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FFXIV influences can we derive anything from these?Follow

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In the IGN interview he mentioned 3 games as games that were looked at in the development of FF XIV.

2.War Hammer
3.Age of Conan

The question is with some of the hints from other interviews what can we derive from these influences. They also stated they looked at the old FF games.

I also want to point out that they would be incorperating a wide variety of quests through the story and that the development and growth of your character will not just come from battles. So that would definitely point in the direction of the WoW style of questing but also taking into account that there is not exp in the game the growth of your character could be like progressing through a storyline. Which would be awesome. Like as you get further into the story which kinda forces you to play through it like a traditional RPG you get stronger I would love that.

On other posts I stated how I would like to see an MMORPG not be just about how fast I can get to endgame but being excited about what happens in the story im enthralled in. I always thought RPGS as video game books.
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