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Console and PC version Specs.Follow

#1 Jun 06 2009 at 10:59 PM Rating: Decent
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Hmm there like 300 Topics about consoles limitations.

Ps3 and if the game come avaliable for xbox360 in the future.

We players who play in console "Will enjoy the game".

i BET we will get 720p game. with a "Decent" Graphics. and 2 first years we dont will have problems about perfomance.

Now I dont believe FF14 will have as minimium requeriments like this

A 4 cores CPUS and minimiun 9800 or 4800 ati series.

Only the 30% the players who play on pc have a "HIGH end pcs" all ther 70% players are "average or casual gamers" They dont will waste 1000 dolars in a new PC.

In what i think. This new game will say as minimiun specs. -> a 8600 - 3600 series and a Intel Core duo. Dual core. or amd 2 cores.

And recomended they will say 9800 - 4800 series. and 2 cores CPUS.

If square start say the game will need a SUPER PC for play it even in Normal Q. i dont think 50% of guys in this forum and 50% of gamers on pc. will Go new game. on PC.

SE will make a decent challenge PCs can run the game, with a enjoyable qualify. and the users, who have HIGH END pcs will have better qualify than "console" version.

Now. If i will have the Console ver with this

720p Game, with normal loading, with a very nice ps3 control, without problems of have virus or restore the system every 3 months because my pc have registry errors. and my game will look like a NEXT gen Game.

I will pay my 50 dolars and happy will play my Game the first day "WITHOUT A PROBLEM"

Now if pc lovers want play the game.

First they will need pull togheter a "Decent PC". like 400 - 500 dolars pc. They will have lots of problems with graphic Drivers when the game come out. They will have problems with the instalation and problems with crashes, pc restart, etc.

And when i have like 1 week playing in my console and maybe iam lv 50 in that week.

The pc gamers will start resolve all kind of problems with the PC version and will start arrive the game. when maybe the JP guys and players like me will be 10 steps foward than they.

"The main reason i wish play in console the first 2 years is i love play in console and wish enjoy in my console this game"

After 2 years i will move PC ver, and when the game dont have "Problems of drivers, updates, etc"

And yes always in a pc will be superior than a console but the console have less problems than a PC for play a game. hope this help for STOP of make 500 topics with the same question.

-> If you want the game 1080p. with AA, V SYNC, AP, Background graphic 2048, in a window mode, and full effects Get the game ON PC

-> If you want the game 720p with high qualify get the game in console.

If you want the game on PC please Be ready with this

Have the last drivers for your Mother board, CPU, graphic card and sound card.

Be ready for a Full restore of your system before instal the game for a clean new instalation of this game.

Be ready for Know what can cause some kind of problems like crashes, PC restart. etc

And be ready for Know what configuration is the better in your PC. so you dont slow down and you can have a nice peformance

In less words. You need know the basic about informatic.

If you dont know "NOTHING" about what i just say and you have a ps3. Just get the game there and Forget all this kind of posible problems in the game

All this i say happen in almost all game in PC. i have exp playing on pc and i know what iam talking about.

If you have a nice pc. and know all what i just say. "Get the game on pc you will have a superior perfomance than console"

Check it if you need know more about PS3 and how it work

And in my "Test about PS3 performance because iam Studyng informatic"

Ps3 is equal -> 3 cores cpu, 8800 - 3800 series, 1 GB Ram, PC.

Games can prove what iam saying. and If "Your actual PC cant handle this VIDEOS IN "HQ" then your PC will be unable of play The new FF14 with "SUPER HIGH SETTINGS"

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#2 Jun 07 2009 at 7:22 AM Rating: Decent
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I think Imight understand what you're trying to say. Sort of. Maybe. Maybe not. So, um, why do you expect so many problems with PC? While I've never started an MMO around launch before, I've never had a problem with crashes and such after installing a new game.
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#3 Jun 07 2009 at 7:33 AM Rating: Good
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Wow that was, fairly incomprehensible. Paragraphs and spell check are your friend.

That being said, it is rather simple....

If you have a bad computer, but own an PS3, then buy the PS3 version.
If you own a good computer, but do not own a PS3, buy the Computer version.
If you have a good computer, and a PS3, well, play your pick of the two.
If you have a bad computer, AND do not own a PS3? Well, sucks to be you.

A part of me is sympathetic to people who can barely play their MMOs due to a bad computer... and part of me isn't.

When it comes down to it... you can either buy a computer that is gaming capable, or you can buy a non-gaming computer. It is essentially whining about a problem that is completely fixable. Even if you live on a budget, if you wanted to, you could set aside money and build a good computer cheaply.

From what I can tell, most of the whining about an extremely underperforming computer, comes from underaged children who are living with their parents still. And the more selfish part of me thinks, that I am not particularly upset by a large chunk of 13 year olds not being capable of playing the game due to low computer specs.
#4 Jun 07 2009 at 8:02 AM Rating: Good
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Release of the game is still maybe 1.5 years out in the future. By that time the PCs will have 16-core CPUs and GeForce over9000 series!

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#5 Jun 07 2009 at 8:57 AM Rating: Good
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If you know what you're doing, you can take a cheap non-gaming computer and give it the needed upgrades to be able to play most of today's games. I run on a refurbished 2007 AMD 3800+ business model HP workstation. I dropped in a 650 watt power supply, cranked it to 4 gigs of RAM, added another 250 gig SATA HD (already came with 320 gigs), an extra fan, and a GeForce 9600 card. This computer can handle most of today's modern games with a yawn. Total damage was under $600.

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#6 Jun 07 2009 at 9:08 AM Rating: Decent
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There is something else people should keep in mind as well if planning on going for the PC version who don't already own or plan to buy a high-end graphics card.

While it hasn't been announced yet, I wouldn't be surprised if FFXIV ended being part of NVIDIA's 'The way it's meant to be played' program. If it does end up as part of that program, expect FFXIV's graphics to be highly optimized for NVIDIA hardware (granted they already will be because of the PS3), and in turn take a bit of a performance hit on ATI hardware. Being part of that program also means that on launch, there would be a FFXIV optimized driver available, and NVIDIA giving priority to future bug fix and performance enhancement driver releases related to FFXIV.

Basically, if you were thinking of going minimalistic in the graphics department, you would do good to wait for a benchmark or min/recommended specs if thinking of ATI hardware. If you have a need to buy something right this minute, NVIDIA hardware would likely end up being the safer bet. Anything lower then a 9600GT ($75-80) is just asking for trouble unless you plan to play at 1024x768 or 800x600. You get into much safer territory once you get to the 9800GT ($85-90) and likely completely safe once you get to the 9800GTX+/GTS250 ($95-120). Just don't expect to be able to play at 1920x1200 at maxed settings with those cards.
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