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Gametrailers gave FF14 the most disappointing awardFollow

#52 Jun 17 2009 at 10:24 PM Rating: Decent
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There are way better videogame information sites than GT.

Really...? These days I only trust gamer blog's reviews, at least those guys haven't been paid to give a good score (although they can be biased too)
We really want to compete against World of Warcraft and for example the new Star Wars MMO.

#53 Jun 17 2009 at 10:37 PM Rating: Good
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Not very nice of them or professional to disqualify a game that could potentially be so awesome.

You've got a super-professional, high quality team making an MMORPG that's learned from their previous game (that was a highly professional affair, and well tuned to the types of players it was aimed at) and is taking notes from other successful games. Give it a chance, jesus.

Gametrailers suck, they are a bunch of crybabies. There are way better videogame information sites than GT.

I am regularly appalled by the commenters on GT. There's so much "THIS CARTOON GAME LOOKS TEH ***" "PLAY A REAL SYSTEM CASUALTARDS" that I seriously think there's an age limit on joining; must be 13 or under. I've just stopped scrolling down after watching those **** videos.

In any case, I'll chime in that I was similarly actually disappointed in the trailer/etc. Mainly because I was actually looking forward ecstatically to it,(knowing that they would unveil Rapture at E3) but all we got was a shiny trailer that looked a lot like FFXI. Not a smidge of gameplay, or a small demonstration of the kinds of characters we'll be able to play. Not even just showing off some locales in the game; it was cinema, cinema, and then next-gen FFXI on a boat.

Considering they've been working on the game for a while, and we've known for a while still that this would be "the big reveal"... Where's the info, guys?

In any case, I'm still psyched for FFXIV. But I was rather bewildered following all that.
The Other Castle
#54 Jun 18 2009 at 12:08 AM Rating: Good
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No offense, but the same people disappointed by the 'Online' aren't people I wanted to play anyway.

In a way this is wonderful. It means XIV won't be so mainstream that it's pigeonholed into catering for everyone like WoW is.

Or so I hope.
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#55 Jun 18 2009 at 12:15 AM Rating: Good
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The Media is Stupid, Bias, and usually has wrong opinions?! NO WAY!

I am so proud, to play a game, that has a very healthy and strong 500,000 or so subscribers. People will play what the media tells them to play, and the media will tell them to play western MMO's because you are -would you believe it?- In a western country. The video game industry makes more than the movie industry now, you think they don't have under the table deals going on with the media to publicize the "right" things and give bad reviews to "certain things"? I've lived around the Hollywood and Media Crowd my entire life, I can absolutely guarantee that's where the bad reviews and lack of publicity comes from.

As far as people being shallow? Give me a break. We all know MOST people in this world anymore lack depth, they're lucky to have one eye and half sense. ****, most people don't even like RPG's to begin with anymore, they simply like Rock-Um' Sock-Um' games and FPS games, without giving a RPG that takes some time the chance. Why do you guys think that PRIME TIME programming on our nations top TV stations is nothing but complete garbage? Heck, if I play a MMO with a dedicated million or two people, I am HONORED. Because I know it's keeping all the idiots out, and that a good majority of all the people who are intellectual enough to give something decent a shot are there with me.

The Media is Bias and being Controlled, and the Majority of the human population is pretty shallow. This isn't news, it's sadly just facts of life.

Also, one last thing. Most of the games lolg4 has given good reviews ended up being complete crap, and most of the games they gave bad reviews ended up being pretty interesting. Same can be said for IGN. They are like weather forecasters, just take what they say, and reverse it to find the correct answer 90% of the time.
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#56 Jun 18 2009 at 12:24 AM Rating: Default
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Not a smidge of gameplay

Actually, the fighting on the boat WAS gameplay.
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#57 Jun 18 2009 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
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The One and Only Deadgye wrote:

Meh, the story drove me in XI as much as it did in X and VIII and etc.

Yea, that's why I said "single player, story driven" and not just "story driven."

Edited, Jun 18th 2009 5:22am by KarlHungis
#58 Jun 18 2009 at 2:17 AM Rating: Good
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Well, it was in-game; A.I. that clip was from inside something approximating the actual game engine and what we can expect it to look like running, graphically speaking. But it wasn't anybody playing the game/the game actually being played...

Basically like the cut-scenes in FFXI that are in-game cutscenes, which is different from actual gameplay (When you are actually controlling the game actively).
The Other Castle
#59 Jun 18 2009 at 3:32 AM Rating: Decent
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I think with people getting their knickers in a twist over FFXI or XIV having a number, they should realise how silly it looks getting upset over a roman numeral. I'm pretty sure it merely indicates a new or different world to the last in the series. Plus you've got like X-2, the whole III / VI mixup and accompanying missing titles, Re-releases of a few, a whole bunch of spinoffs, not to mention FF Tactics. Oh and Crystal Chronicles, at which point you start to argue over what counts as a 'true' final fantasy and anyone with a modicum of sense stops cradling their epeen and plays some games instead.
#60 Jun 18 2009 at 3:52 AM Rating: Decent
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Really...? These days I only trust gamer blog's reviews, at least those guys haven't been paid to give a good score (although they can be biased too)

If you want reviews I recommend rpgamer, they are good, and I think they've been around since 1996.

But I agree with what you guys are saying, the media is corrupted, and not only the American media, the European media is corrupted too. At the end of the day what really matters is that you like what you are playing and having fun.
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#61 Jun 18 2009 at 5:50 AM Rating: Good
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Well I think what GT just said was pretty much pathetic.
It's almost like saying "Halo 3 will fail because it has online multiplayer" (as if anyone actually cares about campaign.)

I won't lie, I agree that it was all about Sony's Epeen at the time, not that I blame SE for this, but the number of times they mis-used exclusive and how that fat idiot pretends that he actually gives a ****.

Online is the future, FFXI didn't quite cut it for most fans at the time because it was a new and expensive thing.

We've evolved since and almost EVERY game has an online capability, the only way this could work in a FF game is as a MMO.
#62 Jun 24 2009 at 4:27 PM Rating: Default
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My personal take on the disqualification on this game as being a "real" FF and being a huge disappointment at it being "online only" are because, well let's start with the last bit. Most gamers, casual and hardcore can't justify the monthly fee. I'm one of them, with XI being my exception (I can't even justify XBox Gold, simply to play with asshats I don't care about via the internet). That's an extra $13 a month for XI if you don't have any mules, which you're going to 'have' to. I'm up to $20 a month for a $40 game (back when I got into XI, +$30 for WotG, even more so for you PS2 / PC players who've had to buy Zilart, CoP and ToAU individually w/ release date prices vs "every FFXI game for $20!" these days). Sure, with a $20 game, the extra $12 may not be bad, but as I said, the majority of us paid more than $20 for the games and more than $12 a mo. for our services.

So there's the price for starters and second, there's the quality of MMO players, especially those I run into on XI. They don't play for the story, they play for the levels. These guys are the ones who log on after school or work, level for an hour or two then log off. All they care about is getting the gear that makes them identical to everyone else in their profession (an army of O.Hats and S.Harnesses. Ugh). These guys rarely play for the story and if they do, they don't play because they care about Bahamut rising from the ocean and what it means, they do it for the ring. They don't care about the Dukes of Jeuno, they want an earring and have to sit through the missions spamming the CS to get 'em. Honestly though, you can't compare FFXI to the four disks of story that VIII for example had. I mean, the only story line you have is one of the three nations you joined. Go through to R10 Sandy and boom. Story's over. Either switch to another nation and go from 1-10 again or call it done. But XI has an advantage over the other Final Fantasy games (aside X), and that's the fact that the game continues to grow. You became a top agent in your nation of choice, great. But now you've been asked to find out about the Zilart and go through another sixteen missions, going to new lands, wearing new equipment taking on new adventures. Then, the Zilart and Kuluu involve you in another grand story, taking up 8 real mean chapters.

Sky, Sea, Dream, the Past, crossing the ocean to the middle east. If you're after story, XI is a great resource, matching and surpassing many of it's predecessors, the only hitch is that you don't control you and 3 friends, you've got to depend on others, "joining hands" to take on these tasks.

Maybe these complaining gamers who don't consider XI/XIV 'true' Final Fantasies fall under the negative stereotype of being afraid of people / too socially awkward to make friends in even a fantasy setting. But then again, with all the, "You can't party with us if you don't have Amamet +1 & Haub" and "We only invite RDM for Haste, Refresh and Cure, stay back there and don't add to the mob's tp" I can't say I really blame them. ;p All in all, it's their loss, yeah? It's just a ****** that because of their ignorance, we're told, "lol, you play a fake FF game".
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