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#1 Jun 11 2009 at 1:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Note this is just for fun, I don't really care about the horsepower or want to start an argument. But some may find this an interesting read.

Intel are rolling out their new 6 Physical Core CPUs possibly this year...

According to sources close to Intel, the company is planning to release a six-core Nehalem processor in roughly the same timeframe as the big Lynnfield/P55 release scheduled for later this year.

Our sources said that the new chip will drop into existing X58/LGA1366 motherboards with a BIOS update. We’re told that most board manufacturers have already added support, so unless you’re running an outdated BIOS release, there’s no need to worry about whether your board will work with the new chip or not.

It will sit alongside the Core i7 975 on this platform as Intel plans to discontinue every other Core i7 CPU later this year. What was interesting though was that the new chip apparently won’t fit under the Core i7 moniker. When probed, the sources said that Intel hadn’t finalised the name for this chip but were fairly certain that it wouldn’t fall under the i7 brand.

While we were talking about Intel’s current (and future) branding strategy, the source said that Intel had referred to its Lynnfield processors under the ‘Core i5’ moniker all along, which of course raises questions about Intel’s earlier statement. It could, however, be that Intel has decided to re-think its branding strategy for all of its new CPUs.


To those less Tech savy, the PS3 currently runs with 7 Cores and 1 Backup, The most physical cores Home computer has ever ran at is 4. Which in theory means the PS3 couldn't possibly be caught up by with a PC right? (Note The i7 only simulates 8 cores via Hyper threading)

How this relates to FFXIV; well people are worrying whether there will be technology available eventually to out do the PS3, but at the moment the CPU has been holding PCs back.
By the time FFXIV has been released, however, there could well be an intel based 8 Core CPU on the market.

Rest assured though before you all run into insanity, Gaming wise, graphics are a bottleneck on the capability of this CPU, I'm can almost assure this wont even be a recomended spec, let alone minimum.
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fyi the cell processor's cores aren't full fleged cores like the ones in a dual / quad core processor. and technically speaking this new six core chip will have hyperthreading on each i believe allowing a total of 12 threads under ideal circumstances.
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#3 Jun 11 2009 at 2:49 PM Rating: Good
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ditx wrote:

By the time FFXIV has been released, however, there could well be an intel based 8 Core CPU on the market.

I read somewhere that Intel already have 8 Core CPU prototype build but they don’t want to release to fast since they have as good as 0 competition.
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And this has to deal with ffxiv in what way?
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This reminds me of an interesting article I read on Tom's Hardware a week or so back.,2280.html

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