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FFXIV - A clash of communitiesFollow

#102 Jun 19 2009 at 3:58 AM Rating: Good
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CalArvian wrote:

But I'm not sure that making FFXI "easier" is a bad thing. In all honestly like I said FFXI made somethings needlessly difficult to acomplish (like bad drop rates for QUEST items) and lack of an alternate leveling/playing option. Honestly in WoW Nax was probably the pinacle of difficulty, most players never even saw it before BC came out.

It's not necessarily difficulty that I'm talking about, but design complexity being dumbed down. Look at FFXI's crafting system. You have the moon phase, elemental days, level tests, recipe hunting, the direction you're facing (arguably), your current skill in said craft, your subskills should the recipe require it, different kinds of crystals, and THEN the ingredients for whatever synth you're making. All of these are factors in FFXI crafting, and even then your synth might break. It's not perfect, and could use some more refinement, but this is a wonderful level of complexity in only a single aspect of an MMO.

When you look at more casual games, such as WoW, crafting is easy. Easy to the point of being mind-numbingly boring. You buy recipes from craft npcs. You get the ingredients. You make it. There are no factors. There's nothing at all.

This can be pretty much applied to any aspect of the game. To WoW's credit, being so incredibly easy and simple allows it to appeal to a very, very wide audience. Kudos to them.

But when I maxed professions with little to no effort at all, I realized how boringly simple it was for more seasoned players. I am hoping that while SE removes some unnecessary timesinks and stupidity that may have plagued XI, that they continue XIV in the same spirit as its predecessor.
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#103 Jun 19 2009 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
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This thread does nothing but help the divide.

I really do not care where FFXIV players come from. How it all turns out we will not know until FFXIV is released. As far as communities, I have never met any player younger than high school aged in FFXI, I have met players as young as elementary school aged in WoW.

The communities are clearly different but I do not think that will effect FFXIV. How ignorant will it be if we have arguments about FFXI and WoW in an entirely different game?

I do not understand why people take someones opinion of any game so seriously though... People act like someone bit the head off a kitten when someone says something bad about either game. **** people straight out lie to make each game sound better... Sad.
#104 Jul 02 2009 at 9:28 AM Rating: Good
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Next time you see a Bard playing a flute or harp, get a close-up view of its fingers. Now that's detailed animation. Not like hands made of just two ugly polygons in most MMO out there.
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