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Why did you leave FFXI?Follow

#152 Jan 17 2010 at 9:18 PM Rating: Decent
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I blew over 2000 beastseals on no drop Peacock/K club runs.

Wow, dude. I did Under Observation once per week for 10 weeks and went 2/10 on Peacock Charm and 4/10 on Ni.
#153 Jan 17 2010 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
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I quit because of almost everything listed in this thread but now I wish that I didn't quit until FFXIV because after playing a good MMO nothing else really compare to indulging into a Live fantasy world.I become bored after a couple of weeks playing regular games maybe I'm playing the wrong games.
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#154 Jan 17 2010 at 11:06 PM Rating: Excellent
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I had a few reasons.
I gotta say first, that I LOVED most of my time in 11.
But As time progressed I realized I had a couple problems that I could never fixed.

#1 Time. When i first started playing I was barely employed and no longer in school so playing for 10-12 hours a day was nothing for me and that seams to be the amount of play required to keep up. I realized at the end of one week I had spent more than 40 hours in Vanadiel and I decided that I shouldn't spend 40 hours doing anything in 1 week unless someone was paying me for it.

#2 As another poster put it, "Sweat vs. Reward". The highest I ever got in any job was 70PUP, I was 50+ in several but I always seamed to plateau in most jobs because I would reach a level where in order to progress in any meaningful fashion I would need some serious gear. Unfortunately all this serious gear was locked away in dangerous places that I needed to put a full party together, spend a few hours traveling 5 levels deep beneath the zone(not counting the few teleports from the ambush aggro from ghosts or gobs or something), wait a few hours for whatever NM we needed to kill to pop, and then lose claim to a team of RMT's nearby. I just no longer had the day and a half to commit to finding a helmet that can only be found 1 every month on firesday, and since I didn't have such gear it was hard to get parties to get into endgame with. Hard to be an awesome Paladin at high level if you don't have pretty armor, no one cares if you're good, as long as your armor is.

#3 Soloing. I like parties, but I also like to go hunt for an item by myself, or go kill a few mobs just for fun. One thing 11 is not is fun to solo. I was always very annoyed with the fact that in 11, the con terms were all doublespeak.
"Too Weak to be Worthwhile" Really means "If it's not a lowbie mob then it'll probably be a fun fight, not a terribly easy but fairly certain victory, but no XP, so only kill it if you need to raid it for parts."
"Decent Challenge" really means "Can you heal yourself, wear heavy armor, and still have your 2hour? If so, then you should be ok."
"Even Match" really means "It's going to kill you, eat you, and laugh about it with it's friends."
"Tough" really means "If your alone, you're just dead, if you have friends then you'll just have to be rezzed after the fight."
"Very Tough" really means "Alone is not an option, just don't even get near it. For Parties though, as long as you have a Tank, Healer, Buffer/Debuffer, Nuker and a little DPS you can beat it with only minimal resting time."
and finally
"Incredibly tough" really means "For solo players, BWaHAHAHAHaHaHAhahe...Impossible. For parties, This is gonna suck, but if you can do it well it'll be lucrative."
Being completely unable to solo, unless I played 1 of 3ish specific jobs, was really annoying to me. Don't give me that "Why play an MMO to solo?" Crap either. I mostly solo, but am also very active in my LS or equivalent depending on the game. And while I'm soloing and chatting away with my LS, when an LS mate says "Hey we need a tank for this mish we're about to run." I say, "Hey I'll go." thus getting in my necessary quota of party time.

Those we're my Primary reasons for leaving 11. I'm still happy with the years I spent in game, and still feel nostalgic when I see my friends running through Bastok, I'm just done with it. But I'm also a Final Fantasy Addict so I'll get 14 and maybe even play it with the same joy I felt my first day in town square seeing Sharky for the first time.
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#155 Jan 19 2010 at 8:47 PM Rating: Good
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I still love the game but like breaking up with ur gf its too painfully to get back together and when ask dun remember why. So after thinking really hard finally remember a few.

1. WotG
Another expansion, $$$ again and i haven't even have time to finish ToAU

2. Time
Like everyone, i grown up. Work + part-time study and thoughts of the future made me too depress to play.

3. Empty LS
I was in a social LS and during most of the prime time; everyone switch to their sky,sea,HNM or dynamis LS

4. BLM
I like to play different roles and over the years have leveled, a BLM75(magic), SAM75(dd), PLD75(tank) and RDM75(support) guess wat ALL the events ask me to be *hint see #4*... and i love my SAM btw.

5. Leadership
This might sound pathetic, but i was push to be a leader to orginaze stuff... On top of the 2,3,4 i hate responabilites to other, too stress.

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#156 Feb 12 2010 at 10:16 PM Rating: Decent
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1. I played Both a Dragoon and a monk up to lvl 40 then wasnt able to get any higher because of people who wouldn't even begin to think of inviting certain classes, even though I outdamaged DRKs daily XD

2. I prefer to solo and I didnt like being pigeon holed into partying
I was arguing with myself over wheather or not I was confused... Wasn't sure
#157 Feb 13 2010 at 2:26 PM Rating: Default
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I left because my account got Hacked twice last year,

I couldn't take it anymore. FFXI to me had reached its peak, and I was done with the game, knowing that there was nothing more that could be done to save the game from becoming more and more of a piece of poo of an MMO.

I Laughed Out Loud to these two, [Please forgive me]
The irony of this blog, "Why did you leave FFXI?", but all its making me do is miss this game, rather than justifying my departure. I loved that game =D

I miss the game, too, but you have to keep in mind its just not the same game anymore. It's a shell of what it used to be. If you go back, you'll enjoy it for a little bit, checking out all your old favorite places which bring back great memories, but you'll realize those zones are dead, you already know the game in and out, everything's still set-in-stone, and its just not worth it. Play again and I'll bet the maximum you'll play is 2 months before you quit in frustration and curse SE.

This, is what my friend once put as "ffxi is serious crack"
The point is that yes you might get bored in a month "curse SE" but why, because you went back in the first place, and stil might go back again, which is whats so great about the game. Cause you love it but you want to see it improve and it sucks but you still love it :P

PS: Your Wonder Clomps and Fang Necklace at DRG75 are utter dogsh*t terrible. You've had an entire month and made no improvements in your gear.

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#158 Feb 14 2010 at 3:56 AM Rating: Default
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personally i hardly play anymore simply cause of boredom, empty ls shells, and the gimpness that has happen over the yrs.
#159 Feb 14 2010 at 8:55 PM Rating: Good
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I had began to drift away since the dissolving of my LS. After a year of barely playing I tried to jump back in at full speed only to find that the community had become much tighter and much more elitist than I had hoped for. I was so far behind in missions, and so far behind in unlocking certain EXP areas that no one could be bothered to help me catch up to speed. I didn't have {sea} unlocked and therefore was treated like a leper. The only thing keeping me hanging on was the new level-sync system (which I hope makes a comeback in some shape or form in FFXIV). At the same time I was making a new home in WoW and enjoyed the latest expansion pack so much that I decided there was no need to throw my money away for FFXI.

But to this day I miss the game-play, landscapes, the battles, the music, the crafting, the avatars, the skillchains, the atmosphere and the teamwork.

I just hope that when I come back to FFXIV that I don't find myself surrounded by players with 3rd party DPS recount mods giving me the evil eye for not putting out the same numbers as them.

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#160 Feb 14 2010 at 10:11 PM Rating: Good
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I left 8 months or so after NA release because I ran out of things to do. My static and I were one of the first NA groups to hit level cap. After that I bummed around, worked on crafting, and leveled a bunch of other jobs for a while, but eventually left what I felt had become nothing more than a glorified chat room.

I tried coming back about a year ago, but SE had deleted my account for inactivity, and they were unable to restore it.

Surprisingly, most of my friends from my static and LS were still around, and I got a lot of help in the way of powerleveling and gil.

Sadly, I just couldn't get back into the game. Everything worked differently. Everyone leveled in different places, group comps were completely different, etc, and I was just so far behind that I felt it would be impossible for me to catch up with my current real life commitments.

I'm really hoping to get in at the beginning of FFXIV like I did for the NA release of FFXI, but this time around, if I like the game at all, I'm not going to give it up so easily. I'll stick it out, even if I run out of things to do, and wait for expansions.
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#161 Feb 15 2010 at 4:54 AM Rating: Good
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I became a lead in an endgame LS. As time went on, other leaders retired from the shell, stepped down fro leadership, or quit FFXI, which meant I moved up in the ranks. An eventual lack of leaders tied in with some other poorly timed occurrences had me picking up some of the slack that none of the other leaders wanted to do. In the end, I was managing attendance, managing the roster spreadsheet, recording drops, recording people's lots and winnings... I was doing a ******* of work and just got burned out. I asked for weeks for other leaders to help me by taking some of it off of my plate, I tried to recruit a new leader to assist with it; on and off I'd get someone helping me, but I was still carrying more weight than I could manage before I started to not want to log on any more except on event days. Then I started making up excuses to not log on for events so that I didn't have to deal with it, and I'd catch up on my spreadsheets and forum recordings later. "Later" became days later, a week later, two weeks later... at one point I was backlogged a month's worth of events and couldn't take it. I started to fill it all in and just.... didn't feel like logging on any more. I forwarded on what work I had done, apologized, and deleted my content IDs.

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#162 Feb 19 2010 at 4:10 AM Rating: Good
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I left in June 2009 when news of FFXIV was released. I was in FFXI for a little over 5 years. I'm not sure if it can be considered leaving as I left the subscriptions for both my accounts running even till this day. I just do not have the time, energy, interest or motivation to logon.

There were like 20+ people in our LS and all of us happen to be real-life friends as well. So, why did my wife, myself and 99% of my LS quit at the same time? Truth is, most of us needed a break and news of FFXIV in development was the catalyst. We decided we wouldn't want to spend the next one year grinding for in-game items when come one year later when FFXIV is released, these items in FFXI would not mean a thing (we have more or less decided to hop over to FFXIV, on the assumption that it will be a more casual oriented game).

None of us left because we had issues with SE or FFXI or the likes. FFXI was a really nice game and it was really good while it lasted. However, as the majority of those in our LS belongs to the 28-35 age group, we wanted to focus more on our real-life after putting it on the back seat for the last 4 to 5 years that we have been on FFXI.

Mon (Dynamis), Tue (Nyzul Isle or other static PT BCNMs / Missions), Wed (Limbus), Thu (Salvage), Fri (Dynamis), Sat (Noon: Sky, ZNMs; Late Night: Not-too-regular LS-scale BCNMs and Events), Sun (Salvage) had taken their toll. All of us had frequently dropped of our unfinished real-life work to rush home or skipped real-life events, dates, family / friends gathering all too often for the End-game in FFXI.

Currently, my wife and myself are playing WoW since we left FFXI. The only people we know in the server that we are playing is each other. We have not (and will not) join any Guilds. Nor do we have any desire to participate in any End-game in WoW. We just do our crafting and do some casual leveling if we find the time. She has her Level 80 Druid and I have my Level 80 Druid and Priest. We just started leveling our Death Knights a few days back out of boredom. While the life in WoW is not as eventful, exciting or rewarding when compared to our days in FFXI, both of us prefers the slower pace of life for a change and are hoping that FFXIV will be a more casual player oriented MMO like WoW.


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#163 Feb 19 2010 at 2:44 PM Rating: Decent
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I left because my credit card expiration date changed, and PlayOnline wouldn't let me update it since my bank doesn't support SecureCode or Verified by Visa.
The same card I've used since NA PC release lol.

So yeah...they didn't want my money anymore.
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#164 Feb 19 2010 at 3:15 PM Rating: Decent
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I played it for years never really having a problem with just how punishing it could be, then one day I realised that it felt more like a second job than a game.

SE nerfed many of the easy farming item to stop RMT and it was the straw that broke the camals back as I already found it extremely hard to make money.

I do go back every now and again but never stay for long, can't seem to get back into it, plus the game has become very different since ToAU (what with blackmages becoming lepers), kind of hate the whole ToAU area tbh.

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#165 Mar 20 2010 at 2:38 PM Rating: Default
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I only played FF XI for the first year and a half after its release and was pleased with the game as far as its content and ability to become a great game... at first. But as i got further along I realized that even with all the good FF XI had there was too many major flaws, all of which many of you have posted as your reasons for leaving (severely limited solo play, extreme time investments, too much of a "grind" factor and "repetitive" factor, etc... etc... ect...). Then again so more die hard fans of the game had a different experience, though they didn't mind these factors as much as the people who jumped ship however early or late in the game they made it. So instead of just listing what everyone else has said I'll just put in my two cents of how i felt about the game as in relation to itself and to other MMOs and how I feel and hope FF XIV will be in regards to its predecessor and other MMOs. (As a side note sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors you may run across half asleep but don't want to sleep just yet :P)

I only made it to LV 45 on my pld/war so I wont have much to say about end game content, that being said on with the show. FF XI for lack of a better phrase was the game that could have been, and for many it was at least for a while, but in the over all reality it just didn't cut it. The game had massive potential as far as the expansiveness and detail of the world an job/sub job systems are concerned as they were unique in their own ways branching off from the past of EQ (Everquest) and UO (Ultima Online) and creating a more open feel to it, i.e no need for many characters and the world was so large it literally took hours to travel from location to location if you didn't take the airship. For its time the graphics were excellent and the content vast and with square-enix at its front you were sure they could muster up even more grandeur in the games story line than any other MMOs, but this was all just face value. The expansiveness of the world was let down with the inability not only to access it in a more timely matter but to explore it to its full potential without having to find groups or risk death and exp penalties and sure it might have been fun for some to venture off and lose exp but not all were so avid of explorers. This though its not that bad and can easily be remedied with a better travel system and more soloablity (but not to an extreme).

The Job / sub job and the ability to switch them and level them separately was a great idea but left no room for character personalization and inevitably lead to the same problem WoW ended up having which is set "roles" and set "ideas" of how to play and if you weren't in these roles you didn't get a group or had a hard time doing so unless you had a good LS or friends. Yes customization will make it harder for the not so idea minded person but it leave more room for diversity and more room for players to maximize their potential without just having to grind gear, and you could still have your ranger/thief build if you wanted or you could tweak it up some and make it something new experiment, have fun. That being said even without such extreme customization FF XI took a large leap in the right direction with the job/ sub job system, sadly though the combat system was lacking.

At first the combat system of FF XI was new and fresh not like any MMO I ever played so i embraced it but came to realize that it was very very very linear, strait forward, and repetitive, and only required minimal user ability just good timing, as one mentioned before besides the skill chains there was not much to it and all you really needed for SCs were a few good macros and there nothing in fact a few macros and you could do everything from healing to tanking to dpsing and all it was was a long slow macro grind till the target was dead and if you didn't have macros the only difference was having to time your skills. Don't get me wrong a lot of MMOs have a very drull system after a while,for example WoW's is fast paced and gives you more you have to react to but in the end its all just a matter of knowing a "rotation", again advanced character customization will remedy this at least somewhat as you will be able to continually redevelop strategies and integrate your personal play style into it where as no two players will have the same strategy (ideally, but there will be copy cats) and every role you try will have its only unique way of play making it even less repetitive and giving it more of a learning curve. Besides the battles being mundane they were slow and not just slow but sloooowwww. FF XI was unique but it drug on and on as far as combat went, i would like to see a bit faster passed system that involves more reflexive actions then practicing a certain timing, not quite as fast paced as WoWs but faster paced none the less. Which brings me to getting a group for this combat some had an easier time than others for various reasons but either way over all this was a problem.

Groups in FF XI simply had the potential to take many hours to form even if you were making it yourself even in the earlier days, some days sure you could get a group quick others you might as well go to the store and take a lunch and pray you had a group when you got back,but this is not entirely SE's fault, it had a lot to do with the online community which not to offend anyone become really elitist really quickly and if you weren't that job/subjob combo or didnt have gear you were SOL, this though was SE's fault, and i don't blame them for trying to make a challenging in-depth game, but they took it from challenging ones skill to challenging ones ability to endure long and tedious "work"
and i don't mean work as in you have to put in effort or "work" on your skills kind of work, i mean work like its a job work, though some didn't mind putting in that time and "effort" other simply did not have the time nor would they ever have the time, and you could argue they should play something else but why cant FF be the game we all can play and enjoy whether we have massive amounts of free time or an hour here or there (I know this statement alone can be drug into a long fist to cuff fight but iam leaving it as is simply a matter of trying to find a balance in the MMO world).That being said I would like to see a more Solo friendly environment in FF XIV without the loss of the great group qualities of FF XI yes a hard balance to find but it can be done, should you be able to solo to end game sure, should it take significantly longer than grouping, id say it should take more skill and effort to do it solo but not be impossible and not impose on the fun level, and hands down at least 90% of end game has to be group oriented period with a slight solo aspect, such as end game missions, pvp, quests, and maybe small player instances where the rewards can only be used to help obtain the ability to do end game story but should not just be a simple hand out. I still want the game to maintain the challenges of FFXI but to have them avalible to a wider base including the solo crowd. Of course it would be more complicated than i describe but is plausible. Now on to the grind.

FFXI like many MMOs is at fault for being a grind game, which to many extents is unavoidable but can be offset with more fun and clever ways to deal with "the grind" and ways to portion out "the grind" to be less tedious. Much of this though will require an active online community willing to help its peers and help the developers. Player oriented crafting is one idea, where players are given the tools but can path their crafting how they want, a bit of a jump but its just an idea (of course this will all be within reason and have restraints as not be be exploited". Additionally the community will have to do its part to minimize gil selling to avoid heavy economic inflation, don't buy gil and discourage your LS and friends from doing so and support SE in all their attempts to desist such behavior. Make the grind a little easier but don't give stuff away, for example create more ways to earn mats/ gear besides gold/ mat farming off mobs and nodes, add quests or events that can help you work toward those things but not just give them out, more variety will make the grind less repetitive etc.. these are just simple suggestions and I am sure many of you have better and if we all work as a community FF XIV will be great.

FF XI is a good game with some bad problems depending on who you ask but even so if we take all these opinions I am sure we can find a happy median and end up having a great game. If FF XI wasn't such the grind I go bad but sadly thats not the case so I hope the future holds a brighter game and more vibrant community.

PS. Sorry if this post was just seemingly a ramble of a bored man, it is not my intention to defame or slander SE or anyone who played this great game only simply to express myself. Also iam sorry if some of it was unclear kinda just jotted it down as it came to me and as the memories came back. Thanks for reading my more than likely dull post and best of luck to all of you in your future gaming.
#166 Mar 21 2010 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
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I quit because I was addicted. I went to the gym less, read less, didn't go out with my friends as much(saved me money though). For all the faults I really enjoyed the game and the people I met I really miss talking to every night. I look forward to playing XIV but have to remember to balance my time between the other interests I enjoy.
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#167 Mar 21 2010 at 2:50 PM Rating: Decent
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I guess I quit my first character because the way that my end game linkshell was structured, It made things feel too much like work. I am choosing my words carefully because I do love the FFXI endgame content, just not the way we went about it. We camped the 3 kings daily, in addition, cerb, khima, tia, and to make things worse my LS leader felt that every moment in between those camps should be devoted to farming sea trigs. I chose to stay with them and let it burn me out because those were the people that I grew as a character with, the ls contained almost all of my friends=)

A year after I had quit, I came back to the game and made crafting my focus, something that I always had regrets for not doing the first time around. This was great fun for 6 months or so, but I ended up quitting again in January because with server population struggling badly, crafting for profit was very hard for me. In that time I took leather to 85 or so, cooking to 90ish(on my taru mule), and most other crafts aside from fishing to about 40-50. I spent more time farming for materials or gil than actually crafting because of extremely slow auction sales and low stock of materials on auction. It was still fun, I love FFXI and will always have fond memories of it.
#168 Mar 23 2010 at 1:30 PM Rating: Good
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I quit about, oh, half a year or so after Aht Urhgan came out if I remember correctly. Basically, the thrill was gone for me. Finally came to the point where I asked myself "well, why the **** am I still paying for the game?".

I'm not really sure if I was addicted (maybe at one point), because my playtime dwindled until I didn't log in for long periods of time and when I did log in, I basically really struggled to find something fun to do and often I'd end up logging out after 10 minutes again.
I remember that I was so tired with how seriously people seemed to take the game, I just couldn't relate to it anymore.

So I don't think it was much to do with the game itself. I just think I seriously burned out on it (which seems logical after playing for so long) and also getting tired of the mentality of a lot of the people who were playing.

Sometimes, I've found myself missing the world of Vana'Diel itself and have been tempted to check it out again. However, as soon as I think of how I felt about the game during that last period, it's like... Oooh no.

#169 Mar 25 2010 at 4:11 PM Rating: Decent
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I left because I had very few jobs left I was interested in (Ninja, Beastmaster, Bard, Samurai, Ranger, Thief were all 75.) and had a lot of friends trying to coerce me into playing WoW with them. I'm glad I made the transition, it opened my eyes to just how ****** Enix had been to the community all those years in terms of content and playerbase input.

I understand they can't listen to EVERY player request like it seems that WoW does, because of the whole "Rock is fine. Nerf scissors. -Paper" syndrome, but they made it a point to not listen to people it seemed, which was frustrating.

Additionally, there was very little class balance. "What? You wanted to play a class that you enjoy? TOO ******* BAD, WE DON'T ALLOW BEASTMASTERS IN THIS LINKSHELL. GO LEVEL A USEFUL JOB SO YOU CAN NEVER PLAY THE ONE YOU ENJOY." Absolutely ridiculous.
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