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#1 Jun 06 2009 at 11:08 PM Rating: Good
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Thinking of making a new thread in the FFXIV Forum?

I know everyone is excited about FFXIV's announcement, and everyone wants to discuss their idea's, but before you make your own thread, please keep a few things in mind:

There are MANY threads in this forum, that are asking, and saying the exact same things, over and over and over. Making your own thread for something that keeps getting repeated, is only going to annoy people and spam up the place.

By making new threads, with the same topic over and over, it's also harder to keep a discussion on a matter all in one place, and your thoughts may not get heard. Another thing to keep in mind, is the suggestion threads. If you have a suggestion, try checking my Suggestions to Square Enix thread out.

The worst part is, if Square Enix does come looking around here for suggestions and feedback from the community, chances are your thread will be too far back for them to find, there will be too many other threads for them to sift through, and they will miss it or overlook it. So if you really want them to hear your suggestions, you have to keep them easy to be found, and condensed.

The best solution is simple!

Check the front page first. And check a few pages back as well, to see if there are any topics similar to the one you are thinking of starting.

If there is another thread already started, with a topic close to the one you are thinking of making, or discussing an issue that you wish to discuss, let your opinion and thoughts be heard there.

Please everyone, let's keep this forum as tidy as possible, so it is easier to navigate for both us, and Square Enix!
Long Live Vana Diel.
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