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Future FFXIV players, let's introduce ourselves!Follow

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We'll be playing together, we might as well get to know each other now. :)

I'm Jordan, 18, live in Phoenix, AZ. I go to Arizona State. I started playing FFXI when I was 13 so in a way I kind of "grew up" with it. I only had one friend that played it, and she quit before she even had a chocobo license, so I was pretty much alone.

I ponder grabbing my FFXI keys and playing it again to keep me entertained until the beta of FFXIV, but with school starting soon and having to balance school, my job, and my relationship, I know I won't be able to play such a time-demanding game without making some sacrifices, and I'd rather not make any, so I'll just play my offline games and wait patiently for FFXIV. I openly welcome PMs and I hope to make some new friends, as I still to this day talk to people I met on FFXI when I first started playing so long ago. I know FFXIV can give me the same type of friendships.

So who all am I playing with?
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Good luck with college with XIV! I really hope there is casual gaming this time around, cause if not, graduating with decent grades just got that much harder for you. ><
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Westyle; future male Mithra or future disappointed male Elvaan.
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I think i see a male mithra in the logo on the right
it is either that or a very bulky female mithra or very skinny galka XD

just speculating of course but dreaming is good :o
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why not

im john <insert fake last name here>, 19, USA

my history in games and FF <mightve gotten some of the time line scrwed up. i have a bad concept of time>

ive been playing video games since before i can remember. pretty much as long as ive been able to hold a controler. the first time i heared of FF was when i was 9-ish. i saw my neighbore playing FFVII, but he wouldnt let me play. a year or so later my cousin and now deceased gaming companion bought FFVII for the PC. i was hooked. he lived in another state so i didnt get far but i wa snow on FF crack and i wanted my fix. i picked it up as soon as i could <and as soon as agot a PS...i dont have a lot of money> and loved every second of it. now because of my lack of money i did what i could, but being as young as i was and fresh into the true world of gaming <i may have grown up with it but looking back, i didnt know jack squat> i was slow with advertisements...

the next FF game i heared of was X, but sadly didnt have a PS2 at the time. by the time i got one X-2 was out but i couldnt find X anywhere <which was odd because now i see it everywhere, new, used, greatest hits, normal, etc> so i settled with that. it was simplistic and the game play wa snice so i got into it...though the older i got the more i hated the story, to this day i think its one of the funner <and fastest> FF games to play through.

a couple years later i got my hands on X and i was in awe. its the first time i had felt like i had my FFcrack fix since VII. later on as i became more savy i browed stores that sold used games and found didnt work, froze at the start menue. bought another..same **** problem. did it 2 more times and gave up <to this day i havent played it *sniffle*> and have always regretted not playing it >_<

then i got my hands on 9. it worked but i personally didnt like a vast majority of the characters/character models and the story was kinda "meh". i was dissapointed, more so than not getting to play 8.

with my money problem it was hard to keep up with all the latest stuff and i deemed concols more important than that point the gods of practical jokes decided to pull a fas tone on me and release older FF game son gameboy advance. i havent played 1 2 5 or any tactics to this day -_-....or 6 for that matter...

to preempt further problems i got my hands on a used DS as soon as a could <y'know...about a year or so after its release> and was extatic when III came out and later when IV came out.

and while this DS stuff was happening my cousin had bought....dun dun dun...FFXI. i made a character and started palying. again he lived out of state so i didnt get to play long but it was enough to convince me to go ut and get it. unfortunately money problems outside the game were making me struggle to keep my game..and it didnt take long to notice i even had money problems within vanadiels crappy economy. that was the clencher, i had no choice. i quite FFXI a couple years ago

played 12. in theory its solid game but there were lots of little things that made me dislike it. when you intently dislike the main character, think the leading lady is a *****, think the mains best friend and possible love intrest is an annoying lil girl, think the "cool" guy is a bit too steretypical, think his partner in crime was alright but trying too hard to appeal to males if ya know what i mean, and the tough guy being balnd and make for a bad cast. the story was great...all 2 minutes of it and all the pointless side quests that, imo, took away from the game. 100 hours in i was thinking.."arent i supposed to be saving the world and gathering espers and stuff?! why am i <insert meaningless task here> while people are dying at the hands of the empire" lol. you kinda get that in all FF games but i think it was more pronounced in 12

in all this time ive graduaed highschool and just did my first year at community college. money isnt as big anymore. i live with 3 roommates <buddies from HS> so rent isnt bad. i have a decent job and i go to school for free so i can afford to play XIV when it comes out barring some stupid change of fate that usually happends to me *knocks on wood*

ive played othe ronline games, 1 pay one <WoW> and several free ones. i know of plenty of free ones that look interestng but **** if im not a lazy ****er lol, that and i dont like downloading stuff onto my computer...its not great so itd probably lag like a mother. when i played WoW it was just the 14 day trial disk thing. i enjoyed it well enough but, well, lazy ****. and because of my history with money i tend to play with caution. i know there is a high chance i'll enjoy a FF game if it comes out. im not sure about WoW since i only got through nooby stuff. i like to buy with caution and i know i have good chances with FFXIV

wow that ended up longer than i intended, sorry about that. but yeah, thats me..a life long gamer and player of FF for most of my life. if i had the money <im saving up for stuff and i have to think about 14 as well as other stuff> ide go out and buy them all.
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Another Future Male Mithra, just chiming in here.

Also @ Pikko

Who cares about college? College just allows you to make more money, to-... Buy more things? And live life better? How can you live better than playing a MMO?!...

God I am such a nerd... Carry on...
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My IGN will always be: Mictam
I'm still undecided when it comes to race, there are many things to consider and I like to look cool when in battle stances will play a big part in my choice. Chances are Hume or Mithra, male or female, depends on combat styles.

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My name is Locke (no joke, yes, first name like FF6) and am 33. I will be playing either Gria or Mithra for the new game. I am currently a 62 COR on my second run through Vana'diel, but as a father I am finding the FFXI life too time consuming to continue. The draw of a more casual friendly FF MMO is definitely drawing me in.

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realized i didnt mention this in my last post

with me my first character will be hume, so long as its still the balanced race, it lets me a get a good grasp of things. it helps to start a game being good at everything <not great, but good. though IIRC humes were bad *** BRD's, BST's, and RDM> after that, who knows

it also depends on if there are new races. right now its just speculation. we've seen another race or two that wasnt in XI, but that doesnt mean its playable.

im a knight through and through. WAR,pld,knight,drk,drg,sam...and any other knightish jobs they can come up with, i'll play them. im also interested in RDM BLM and SMN <hopefully RDM will be in 14...BLM and summoners are pretty much ringers, but RDM hasnt been in several FF games to my memory> especially SMN. summoning gods to fight for me? yes please lol

but i much prefer being decked out in bad *** heavy armor and eithr being the shield that protects, the sword that cuts, the axe that crushes, the spear that peirces, etc. im a melee fighrter in the end

and before anybody questions the knightlyness of some of the jobs i mentioned

war: basic melee job, whether you take them all the way or use them to get from A to B. besides, in the end its how you act that makes you a knight in my eyes

pld: r..r..really? no comment

knight: see above

drk: ehh, my least fav but a kniht none the less...its a knight with issues

drg: dragon knight ****!

sam: knights of the east

oh, and my name will be vedina...i use it for just about everyhting ^_^. i like it cuz it has an MMO feel mto it..really it has an RPG feel for it in general..considering thats where i got it from

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Bad idea thread is bad idea thread.

Let's not list the reasons that posting our personal information on a MMO forum site is a bad idea.

Btw, I am ________, and I will be joining you in FFXIV.
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Lol, keep in mind: A job of any kind in real life means a steady income. I gotta start working in FFXIV as soon as I possibly can because there's no such thing as a steady income in an MMO. I put in 8 hours of work, I get more than enough money to support myself for a few days. I put in 8 hours of work in FFXI, I was lucky if I got a level or a few gil. :P

And thanks Pikko! But I'll manage. Really the only time FFXI caused my grades to suffer in grade school were my teenage angst times when I didn't care about school whatsoever, whether I was playing FFXI or not. It's more a matter of learning how to prioritize and saying no to one night of playing FFXIV.

Vedina, that was a pretty cool story, regardless of the length, and I couldn't agree more about your comments on FFXII. How I convinced myself to stick with FFXI regardless of the monthly fee was that I probably would just blow the $13 bucks on Subway or something.
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Aww Pikko! I'm in college and I play too, graduated with highest honors and working on my seconds degree. I guess it's just about finding a balance between work/school and the game. =D

Actually thats one thing that's attaracting me, I'v made casual gameplay work in FFXI kinda... 75 and Endgame gets a bit more tricky. I like that they said from start in XIV can choose how to play, solo or hardcore, an hour a day or 20 hours. SE just hase to get the players more info and lets us try it out, but yeah...

Hi! I'm Yfa (sorry don't give out real name) and I'm a Gamer and FF addict... oh wrong thread? My bad!

I live on the east coast. I go to school for Game Design and Multi Media, and I'll be joining ya'll in XIV so let's all get along and help each other out!


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#13 Jun 08 2009 at 10:30 AM Rating: Decent
Well I'll jump on the bandwagon. :)

My name is David and I am 30 years old. I live in Pahrump, NV. I have been playing games since I was about 5 years old (my first game was Clowns and Ballons on the TRS-80) and have been playing MMORPG's since 1997 when I was in college and discovered Ultima Online. I have played most of the big market MMORPG's since then, including EverQuest I/II, Asheron's Call, Warhammer Online, Final Fantasy XI, EVE Online, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars (not to mention a plethora of free-to-play MMORPG's like Runescape, Perfect World, Aria and Ragnarok).

I also am a former QA tester for Westwood Studios and am credited on testing Yuri's Revenge, Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat, C&C: Renegade, and Earth and Beyond Online... with most of my testing time (a year to be exact) going into Earth and Beyond Online where I did focus-testing on Jenquai content and did database administration and data entry. I also have served as a member of the PR/Web staff for The Silver Lining, a fan-developed sequel to King's Quest that is currently in development.

I played FFXI steadily for about two and a half years from June 2004 to about October 2006 and am to this day (to my knowledge as it has never been refuted) one of the first non-Japanese players to beat Diabolos in November 2004. I played a taru BLM in FFXI... but plan on making a Hume in FFXIV. As for starting job... I'll probably go BLM again... but haven't quite decided.

And that's about all there is. Pleasure to meet you. :)

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Hey, name is Ix, my birthday is 10/10/1978 and my social is 555-55-5555. My Mother's Maiden Name is Smith. My credit score is 470. My address is 120 Tree Corners, Norcross GA, and I am not home between the hours of 7am and 7pm Sunday through Tuesday. The spare key is hidden under the doormat, and most of my valuables are in a safe with the combination 1330 found under my bed straight back through the front door.

Planning on playing a Galka "Warrior" in the beta, then switching to Man-thra when the game actually releases, as for his "class", I'll let that flow. Been playing FFXI for 5 years now, pretty much log on about 2 hours a week now, but used to LIVE on the game anytime I was not at work. I get intense when new quests come out, but other than that I just play online with my mate. You will often see me posting on this board rants about how we should just enjoy the story and beauty of 14 and not try to instantly turn it into e-peen swing-fest. My biggest aspiration is being part of a group of manthras out to explore and do every quest there is to do in Eorzea. My biggest fear is how long it will take the e-peen-ers to turn 14 into "do this 14000 times in a row, magically have enough gil for this specific armor set, then stand here for 18 hours a day, and shhh, here is the script you run, it beeps when you actually get to play for 15 minutes." By the time I joined FFXI in 2004 it was already that way, but maybe, just maybe, we can stave off the plague longer this time around! Any other explorers out there, or serious story buffs, shoot me an email at ixious(47)gmail(d07)com . Maybe this time around there will be an RP onry server!

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IM adrian. IM 29 and I live in florida

My ff experience starts with the first one. Ive played every numbered ff between 4 and 12. I played ffxi but I left awhile ago. My mmo expereince Asherons Call 2, Ragnarock, Eve, FFXI, WOW, City of Heroes, Age of Conan. Really excited about this new game I plan on playing a Manthra.

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Names Nick. I used to play back in the day on the PS2 as a character called Reddawn a mithra... i retired that one since i went to college. Don't remember what server though it was random back then.

After college i started again on the PC on Asura with a friend (Scygen) and my name was Willryker a hume. Belonged to 2 linkshells(one was moghousegrowersassassin, yes ridiculously long name).

Retired again since i didn't have the time and went to WoW for a little while until that once again became way too much during raiding and the raids quickly dried up and became boring quite quickly.

Contemplating coming back casually until FFXIV hits but at the same time i can do so much more with my time. PRobably won't but i would like to at the same time.

That's all not much more to say except if FFXIV is 75% or even 50% as good as FFXI i will be there full time. I loved everything about FFXI, i just hope the soundtrack is as captivating for me personally as it was for FFXI.

In FFXIV though depending on how jobs are setup i might be a Mithra again or a Galka.. not sure.

Ixios... very funnny i lol'ed.

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With Nobuo Uematsu writing the sound track I wouldn't worry too much . That man is a friggin genius, I read his name on the credits and a stupid ear to ear grin popped up on my face.
That was no hemroid doctor. That was an alien hoobajoob
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Name is John, I'm 19 years old and live in Norway. I work as a journalist if anyone for some odd reason should care.

I see most of you are coming from the US, so I'll doubt I ever play with any of you, me being a future FFXIV gamer of the EU region.

That being said, I look forward to getting to know you all as time goes by, and make my contribution a meaningfull one, here on the ZAM FFXIV forums!
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My name is Shawn, I live in Kansas. Going to be a Manthra (or mithra if the male version is available). So far i'd like to be thf/ranger/ninja or whm/smn, still haven't decided but if the option to be them all is available then at some point I probably will.
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I'm also a Kansas guy (unfortunately), 20, majoring in biochemistry and am pre-med. God help me if FFXIV isnt more time friendly than FFXI, rofl.

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Almalieque wrote:
I admit that I was wrong

God bless Lili St. Cyr
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My name is Sepihroth/Onewingedangel (yes XI names have your laughs and read on :) ) been playing XI since 04. I'm one of the insane people that have x2 characters at 75, with more then one 75 on each. And I wish for the love of GOD I didn't go Elvaan or the Sephiroth name. it gets boring getting the moronic tells on the name. Yes I'll admit it I'm VII fangirl but it's limits.

If I pick up XIV I'm learning my XI mistakes and not going with a FF name again unless I can help it. Finding a way of getting gil in game to avoid the endless hours of farming. Leveling whatever jobs there will be to good level to get a handle on it before I pick a job I want and so subs if there's any will be taken care of. And getting missions done right away instead of waiting till whatever story arch is done. And another hard lesson...not doing x2 characters ever again...too much of a time stink.

I'm thinking of going Mithra or Hume, depends on how much character customizes there will be. If a lot and I can get my female Hume with the blue eyes and black hair, hello Hume again. If not hello **** kitty lol.

Wishing to all heaven the names I want aren't taken by the time I get XIV if I pick up. If they are then oh well back to XI names...then again I have a army of mule names that far better then my mains I can pick from....

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Im Jacob live in Califronia. I have been gaming since I was 4 and im 24 now. I spend most my time with my son and wife. I have to many hobbies but here are some. Dirt-Biking, Bass Guitar (10 years), Church. I have gamer tags on XBOX 360, PS3, and Wii. Love shadowrun, and left4dead, ATM I am writing two books and have meet a guy where I currently work that is a published author and is willing to help me get published. I have been working on them off and on for 5 years and they have changed over time. I am happy to say that as a person of faith (trying not to offend anyone) I am happy to be able to use my passions and talents in ways to help others and glorify someone who has given me hope and life in a place where I could have been lost. At any rate if you are at all interested in adding me to PSN or XBL let me know I love a good challenge in Street Fighter IV. =)

As far as FFXI goes I played in Sylph and Ifrit I was a Taru in the end a Taru RDM with the name Leonardo. I quit because my family grew +1 and I hadn't had enough time to play. I do miss it every know and then but try to stay focused on whats important. I am glad that FFXIV will be more casual friendly and hope to own in groups too! Ill probably play as a new race if not then a male Mithra is for me.

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With Nobuo Uematsu writing the sound track I wouldn't worry too much . That man is a friggin genius, I read his name on the credits and a stupid ear to ear grin popped up on my face.

Actually i am worried. The music he did for FFXI was okay(very few tracks) i guess but most of it was composed by Naoshi Mizuta and i really liked it. Nobuo Uematsu on the other hand i am not a huge fan of... i don't dislike his music but i find it... repetitive. Mainly being FFVII which was a good OST but once everyone wants to keep listening to it, it gets old for me personally.

One winged angel is so done... heard it 150,000 times. but we will see, i personally loved FFXI and Naoshi to death but maybe Nobuo will suprise me.
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Pikko wrote:
Good luck with college with XIV! I really hope there is casual gaming this time around, cause if not, graduating with decent grades just got that much harder for you. ><

Seriously...I was in my first year of college when FFXI came out and my grades were horrid. Hopefully FFXIV is as casual as SE is leading us to believe because I'll be back in college when it comes out.

Anyway, I'm Yog. Obviously that isn't my real name but simply the name I use in every game I play. The name comes from a barbarian hero in an old strategy game called Heroes of Might and Magic. I first used it as part of my name Yogtheterrible in Diablo II (happened to be a barbarian). I used the same name in FFXI. In every game after that though I've used just Yog. I'm 23 and, currently, I live in California but most likely will be in Idaho when the game releases.

Honestly, I've been waiting for FFXIV for years. I loved FFXI even though I only was able to play it for six months. In that time I got my RDM to 60 and my DRG to 55. After school was over I was invited into the World of Warcraft beta. I loved it too. I played WoW when it was released but only until Feb of '05. After that I went overseas (Portugal) for two years where I didn't play any games at all.

When I came back in '07 I picked WoW back up and still had a ton of fun but something had changed (whether me or the game) and after about a year I was starting to get tired of it. I tried to get back into FFXI twice (once last year and once this year), remembering the great time I had, but there was also a change there. After playing WoW for a while I got used to the fast gameplay and FFXI became mind-numbingly slow to me. I might have been able to get back into things better but I had to start from scratch as my previous account was gone. I went back to WoW when WotLK came out and had a great time again but after a short time I got bored again. As of right now it's been a few months since I've played any game at all...I've been waiting for the right one.

There are several MMOs out there on the horizon such as Star Trek Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic that show great promise and I've been keeping an eye on them. But I also knew two MMOs had been in the works that, while nothing was known about them, I knew were going to be great. One from SE and the other from Blizzard.

So here we are with FFXIV being announce and now I can't wait to play it. I'll probably be a Hume but if male Mithra are available I might consider it. I really enjoyed RDM and DRG and also BLU (which I started to play when I came back) so hopefully something similar to them are available.
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I am Ancient Sage Jamison, In His August Wisdom (that is my full name ps i am crazy)

In FFXI i played a crazed homoerotic male hume summoner

In FFIV I hope to play some other kind of *** diogenes living out in the wilderness, thrusting his hips at passers-by in bunched up subligars.
                 \ │ /
                 / ̄\   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
               ─( ゚ ∀ ゚ )< I'M THE **** SUN!
                 \_/   \_________
                / │ \
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In FFIV I hope to play some other kind of *** diogenes living out in the wilderness, thrusting his hips at passers-by in bunched up subligars.

viva la man-thigh.
Almalieque wrote:
I admit that I was wrong

God bless Lili St. Cyr
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I see most of you are coming from the US, so I'll doubt I ever play with any of you, me being a future FFXIV gamer of the EU region.

That's assuming they don't do what they did in XI and have all the players from all the different regions in the same set of servers, and I'm sure they WILL do that, which I don't mind... Brings some culture into the game :)
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Back on ZAM for FFXIV!
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My name is Jeni, but I go by Lai/Laifierr, I'm 27, live in central, IL. I am a freelance artist that can't get a job /sigh... I've played FFXI since 2004 right after CoP release but had to quit cuz I have no money D: The economy sucks and I might be forced to get a crappy job at a gas station. ~_~

I plan on playing a male mithra if they are available. If not, then I will be either a female mithra or male taru.

I've currently been keeping busy drawing FFXI fanart, and I've even drawn some FFXIV fanart. ^^
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#29 Jun 08 2009 at 9:05 PM Rating: Good
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Ebenezer Spooge.

I'm in my late 20s and played XI for about 3 years.

I'll probably name my character something else. In any case, I'm way too busy with RL to get too serious into a game. But I'm hoping to find a healthy balance with XIV. Probably go hume this time around... and a bit more magey... Elvaan MNK last time around... mostly...
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No clue what I'll be going by in-game. I'll be whichever race I dig the most during character creation. ;)

I played FFXI when it came out a little, and recently I played for about a month with my girlfriend (We were on Bismarck, because I love that **** whale). I really love FFXI's atmosphere and pace and I hope those are things that return in FFXIV, maybe even better than before.

All the best!

And I'll be the guy who'll be complaining about the character customization, no matter how good it is. ;)
The Other Castle
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Name is Shin. I'm 24 and am going to be a third year law student come this fall. Good thing FXIV doesn't come out any sooner or I would probably end up losing my scholarship due to failing grades. <.<

Anyways, I'm hoping it'll come out shortly after I finish taking the BAR exam and can spend my time in FFXIV while looking for some sort of administrative or securities and exchanges government type job. I hate trial/courtroom stuff since that wouldn't allow me any MMO time.

In game I'll probably end up as a hume again and take a path that will lead me to be a dual-wielding ninja type character or as close as the game will provide.
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My name starts with a K, and i'm 19 years old. I live in north carolina but i'm currently deployed to Iraq but should get home before FFXIV is released. I'm a FF fiend and have been since about age 9. I played FFXI for about 2 years then quit for a few months then came back, but then left again because I had to leave for basic. I played an Elvaan which I won't be doing again, switching to Galka this time around. I always played melee jobs, never got into casters. Anyways I can't wait for them to release more info on this game because ever since the trailer was released time has been flying by for me.
#33 Jun 09 2009 at 2:55 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm really just your run-of-the-mill healer/explorer type. You'll usually find me fishing, cooking, or sewing clothes. One of my favorite things to do was to send small presents to my friends of things I made. I probably had the slowest rate of levels compaired to the time I spent in XI, but I was happier than most I think.

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Call me Zherr. I played FFXI from NA release up until just before WoG. I've messed around w/ other MMO's and found them lacking, so I'm comming back into the S/E fold :)

I usualy play a DEX/AGI based DD. I started out FFXI as a THF, but got frustrated at tanks that ran around and people not understanding how SA/TA worked. *sigh* Then I tried RNG and was hooked, so I'll probably play something similar this time around.

Leaning Hume, but if there's Male Mithra's that would probably fit my playstyle better.
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Hi I'm Jon, I've been an alcoholic for about 4 years now. It all began when--

Err wrong forum! Woops!

(I'm sorry but it had to be done!)
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I'm Ethan and I'm from Texas (though I wouldn't mind changing that by the time the game comes out). I'm 27 (soon anyway) and my wife is 24. We both have degrees in Music Education and I'll probably be going back to school sometime likely for a second bachelors in CS. She'll be teaching music in the fall and I currently still freelance (orchestral trumpet/arranging).

My wife and I played FFXI for 3 years (it was kinda her first game) and we got pretty hardcore about it. Mounting frustrating with SE's poor customer service, arrogance and apathy toward the fans as well as the life-sucking power of the game drove us away. We eventually both took up WoW and played that for about 3 years.

We both miss the FFXI flavor immensely though not enough to come back to it and we're both extremely looking forward to coming to FFXIV. In our absence from FFXI it seems they have fixed many of our quibbles with the game and hopefully they've learned even more toward FFXIV.

I'll almost certainly be playing a Taru as before and she'll almost certainly be playing a Mithra... as before.

As for the Uematsu thing... I'm a little worried too. I was a big fanboy of his long ago and was resistant when the first time I found out he wouldn't be the exclusive composer for an FF game. However, FFXI especially was better for this fact. Uematsu does leitmotiv far better than he does ambient. He works better with simple melody/countermelody/bass (which is basically all you could do in the NES era), but he doesn't work as well with color. I hope there will be other composers on the crew and that he will have a hand in it much like FFXI. FFXI's music means so much to me and WoW's purely ambient music with nothing seriously thematic really leaves me sad. FFXI's music is still intertwined with my soul or something. I need that in FFXIV.
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Sup all, I'm TheAsterite, 18 years old. I currently live in Maryland and currently attending college studying Computer Science to hopefully be a game programmer one day.

I played FFXI a while ago on the Unicorn server mostly as a whm. Pretty much picked the game up while everyone else was playing WOW, and I don't regret a thing.

My hope for FFXIV is that square, with their history of implementing innovative ideas, will provide a unique system for this game that gives a new mmo experience that can only be found in this game. I hope square learned a lot of their mistakes from the previous game and listened to both the hardcore and casual FFXI players so the game can be even more wonderful than FFXI, and more accessible.

I'll be playing this game on my PC, as it is pretty much top of the line. I just hope square doesn't get too ambitious with the graphics engine, and pulls of a Crysis on current generation machines. >.>

I'll be playing a male hume as whatever magic user they'll have.
#38 Jun 10 2009 at 9:11 PM Rating: Decent
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Moogle Red Mage, day 1...assuming FFXIV has Moogles...or Red Mages...

There had better be playable Moogles and Red Mages!
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My name is Adam. I live somewhere in Oregon. I'm a disabled Navy veteran. I quit FFXI soon after the PS3 and XBOX 360 started releasing play-worthy titles. I played FFXI from 2003-2006. My ingame character stats weren't all that impressive, but nothing to cough at. I'll surely see some of you in FFXIV.

PSN Name: The Jollyjokers
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Befriend me if you own an xbox 360/ps3.

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Character name: Undecided
Race: Lalafell
Nation: Gridania
Armoury: Desciple of Magic/Land/Hand
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Well, I'll definitely try the game out. But I hope I'll last longer than FFXI. I've been playing EQII pretty much since release, with a bit of WoW in between although only briefly.


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Hey all. My name's Alex, I'm 21 and I go to college in NJ, USA. I played FFXI for almost a year when it came out, and I'm coming back to it for a month or two really soon. I played WoW for about 6 years (on and off) and finally got bored enough to quit forever. I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan, and FFXI was *by far* my favorite MMORPG. I'm pretty pumped to come back, and plan to be a healer/support class in FFXIV. I plan on following the game religiously until it comes out, and am super-excited to continue theorizing and poking fun at everyone on these forums ;)
Future FFXIV Player
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Sup guys,

My name is Josh Wheatle, I'm 24, been playing games since I was 5 and we got our first Nintendo, back when my mom played and beat Mario before my brother and I did. Don't play as often as I used to now that I've got a full time job and a full time obligation to friends family and the gym. haha

FFXI was my first MMO, started during the ps2 release and stayed up all night installing/updating just to be able to play. I still remember the first time in San d'Oria and how big it was and how absolutely perfect the music was with it. I made my way to Ronfaure as a monk and it was all she wrote from there. After two 75s and multiple Dynamis and Sky runs (kinda got lucky on gear rolls) I got pretty burnt out and ended up farming Thunder elementals and fishing all of my playtime away until I quit in leu of WoW.

I've been in WoW now for about 2 years, still really enjoy the game and have a couple characters that are fun and interesting to play. Starting to kinda get bored of it, so many people higher up are so bad at grouping because they've never been forced into it, and training baddies is really hard for me to do cause I can be condescending and downright rude sometimes. Then again, the fights/instances/bosses in WoW imo are a mile above anything I saw in FFXI as far as strategy/fun/time investment.

I saw the trailer for XIV and it does look fun and interesting to play, I'll go out on a limb now and say I'll def be addicted to it for a couple of months at the least. I plan on making an Elvaan (or its counterpart) and look forward to meeting some of you in game or in-beta (if I get in/if they have one)
"I'm gonna get nice and drunk, then play video games until my eyes bleed." Charlie (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
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Hey everyone. I look forward to playing with you all. My RL name is of no importance but for the past 4 (5?) years I've been Takino of the Kujata server. FFXI was my first mmo and is still the only one that can hold my attention. Back in my early days, I played all the time. However, when members of my beloved LS quit the game was never quite as fun as it had been. I started up playing again to finish the expansions before "The Rapture" and the migration of my current LS.

If any surviving members of TheLitterBox are out there, I hope to see you in Eorzea for a revival. My best Vana'diel days were with you all.

I love melee classes and plan to once again be a mithra DD, in the future. Here's hopin to a great game and an amiable community of players.
And that, my friend, is the bottom line.
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