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How to Build A Good MMO Comparing FF14 to FF11Follow

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A MMORPG is just a big book and all books need a few things to make them amazing. Here is what I think needs to be looked at to decipher if an MMORPG is good or not.

Intro. The second you enter a world not foreign to you, you begin to examine it. If things do not keep your attention or you cannot relate to this world in some shape or form you will not, most likely, stay in it.
For a good snag you need 1.Likable characters. Weather it be looks or personality or even a fond memory you had this is one of the most important aspects of any game. A guitar teacher once told me "Dont pick out the fanciest most expensive guitar because everyone thinks its cool, pick out the guitar thats gonna make you want to play it." Having said that it should hit home on how important the Atmosphere, Land, Characters, Story are to develop. Now to implement this to FFXI and what should be done in FF14.

FFXI (Characters): Had some good characters, they were new to the FF universe, exciting, and some cute others UGLY as **** (Galka which hey One mans trash is anothers treasure.)

FF14 (Characters): One of my main problems IMO is that the character selection "SO FAR" granted there may be more options, are the same. I was disappointed when i heard this. The universe in FF14 is a clean slate and they had the opportunity to bring some new and exciting things to the game and instead they chose old races. Granted you could argue that well I like the old races but then what is keeping you from liking new ones? Like Bangaa, Viera, Moogles, or character models like the Ronso, Vivi, Freya?

Jobs: Like any MMORPG jobs/classes are the backbone of the game. So a solid selection of jobs that can preform equally and balanced is extremely important now I will dissect my exp and thoughts on this subject.

FFXI (Jobs): The most amazing part of FFXI was that it had more jobs then more job options then more rpgs then you can shake a stick at. Throw in the subjob system and you have infinite possibilities. The only problem with this area is balance. For a long time Dragoons ownd then nerfed and it took weeks and weeks to find parties. Then Rangers owned then nerfed then same problem. The list goes on. I was a guy who had job A.D.D I loved them all. I loved to tank, **** one time we were partying and I was tanking as a war. It was in Valkrum (yes I know low lvl noob area) I had brought my war and I had ended up dieing for some reason weither the WHM ran outta mana or forgot to heal **** idk. But I died, HP'd, ran back died, ran back and finished my **** job. I felt amazing because no one died but me =) Thing was is I felt so just frustrated because some jobs I wanted to play werent worth the effort. My time is to important to stare at a screen (farming crafting whatever and waiting for a party invite for ever)

FF14 (Jobs): With the introduction of this game I cant say much about the jobs specifically because not much is actually known. I personally hope it has something to do with FF Tactics. Having said that I will hit on the point of Being able to solo and the hot topic of "mindless grinding" Playing a job that you love made that easier in FFIX and some people say well I dont wanna jump from quest to quest this and that and blah blah because of those chump players that cant play hardcore. Well I am a **** hardcore player and just because you cant spend 4 hours grinding a day because you have responsabilites, a wife, kid, job, other games you want to play, hobbies outside of video games (guitar, Writing books, etc.) you shouldnt be held back from playing an amazing game. A good developer can make both people who dont have all the time in the world (ADULTS) and people who do (TEENS or LAZY ADULTS) content that would make both happy.

Story: Without a good storyline you can kiss your &Y^%$# goodbye.

I cannot and will not play a game that has a bad storyline. I quit wow for 3 years and went back and thought heck this time ill read all the quest logs and pay attention to the storyline. BLAH I think I just threw up in my mouth.

FFXI (Story): I think this was relatively.... well.. I am not gonna lie. In the 5+ years I played this game I just didnt pay any attention to the story nor did I quest for crap cuz I just decided to LVL everyday which is prolly why I ended up quitting other then the hours to find a party, get organized, grind....

FF14: When they said no exp I was incredebly happy, when they said "this game will be focused on growth of character" as a writer I was even giddyier then a school girl. I think that this game is going to break a mold in the MMORPG world and I think we should all be excited. Pray its not nothing like FFXI but different and similar in good ways. I mainly wrote this to stop people from arguing over crap and make them realize that this is NEW AND EXCITING AND STOP ARGUING AND START SHARING THINGS YOU ARE EXCITED ABOUT. You cant argue about something you dont know but you can have a blast sharing your excitement of the upcoming game.

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1. A lot of this is your opinion (which is fine)

2. MMOs generally don't have great storylines... Even XI was sub par if you really compare it to a nonMMO. While in the MMO World... FFXI (i feel) was top notch, it was still bouncy, hectic, and part of that is because it IS an MMO, it is extremely hard to pull off in this genre. And the writers (again I feel) noticeably got better dealing with the MMO aspect each expansion... Which is why I think IV probably will have a great storyline because of their experience and recent track record, but really, I am not holding my breath too much.

Here is my opinion on a good MMO.

First, you need a good Battle System. I did like XI's but I ended up retiring because of many reasons, one including the pace of the battle system. It was slow, and generally not interactive for the most part. the newer jobs were getting more interactive but I did get burned out on the whole pace of it. I'm hoping IV will be faster paced and more interactive so it feels more like playing a game rather than watching it.

Probably tied for first is the job system, interesting jobs/classes is a reason a lot of people play mmo's i mean... losing yourself in the game and really imagining yourself as Samurai, or Paladin, etc. really pulls you into the game.

I guess second would be storyline. As I stated before storyline for mmos genereally aren't good but ffxi did have imo the best in the genre. Storyline is secondary to me for mmos... I am still able to play it fine if the game is fun but storyline is a bit lacking... but i do very much enjoy and appreciate a good storyline. probably why i played ffxi longer than any other mmo.

Third is Casuability (yay for made up words). At the end of the day I like to play an mmo at least once that day, but if i only have one hour, it did turn me away from xi for that day... there isn't much you can do in just one hour. MMOs are games and they shouldnt be turned away because you don't have half a day to devote to it... feeling like you have to devote time to play to a game is when it starts to cease being a game and begins to be work, and I already have a job.

I think those are my most important features in MMo's I look for, if i think of others i'll update.

I put this in spoiler quotes because I truly do not wish to anger you, it is just something I felt i had to say. You will probably be insulted by the "spoiler" so you can choose to ignore it and not read it if you want. If you want a blunt and up front opinion about your post read it, just remember I wrote a warning.

3. You are not a writer... Writing Fan Fics doesn't make you a writer. I understand shorthand but "then and than" use the same amount of letters, they are different words, they are not interchangeable and if you were a writer then you would know that.

Sorry if i'm being finicky, but it is just a pet peeve of mine, and the whole... "As a Writer" statement flipped a trigger.
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My problem is what is the point of playing a game if there is nothing to look forward to. At the end of the game its like... what do i do know, the same thing every mmorpg get better weapons woopy d doo. Or I can say man this was worth days of my life I loved the story and the gameplay. But one without the other becomes a job not relaxing.
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You guys seem to not think about the community and fellow users. It seems like you guys just want to play an RPG instead of an MMORPG.

1st and most important thing in an MMORPG is the community that surrounds it, then comes the other stuff like jobs, battle system, story, etc. My opinion but based on what i'm reading, it's like no one else exists except yourself.
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