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Whats everyones MMO expereince?Follow

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So theres alot of people around these orums. Alot form FFXI alot from WoW and some of us from other games entierly. So I was wondering what everyones MMo resume so to speak is. Since I started this I'll go first

My first real mmo was Asherons Call 2. That didn't last past the trial so I dont really count that as a real mmo expereince. But I was there....briefly

. My first real experience with MMOS. EvE was an interesting beast and to this day I think remains the most unique mmo of the crowd. I had a great corporation behin me and we used ot have alot of fun doing even mundane things like mining for hours. Unfortunatly EvEs heavy emphasis on pvp and the Devs attitude of letting players exploit the game in any way they could imagine drove me off that game. But I still have great memories. I went back briefly a few years ago and was welcomed back to my corp. I blinked when alot of the new corp members introduced themselves to me and to ld me what an honor it was to meet me. I blinked and asked why the **** that would be. Well noone ever forgot that it was my name that finally got chosen to be our corp name. Intergalactic Combined Technologies. Turns out they remebered and credited(blamed) me for the ridiculously long corp name. Stories of my early wheelings and dealings on the market had also gotten around (I facilitated the deal that got our corporation its first unlimited blueprint of a cruiser) I still remember the mess of investors all expecting a ship and me playing overtime to provide everyone who had invested in the bp a ship as compensation. It was hectic but I pulled through and got myself a ship out of it. And I will never forget the day that ship was destroyed. A few of us decided that since we were now outfitted in spiffy new cruisers with much bigger guns then our previous frigates we could go out and explore some of the more ....wild places in the EvE universe... well theres always a bigger fish and in one of those systems we were exploring ( a really cool site of an ancient battle with the husks of dead ships floating everywhere) we were ransomed by a player pirate in a Battleship. He was threatening to blow us to kingdom come if we didnt come up with a million isk a piece (alot of money to us back then) we decided... theres 4 of us in cruisers vs 2 battleships the odds are in our favor. We were wrong.. we were so so very wrong. The battleships immediatly proceeded to wipe the floor with us, I tried to warp out but they warp jammed me and pod killed me. Good times... Good Times.

Neverwinter Nights
. Tho techinically not an mmo the game once had a very vibrant multiplayer scene with hundreds of player made persitant worlds. These functioned similair to mmos but not exactly. Besides the fact that all these pws were amateur made the emphasis in the NWN mp scene really was around the Role play. Wed sit for hours in an Inn on some server that had 768 kpbs upload speed roleplaying. I'll never forget Amywien My singing ditzzy fashion obsessed bard turned sorceress or the rp that led to her becomign a sorceress, I'll never forget Bodach the slow witted but big hearted Orc warrior, Or Reln my Noble weaponmaster plauged by too much attention from the ladies. It was alot of fun and I met my fiancee in NWN something I will forever be indebted to that game for. But sadly my passion for roleplaying died out over the years and now I never roleplay. I spent time as an admin and a builder for one of these worlds (so I have a very very very amateur idea of item balance, dungeon and mob balance and the frustrating things players do to thwart a builders efforts in providing a fun challenge) But the joy of RP was lost to me by then. The end of my days on NWN I spent mostly in the games robust toolset building new content for my players. Until the server admin of the server we were running threw in the towel.

FFXI. I played for a few months back at NA release. Alot of the thigns people talk abotu now were so foreign to us then. Ninja blink tanking was still a hushed rumor back then noone had the gil to afford using the ninja magic all the time. The dunes were still filled with noobs begging for their sub job items. The frustration and tedium eventually claimed me and I rage quit shortly after making (and subsequently losing) level 30. I have a love hate thign with this game. I look back and remember much of it fondly and then those fond memories are marked with the frustrations that game threw at me everyday. I remember how awesome a great party was throwing out skillchains left and right and chaining it mobs one after another. Then theres all the times Id sit LFG for hours unable to do anything. The sad thing about FFXI was every time I described the great thigns abottu that game to my gf its inevitably followed by all the frustrating things abotu that game. I never could seperate the fun from the frustration. This one is the only one of the bunch I regret leaving. I look back on it often and remember it alternatly fondly and not so fondly. But I think every ffxi player can attest this that theres just something about this game. I only wish I could have put up with the games frustrations better then I did back then. I wasn't as patient. Sadly when i tried to return my character was gone a victim of SEs bizzare practice of deleting characters. (something Ive never seen in the others)

Ragnarock Online Interspered with NWN came RO. My Gf turned me onto that game and We played it for awhile. It really didnt do a whole lot for me. It was fun and all but honestly most of my memories of RO are of me getting to know my then soon to be gf.

I didnt like this game much at all. My GF picked it cause she just loves Chibi but neither of us were very excited by it. She started to give up her resitance to p2p mmos around then and I was able to convince her to give the next one a shot.

The ever infamous WoW. WoW may be the first mmo I truly fell in love with and the one that broke my heart. WoW in the begining was a great game. Back then it was different. TBC wasn't out yet it was still a whisper in the wind. I fiddled around with some classes got an orc war to 30 played around with some others before I finally landed with the Warlock. The class that would come to define my playstyle forever in mmos. Never before I had I found a clas I so thoroughly identified with. To this day much of my mmo expereince is me futilty trying to recreate the Warlock. We played all the way up through TBC. Sadly the excitement and fun of leveling up fell away to the miserable and monotonous grind of end game. I was a guild leader back then doing the same raid all the time started to try on my nerves. More so trying to deal with all the miserable squabbles in my guild really tried my patience. I started to dread logging in. I found myself afraid to log in to go through the same raid and hear the same people fight abotu the same things. Then Blizzard made some choices that royally ****** off my gf (a priest who got to watch her role sidelined by the Paladin). I still remember the priest riots when prayer of mending was nerfed and all the ascii middle fingers priests were posting on the boards. A combination of end game monotony guild bullsh*t and a very ****** off gf killed wow for me. Recently I went back to check out Wotlk but sadly the game just doesnt feel the same. Alot of things I really liked liked about wow were slowly phased out and replaced with poor substitutions (I dont care what anyone says arena sucks and doesn't hold a candle to world pvp or even their battlegrounds)

City of Heroes
City of heroes was in the begining a breath of fresh air after wow. It was so different and not having to worry about gear grinds was really welcome to me. People did the content to do it not because the sword of awesome leetnes was dropped by so and so. But the game felt generic and confined. The heavy instancing and zoning of the game lacked any sort of variety at all and its clear that most of the dungeons are randomly generated. Walking into an office buillding and appearing in a sewer was really silly. The devs didnt even try to match interior maps with their exterior doors. The game had virtually no end game content to speak of not much of a story and not much more to do then endlessly grind missions in the same 6 styles of maps. As much fun as it was at times it got old fast.

Age of Conan
Man I was the BIGGEST cheerleader for this game. I couldnt wait till it hit store shelves. I followed the game religously for a year and a half before its release. I bought an oversized Age of Conan mouse pad (I'm still using)I preordered the collectors edition. I gathered together some of the cooler cats I had started the old WoW guild with to form a new guild for Age of Conan. Well the game hit the guild collapsed on day one and I went at it alone. and needless to say the game sucked and I was immensly let down. The fanboi in me died that day (or so I thought until this game was announced) Every Game I followed after that one (except this one) I refused to get enthuisatic over determined to not get let down again the way Age of Conan let me down.

Lotro I just started this one. I dont have alot to say about it yet other then the graphics are really really impressive and the game is fun. Time will tell where this one leads me too. Hopefully it keeps me occupied till STO and FFXIV come out.

Anyways thats abit about my mmo history anyone else care to share?

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mezlabor wrote:

Man I was the BIGGEST cheerleader for this game. I couldnt wait till it hit store shelves. I followed the game religously for a year and a half before its release. I bought an oversized Age of Conan mouse pad (I'm still using)I preordered the collectors edition. I gathered together some of the cooler cats I had started the old WoW guild with to form a new guild for Age of Conan. Well the game hit the guild collapsed on day one and I went at it alone. and needless to say the game sucked and I was immensly let down. The fanboi in me died that day (or so I thought until this game was announced) Every Game I followed after that one (except this one) I refused to get enthuisatic over determined to not get let down again the way Age of Conan let me down.

There is one thing that I have learned from playing other MMO's, and that is to never hype yourself believing that an MMO will exceed your expectation. Basically have a very low expectation of the MMO and if the game is a lot better then it will only be a huge _positive_ surprise. If one hypes a game and have set high expectation of that game then there is a big chance that it will be a huge let down and disappointment.
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My first MMO was FFXI. I started in the BETA and never looked back.

I played FFXI for a good solid 2 1/2 years, then played WoW. Came back to FFXI, then went back to WoW. I recently started my account back up on FFXI after 3 years.

In between all that I have also played City of Heroes/Villians. I have tried a couple other MMOs, but nothing worth noting since I played them for a day or two. Like everyone else I am excited about FFXIV, and that is why I reactivated my FFXI account. Though I was hoping to find some old friends to make sure we could stay in touch and prepare for FFXIV, sadly they are all gone...and I mean GONE lol. I havent seen a single person I knew around.
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1998 - 2000 Ultima Online
2000 - 2002 EverQuest
2002 - 2004 Asheron's Call
2004 - 2008 FFXI

And I have sampled others like WoW, Guild Wars, Warhammer, DAoC, Darkfall(I really didn't like this game, it seemed to FPS like to me.), etc.
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FFXI: My first MMO. I had always wanted to play Everquest but I knew my parents would never go for the monthly payment so I waited until I was 17 (or 18...don't remember) and had some money to start MMOs. FFXI just barely came out so I picked it up and started playing it. I loved FFXI and spent almost every waking moment playing it. In six months I had a level 60 RDM and a level 55 DRG along with a number of subs at 30-37. I left the game at this point at the behest of my parents (bad, I think, yeah).

WoW: Once school was over my parents forgot about my bad grades and I was invited into the WoW beta. Which I also loved. I went overseas for a bit and came back a couple of years later and started it up again. After a year or so I got bored of it and would stop and start and stop and start again for a while. After WAR bombed out I went back to playing in anticipation of WotLK. I played it for a while, got a death knight to 80, did some raids and quit.

WAR: One of my breaks in between playing WoW was my wait for Warhammer. I joined a guild about 6 months in advance of the game expecting it to be incredible. Unfortunately I was sadly disappointed by a game that wasn't finished and probably would never be finished.

I haven't played any MMO for months...mainly because I'm completely out of money and looking for a job until my next school year starts. I'd probably start up WoW again if I could.

I also tried Ragnarok Online, Guildwars, Eve, LOTRO, Runes of Magic, and a number of other free trials and free to play games in the hopes of finding a game I want to play.
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wow... gona hard to remember....

lets see

Ragnarok online
Fairyland - i think thats what it was called....
Lineage 2
Guild wars
Grando Espada (sp)
WoW - for all of 2 days
Luna online
FF11 was the last MMO i played - on and off since release till now
thats all i can remember.... most of them are really old. the new MMO's arnt interesting to me at all since theres no crafting system. FF11 changed what i want in an MMO.

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Nice thread! :3

Well heres mine:
Phantasy Star Online
My first ever MMO. One of the simplist I've played really. It was so long ago I don't remember much about the game, I did like that you could play online or offline though. I had some good times playing with my mates on there with headsets.

Final Fantasy XI
I really loved this game while I played it. I played for 2 years since its release in the UK. I remember signing onto MSN with all my friends so we could all make sure to get on the same server, I had to delete and remake my character so many times to get on Alexander lol. When I first entered the world too, I started in Bastok as a hume MNK. I tried to move with the arrow keys n got confused when it wasn't doing anything, I didn't read the manual hehe. I had a couple of guys come up n say hi n tell me it was the number keys. :] When I got to 14 I decided I'd rather have a Mithra cahracter so I made a new one and made her a WHM. Started in windy to get the ring and my friends helped me get to Bastok again so I could party with them. Getting SMN as a job had to be one of the best moments in the game for me, that feeling ya got when you finally beat the avatars in a solo match...ah it was amazing. The first time I went on an airship too, that was a laugh. We ended up being attacked by pirates, and my high level friend told me to hide below deck, I did. But he died trying to fight them off and they found me anyway lol. Just listening to the soundtrack makes me miss this game. I quit at level 45 SMN/WHM as I didn't have the time with my exams.

World of Warcraft
I still play this now sometimes. It doesn't give me half the feeling FFXI did though. I really miss FFXIs amazing graphics and beautiful scenary when I play WoW...its cartoony-ness isn't half as good. I also hate how with each expansion they keep getting easier and easier. I loved it when TBC was out, I'd look at level 70s in envy, not when I see an 80 its like big deal I have like 4 80s. Shame really. Still an ok game, just a bit too easy mode and repeatable.
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I've played Dragon Fable, FFXI, RuneScape, WoW, and Club Penguin.
All in the course of 5 years.
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FFXI is the only MMO I bothered playing, because I'm a diehard FF fan. I was in the Navy for much of the experience, so I couldn't keep up with my friends. Other "Next Generation" games, such as Oblivion among others pulled me away for the more casual gaming experience. Once I heard that WoW was a hardcore gaming experience, that actually killed a few crazy diehard kids, I knew that wasn't the game for me. I enjoy having a life outside of video gaming.
Once FFXIV Online is released, I'll be making a return to the MMO world. This time around, I may play for longer than 3.5 years, since its a worldwide release. Good call on that decision Square Enix! Had you repeated the staggered release as you did with FFXI, there would've been a lot of cry babies, and I would've been one of the whiniest of the lot.
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Everquest - 4 years
Final Fantasy XI - 9 Months
Everquest II - 2 years
World of Warcraft - 18 months
City of Heroes - 2 months
RF Online - 3 months
Final Fantasy XI (starting new) - 7 months (and counting)

EDIT: It should be noted that I never played two or more MMOs at the same time, I always quit one and started another. There were stretches where I wasn't playing an MMO at all.

I love FFXI the most (EQ1 and 2 being close seconds), though I can't play it to it's fullest due to me being a casual gamer (2-3 hours a night at mostm couple days a week). Being married with kids kinda takes the MMO time out of the equation. If FFXIV keeps it's promise of catering to the casual and the hardcore, I will have no issues stopping FFXI to play FFXIV. At the moment, I will be looking at The Old Republic and FFXIV as my next MMOs.

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I loved the freedom and open world of EQOA and they seemed less restrictive with allowing characters to be powerful. However FFXI had more players, more polish, more to do, and better story.
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My first MMO ever was Runescape *shudder*
Probably one of the best web browser based free to play games though.

From then it was FFXI, I've consistently played it for about 4 years now. In between I tried my hand at WoW but could not last longer then a week. It just become too pointless when FFXI was sat there waiting and in my eyes was superior.

Lately FFXI has begun to slow down for me though, as such I might start WoW for the year to fill in the gap before the release of ff14. But I will 100% definatly be back each update and log in at least once a week for FFXI.

All the other games I've tried like LoTRO have been an isntant turn off solely because they are practically WoW clones. Point and click and point and click and point and click. Same UI, same quest systems etc.

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EQII: A lot more fun than FFXI as far as gameplay go's, but a lot less challenging.
FFXI: Very challenging and competitive, but not so fun sometimes.
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I can't really list them in any particular order since I've always hopped back and forth from one to another.

Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast release, then bought the JP import)
Phantasy Star Online (GameCube)
Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (PC)
Phantasy Star Universe (JP import)
*apparently he loves his phantasy star*
Ragnarok Online
Priston Tale
City of Heroes
City of Villains
ROSE Online
Silk Road Online
Dungeon siege
Final Fantasy XI

Anxiously awaiting Final Fantasy XIV. :)

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Phantasy Star Online (Game Cube) - First one, really loved it... at the time I thought it was ZOMG awesome.

Phantasy Star Universe - Loved this and played if for about 6 months but got bored after a while and quit.

Ragnarok Online - Got on this with a friend on a Korean version, he had to send me pictures with instruction on how to download it and log on. lol. Enjoyed it for a bit, but quit after a while when a girl in his 'LS' type group wouldn't let me join because she wanted to be the only girl... she was kinda weird. >.>

Perfect World - Tried this with the beta and then played for a while after it was released, good graphics for a free game, but got bored quickly.

WoW - Only played for a very short time, was going to go back once I found a new part time job... then I found out about XIV.

Unreal Tournament - (hey you can play it online, it counts! XD) Mostly play this LAN at my college with my friends, they hate me when I get the sniper rifle. XD

FFXI - By far my longest time on a MMO, I'm at 4+ years. I have a love/hate relationship with this game, but I have yet to take a break or quit... mostly because friends keep finding a reason why I shouldn't! XD

MMO's to come...

FFXIV - Can't wait for this to come out... gonna try it and see how it goes.

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It all started for me with Shadows of Yserbius and Fates of Twinion on The Sierra Network (later known as INN, Imagination Network) in the time when the internet meant AOL or Prodigy. I believe I was around 12 at the time. At the time I was a very mature gamer. Since then my brain never aged and instead of a compliment of "oh I thought you were much older"... now I am much older and it's "Oh, I figured you were younger" ^.^

Any way from there I messed with Ultima Online, but I didn't like it much.

I moved from that to the first Everquest for a few months

followed by (and ok maybe this doesn't count) Yahoo card games (but they are MMO if you count the thousands of people online)

In more recent times it's been...

A long stint with FFXI and EVE online

a bit of dabbling with Dungeons & Dragons Online (which had it's moments, and brought me back 2x but never for more than a month), WoW (which I couldn't stand for more than 2 weeks), LotRO (ok story, but I find I like exploring a new world... not balancing my expectations between my reading experiance and movie experiances with "In Real On-Line Life"), Um I forgot the multiple Sony MMOs I tried and hated, A slew of free to play MMORPGS which had potential but not the community. And finally WAR which has so many great ideas, but at the end of the day feels like a FPS which makes me think of free.
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My only MMO experience is with FFXI.

Nothing else has really attracted me in the same way that FFXI did. Final Fantasy's reputation at the time mixed with the idea of a thriving online world was enough to capture me. Of course I only played a few months before giving it up (it was difficult to find the time to play the game [just started college, earlier days of the internet made it less available, parents think I'm 'addicted' in an unhealthy way, etc.. hard to sit down and enjoy it even when I'm able to])

Now that I'm out of college (6 years later, GAH!), I've been wanting to play something new and fresh, but I just don't care for the style or nature of any MMO other than FFXI.. and at this point, FFXI's too aged for me to get enthusiastic about jumping back into it... It's like FFXIV was announced just for me.. Definitely the most exciting game of E3 for me :)

I truly can't wait to jump into FFXIV's online world, with thousands of others, for the first time.. Okay, I need to make it a personal mission of mine, to find a job and move out of this sad, depressing house before FFXIV comes out!
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I don't remember exactly what my first "MMO" was. Surely some small-time crazy prototype somewhere. Or something like a MUD, or something.

The first "real" game was Ragnarok Online waaay back in the alpha, and I loved it to death. Still come back to it regularly.

Since then? Looooots of time just spent in games here-and-there. I've tried a bunch, but not stuck with that many. Namely I kept coming back to Gunbound despite the community limited solely to middle schoolers, I tried WoW for I believe a month or two. Just gradually came to loathe the personality of the game, and I never had a character I liked. I had to resort to making a female character just because every single male I tried looked like a HeMan reject. Tried FFXI when it came out, came back later, liked it, hit a wall and had a bad LS and now I'm messing with other stuff.

I have done trial runs on more than I can count though.
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I've played lots of MMOs for tiny periods of time.

Probably the first ones I seriously tried were the old Nexon games like Nexus and Dark Ages and then tried EQ in beta, but my computer couldn't handle it well.

RO was fun as long as you had friends, but once they got bored, so did I.

Anarchy Online was a game I got into the beta of, and while I wanted to like it, the beta was horrible so I fled for awhile. Eventually between FFXI and WoW I came back to it and had alot of fun for a few months.

FFXI was the first MMO I played with friends and had a great time with. I still remember the first time my one friend and I learned that rams were different from sheep. I wound up getting a DRG around 40 when I couldn't find parties. So my friend and I picked up new jobs. I wound up going PLD (right as NINs were becoming popular =P) and got to the 30s until I noticed my friends mmoved on to WoW, which I refused to play for awhile, but eventually...

My first month of WoW was fairly horribly. My graphics card went nuts in towns, so I had to /follow friends around when entering cities. I also wasn't the fastest leveler, but eventually I hit 59(yes, not 60 =P) and was kidnapped into raiding. Since then, I've spent my time raiding and PVPing.Eventually before BC though, I burned out because my main clique of friends left.

I then went back to FFXI, this time making a Mithra instead of Elvaan because I figured I'd likely be melee once again, but now I noticed things weren't so elitist there, needing certain stats to get anything done. Made some new friends, but one thing started to grate on me: lack of a jump button. So BC came out and I went back to WoW while playing some betas on the side, most of them angering me because they feel too much like WoW without doing the little things right.

Now I play WoW until I get to see FFXIV and SW:TOR, and hope for a change of scenery.
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I started playing MUSHes and MUDs about 10 years ago. Ahhh DIKU, how simple the times were back then. After that, my MMO history looks something like this, as I too have hopped around from time to time:

FFXI (right after NA release, first real MMO I ever tried but didn't last long)
EVE Online (it's been about 4 years now, still have a character there but don't play)
FFXI (came back 3 years ago, still playing)
LOTRO (2 years, still playing)

The games above are the ones that I've stayed with the longest, and have invested a lot of time in. I've tried many other games, and probably will try many more in the future. So far I've tried but haven't lasted long in:

City of Heroes
Sword of the New World

I've done beta testing for LOTRO and WAR, and played briefly during the open beta for SotNW. WAR was a huge disappointment for me, as IMHO, it started off really strong, but once I got to level 20 or so, it became painful to play. I haven't been back since, so I'm not sure if they improved anything, but I'm not sure that would be enough to make me go back.

I just started playing Vanguard a few weeks ago, and the jury's still out on that one. It's been pretty glitchy for me, sometimes making the game unplayable, so that's a really big black mark in my book. There's so much potential in the game though, so I'm having a hard time letting go. EQ2 felt like the same old, same old, didn't really have anything that excited me, and I didn't even last a week in both CoH and WoW before uninstalling with prejudice.
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UO - 6 years. This was my first MMO and its kinda what I have compared all others too. Each time I pick up an MMO I hope so dearly to see aspects of Ultima in there. You were never restricted, you could do anything you want, play any way you want. You could be a hardcore PvP player or a fisher...literally sailing around on your own boat fishing, then taking your hall back to your own house in some corner of the world to rest.

Everquest - 1 Year. It was was no UO.

FFXI - 3 years, loved it loved it loved it...then Summer vacation ended and I had to do school work, suddenly sitting in Jueno for 3 hours looking for a party on my Dragoon didnt seem so great. Still hopping on and off every so often when my friends beg me enough.

WoW - 2 years, Level 70 Elemental Shaman goes BOOM in your face! Played this game far too much, hardcore raiding, getting gear, pwning noobs and what not. Then it came to the point where I would have to raid 4 nights a week for 4 hours a night. I loved that game, but I loved my girlfriend more.

LOTRO - Off and on, I have a lifetime subscription so I never feel bad for nor playing it.

Warhammer - The PvP was really well done, but there were other issues, like the server population balancing, Im gonna have to see if this was addressed, might be able to hold me over until FFXIV comes out.

EvE - It was fun, played it for like a month but again seemed like a massive time sink that I couldnt really deal with at the time.

Im currently not playing and MMOs, might try some free ones, just to kill time. Atlus has a new Steampunk genre that could be interesting.

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my first mmo was Earth and beyond. i really enjoyed the game until ea went out of there way to kill it off

got into the eveonline beta and played for about a year off and on. as soon as my copy of xi arived in the mail i cancled my account for the game, the life of a space drifter gets taxing after a while

xi for a long time, took a long term break from it about two years ago. in the mean time i tryed out eve again and left after i realized that even with all the new stuff they added its still the same game, gave wow a shot and city of heros as well.

finding all the other games hollow i came back to xi, where i have been happily wasting to much time ever since.
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FFXI - My first MMO. The best MMO all things considered to this day. Every year or so I tend to take a break since the release (like Iam now), but I always tend to come back once summer ends.

WoW - Second MMO I played. Great game. A true master piece of the time. Though, some how I always place FFxi above this game overall.

Vanguard - Third MMO I played. I followed it for a long time. I almost bought a new computer just for the game, but lucky for me I didn't. I played it for 2 months at the release and it was an epic failure. I totally understand why company's like Blizzard and SE take so long to develop and iron games out: Vanguard is the reason. It was probably a year too early to be released.
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My only MMO experience is with FFXI.

Nothing else has really attracted me in the same way that FFXI did. Final Fantasy's reputation at the time mixed with the idea of a thriving online world was enough to capture me. Of course I only played a few months before giving it up (it was difficult to find the time to play the game [just started college, earlier days of the internet made it less available, parents think I'm 'addicted' in an unhealthy way, etc.. hard to sit down and enjoy it even when I'm able to])

Now that I'm out of college (6 years later, GAH!), I've been wanting to play something new and fresh, but I just don't care for the style or nature of any MMO other than FFXI.. and at this point, FFXI's too aged for me to get enthusiastic about jumping back into it... It's like FFXIV was announced just for me.. Definitely the most exciting game of E3 for me :)

I truly can't wait to jump into FFXIV's online world, with thousands of others, for the first time.. Okay, I need to make it a personal mission of mine, to find a job and move out of this sad, depressing house before FFXIV comes out!

this is pretty much me except for the whole parents thinking i'm addicted thing
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My first MMO I ever played. Started Sophomore year of high school, and played for 3 years. When I started college it used too many ports for me to play it in my dorm so I stopped. I would come back to visit twice for nostalgia purposes but I had moved on to...

Overall I believe it is indisputably a better-designed game. FFXI wins out on creating a universe, the lore, art style: everything except for actual playability.

I'm hoping FFIV will be FFXI without all of the silly bullsh*t. I want a FFIV with no long-*** waits for boats and airships, no deleveling, no botting HNM claims, no huge timesinks with travel, and preferably split US and JP servers (to eliminate favoritism claims and overall to make partying easier).

I know a bunch of you guys who still play FFXI are just going to say that I'm cop-out and that I just want FFIV to be easy-mode FFXI but I've paid my dues to that game, and just because it takes 30 minutes to get from one zone to another does not make you "skilled."

*Edit: All that said, I'm probably jumping ship on WoW when FFIV comes out. I can't wait.

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Anarchy Online
Star Wars Galaxies
Fantasy Earth
Eve Online
Blade Chronicle etc etc.

If only I was wise enough to just stick to one and be really involved in the End Game communities. I am however, drawn to new things and love the process of starting with nothing and going from there. That is the most appealing aspect of MMOs.
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Ok here goes...

I started back in the end 1997 (Yes almost 12 years now!) with Ultima Online at launch which I Ioved at first but always had issues with. After over a year of getting PKed and watching the game painfully evolve I had to move on. I resisted EQ until a year after everyone else had already been playing and jumped on that crack-wagon in early 2000 until I quit in late 2001 after almost 2 years. (But it was a good ride and I even went to one of the Fan Faires in Orlando!)

I went back to EQ 1 a few...make that several times but could never re-spark the interest.

After that I beta-tested Sims Online...and have done my best to pretend that did not happen. Then I went on to beta Earth and Beyond, continuing my pattern of self-torture through horrid MMORPGs.

In 2002 I thought I found the holy grail of games with Star Wars Galaxies and was accepted into the relatively early phase 2 of beta. I as VERY excited and had a blast, till the game went live. My friends and I held out till mid 2003 when we quit and I never looked back.

From the smoldering wreck that was SWG I stumbled into Horizons and beta-tested that, also playing it live until I realized it was worse then the other games I had tested and played recently. That would put me up to around late 2003...

Then in Jan of 2004 I found FFXI...and was in love. We played, a LOT. It felt like the true spiritual successor to EQ that myself and my friends had been searching for. LAN parties, grouping for hours no, days on was truly a fantastic experience until, well, one day I realized that I was not really getting anywhere playing the game. I mean I was but level wise but, I dunno...something broke and I could not play. It took my RL friends another 4 months, a few much longer, but eventually we all left. I kept going back here and there up until my last attempt to capture that old feeling in 2008...but it was gone.

During that FFXI time I also played EQ2, which I was very into and played from around November of 04 till mid 2005, say 7 or 8 months but again something just snapped in me and I quit one day. I did go back to it a year later but after a week I realized I was just trying to catch a memory I could not catch so I went back to FFXI again. :p

I dabbled in Dofus for a bit in 05 or 06, as well as Second Life and some Maple Story...

Finally I beta and played Vanguard in Jan of 07 (So much potential lost...) and after I quit tat in disgust I finally gave in to the pressure of everyone and their grandma and played WoW in late 2007, say around November? I my true style I sucked all my friends in (A few who had been with me since UO!) and we all played together until I quit in say...late 2008, almost one year after I started it. I loved the ride, I still see the fun to this day...but I dunno...I guess it is my fear of MMO commitment issues. If I had to guess it would be the lack of PVP on the non-PVP serves, the iffy PVP on the free PVP servers and the overall ease of play. Not easy of play in the good ways like interface and design, the fact that you can solo the whole fricking game (From 1 to max level I mean, not the group designed stuff) and that it, well it was not FFXI!

My friends still play WoW to this day, God rest their souls...

Me? I play Fable 2, Fallout 3, Oblivion, Sims know, the restof the games out in the world you miss when your high on your MMO of choice!

Anyhow that is my play history. Wow, I have never sat down and made a resume like this, pretty cool! Let me recap:

  • UO 1997 to around 99/2000
  • EQ early 2000 - 2001
  • SIMS Online BETA Late 2000
  • Earth and Beyond BETA Second half 2002
  • SWG BETA and Play Last 1/2 of 2002 to mid 2003
  • Horizons Late 2003
  • EQ 2 Nov 2004 till mid 2005
  • Fiddled with some Dofus/Second Life/Maple Story in 2005/2006
  • FFXI Jan? 2004 off and on till 2008
  • Vanguard Jan 2007
  • WoW in LATE (Nov?) 2007 to late 2008

  • I've seen the MMORPG landscape change a lot over the years and out of all the games I listed above (Which I think are all the ones I played) I would rank EQ1, SWG Beta, FFXI and WoW as the best of the best.

    Out of those EQ1 (Pre Luclin) and FFXI hold a special place in my heart...and FFXI is still my old 'high school' love of MMORPGs.

    I am hoping for good things in FFXIV, we'll see.

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    holy crap
    #29 Jun 15 2009 at 10:25 PM Rating: Decent
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    I dont think i saw this one, And I dont even know if it can be considered an MMO, But here it goes anywho....
    My first experience with MMO's was RuneScape lol anyone remember was god awful,But it sucked me in for all of two months because I was young and didn't know of anything better, I only ever played the free version and pitty anyone who payed....even though i would if i could have lol.

    Next was Diablo, Reminded me of runescape which I was uterly sick of. played for a week.

    Then My friend let me use there FFXI account while they were away... So I pranced around for a week in the dunes as a mythra RDM and fell in love with the game...When they came back for their character I remember sitting in my room staring at the computer...not knowing what in the world to do. I was 15 at the time so I did the only thing that seemed right...I stole my moms credit card and bought the game...subscribed and everything....She slapped the **** outta me when she found out...Worth it.

    Did the Wowthing for about an hour... looked to cartoony for my taste....missed ffxi instantly.

    I will be switching over to FFXIV...But im going to miss ffxi...alot of what im going to miss has been gone for along time though...Because just like in real life its not the setting that hits home the most its the people in it. and the people I started ffxi with have left me both in RL and GL. Im ready for a fresh start.
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    My first MMORPG was Asheron's Call, but I don't really count it, since I didn't make it past the initial month. I liked it, but at that time, I saw online games as "getting in the way" of my offline game backlog... so I put it aside. My attitude about MMOs eventually changed. :)

    These have been my "main" MMOs since September 2002:

    2002-2003 Earth and Beyond
    2003-2004 Anarchy Online
    2004-2009 Final Fantasy XI

    During that same period, I've played other games, some for a substantial amount of time:

    Played 6-12 months:

    World of Warcraft
    EverQuest II
    The Lord of the Rings Online

    Played 3-6 months:

    Star Wars Galaxies
    EVE Online
    City of Heroes

    Dabbled with (usually the trial month and not much more):

    The Matrix Online
    Lineage II
    Dark Age of Camelot
    Tabula Rasa
    Guild Wars
    Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
    D&D Online
    Ultima Online
    Asheron's Call 2
    Age of Conan

    ... and I'm pretty sure I'm overlooking some other ones, but none of them are significant.

    I usually have at least two MMO subscriptions going at any one time. I think the most I've ever had going at once was five or six. That's just insane! I can't really play more than two; anything more, and you know that money is being wasted. My FFXI subscription has continued unbroken since North American launch. I didn't really get started with it until January 2004--that's how long it took me to disentangle myself from AO and give FFXI some honest effort. After a month in Vana'diel, I was hooked.

    I'm not going to excoriate WoW here. It's very good at some things, especially in its ability to provide a polished, casual gaming experience that can be played in small bites, if time is lacking. My WoW subscription is an on-and-off affair; mostly I use it as one of my "filler MMOs", something I can pick up and play when I don't have time for a big FFXI session. Sometimes the role of "filler" is played by other games I like, like LotRO or EverQuest II. FFXI is still my preferred game, the one that provides the most challenge and gives me the best feeling of accomplishment.

    I'm very excited about FFXIV, at least in theory. I can't wait to hear more about it... and to play it, of course!

    -- Sera
    #31 Jun 16 2009 at 8:10 AM Rating: Decent
    773 posts

    Started on PS2 soon after US release. Later switched to PC after by first try at building a pc. Ps2 still functional btw, after several disassembles and cleanings.

    Its definitively been a love-hate experience. Have 2 75's a 63, 45, and most everything else 30'ish. However, used to have a fantasy of tying up a few SE devs with Wonder Woman's magic lasso or use some spell to compel them to explain why they couldn't make a decent PC client and why customer service is so bad.


    Started World of Warcraft a while back and was amazed at being able to alt-tab out of the game and of course the perfectly legal mods. Flying mounts are definitely fun, as are the numerous cultural references.


    The DX10 graphics are definitely impressive. Somehow though I could not get into the game. Th crafting system is unusual in that you choose a block of 3 crafting skills. One is a creation-gathering pair and the 3rd skill is unrelated.

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    Ragnarok Online was the first MMO I've played. Like most people, still holds a fond place in my heart.

    I've probably sunk more hours into World of Warcraft than Ragnarok Online... but I'm not entirely sure.

    I played FFXI for several months, as well as Guild Wars for a similar length of time.

    Also played MapleStory and ROSE Online briefly when money was too tight to afford a monthly subscription.
    #33 Jun 17 2009 at 8:41 AM Rating: Decent
    22 posts
    Mostly FFXI, WoW, LoTRO, and a little WAR.

    I would still play WAR but my PC can't take sieges...
    #34 Jun 17 2009 at 11:13 AM Rating: Decent
    423 posts
    Most of these games i've played for longer then a month, whether it be beta testing or full play(seeing as i pay for 1month/get one free i played at minimum 2 months

    Phantasy Star Online GameCube
    Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (PC)
    Phantasy Star Universe
    City of Heroes
    ROSE Online (oh.. i buy your items! haha...)
    Final Fantasy XI
    Endless Ages
    Age of Conan (What a great game to level 20 then it's absolute garbage).
    hmm beta tested countless others...
    #35 Jun 17 2009 at 11:45 AM Rating: Good
    230 posts
    Phantasy Star Online - actually, one of my favorites. I loved staying up late with a few other people, joining different rooms and just hanging out. For some reason, the lighting and environments set the perfect mood for me.

    Shadowbane - ultimate PvP, bad everything else. Meh, it rocked for its time.

    FFXI - played it, loved it, friends quit for WoW and I blindly followed (we all got into the beta). Don't worry, I'm coming back for a little bit before FFXIV comes out.

    WoW - 6+ years (on and off). From beta tester to level 80 DK, I've done everything there is to do in that game.

    FFXIV - if it's not a major let down, I'm in it for as long as it'll keep me interested.
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    FFXI was my first. Played it for about 4 years, then life took over (temporarily).

    FFXIV will be my second.
    #37 Jun 17 2009 at 5:31 PM Rating: Decent
    121 posts
    I guess here's a list of the ones I spent a significant amount of time on..

    1. Everquest
    -I played this before they released Moon, and when the sleeper event was still happening, so it was a long time ago. Honestly I was young and did not know a lot about MMOs at the time. I had a necromancer, and while I had fun. I was pretty much a noob the whole way.

    2. Ragnarok Online
    -I got turned onto this game by a friend. I liked the cute anime style graphics and everything. I had a Pvp stalker, and an Mvp High Wizard running around. (on Chaos). WoE is probably one of the best pvp set ups in any game I've played. But, grinding levels took forever, but as far as Korean MMOs go, this one is still the best. I stopped playing sometime before Extended Jobs (like Gunslinger) came out.

    3. Phantasy Star Online
    -Played this for the dreamcast originally. But never got into it. I more recently played around with Blue Burst for a while. But got kind of bored of it. It's fun for a while, but has no real substance to it. It's really all about hunting for rare drops and spamming the same attacks over and over again.

    4. Final Fantasy XI
    -Starting playing around the first month. I had to go out and get a new graphic card to play it and everything. I had just got a new computer and was aching to try it out to. (For some reason the graphics card was intergrated, last time I get anything from dell). To be honest I was blown away at first at how nice the game looked. I played for a good long time, but never really experienced a lot of end game due to my job (thief) and tendencies. I quit and came back several times, but I never really was serious after I quit the first time. (Which was right after ToAU came out)

    5. Rising Force Online
    -This game was a pretty big draw. A lot of people from my linkshell decided to put FFXI on hold for a while to try this out. To be honest, it's a pretty average game that needed a lot of tweaks. I actually think it could of been a great game if they held it off the shelves for another 6 months.

    6. World of Warcraft
    -I made a lot of good friends on FFXI, and one of them finally convinced me to play WoW. I'm not sure if it was the biggest mistake in my life, or a good call. But in the end. I sold my soul to the game. I started playing around the time Nax came out, I got to 60 but never did anything above BWL really. I quit shortly after i killed Illidan. Knowing that 6 hour raiding 5 days a week was not for me, and I was sick of the inbalanced pvp. I have not played WotlK, honestly I'd like to but I don't have that kind of time (or money).

    and Games I've played, but not enough to have a detailed explanation.
    -Everquest 2
    -EVE Online
    -Star Wars Galaxies (Before and After the change)
    -Age of Conan
    -Lord of the Rings Online
    -Maple Story
    -Lineage II
    -Perfect World
    -Ether Saga
    -Gunz The Duel
    -City of Heroes
    -Guild Wars
    -Dungeons and Dragon Online: Stormreach
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