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#1 Jun 06 2009 at 1:42 PM Rating: Good
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after reading some of the posts on the -as yet- unveiled new system of leveling, it seems to be broken down into two camps: FFXI/FFT hybrid; or something like FM3 where abilities are either learned from certain weapons, by the extensive use of a class of weapons.
Now, i'm all for a new system of growth, but there seems to be a possible 3rd option here, a system similar to Fable. Use a certain weapon and yes you get better at it, but also your stats will change dependent of that weapon and its use. Use magic or ranged attacks and your character will change accordingly. Using a compass with jobs at each of the points, it would be able to determine a player's job by where their abilities/stats fall in that compass. This, to me, would be the most 'natural' progression for a character, as players who naturally tend to rely on either melee/magic would start to gravitate towards a class rather then unlock it via a quest. Then certain abilities could only be unlocked after getting close enough to the points of the compass.

Now all this is unfounded and purely speculation (like 90% of this forum atm) and thought it would be fun to share

FM3 = Front Mission 3

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I never played the Fable games, but I must say I really like that idea. It could use a couple minor tweaks to be more Final Fantasy-like instead of being a direct copy of Fable, but that definitely sounds more feasible.
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