q: Does it have a direct connection to Final Fantasy XI?
In some ways, yes it does. Not only does it share the same development team as the FF11, but the game will also allow players to create a character that is similar to their current Final Fantasy XI. Square Enix has also revealed to IGN that it is currently finding a solution that will let you transfer your character's names from FFXI to FFXIV.

IGN wrote:
Q: What are the ties to Final Fantasy XI, if any?
A: While you may have noticed that some of the same type of races appeared in the trailer, the world of FFXIV is different from FFXI. The reason that we made the races similar to the FFXI races is so FFXI players could choose a similar type of race in the new game. For example, in movies, you might have an actor that plays many different roles. Please, think of it that way.

IGN wrote:
Q: What will FFXIV have in common with FFXI?
A: The game will be taking place in an entirely new world, but the game’s setting and characters look similar to XI’s. To help players feel more at ease in the FFXIV universe, we specifically chose to model the new characters after the old ones. We will of course be drawing on bits and pieces of FFXI and the lessons learned to guide us, but our greatest resource is the fans. With XI, our original idea was an emphasis on partying. With FFXIV, we’re working to support both solo play and an engaging party system.

Don't get me wrong, it is definitely possible that FFXIV will have new races, but based on what we have to go on so far, it doesn't seem all that likely.
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