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#1 Jun 18 2009 at 6:58 PM Rating: Excellent
This topic is about monster and how will they be around in FFXIV. The real focus is on NMs. We all know them. I mean Leaping Lizzy and her Boots, that Rabbit that never dropped that item he drops.... King Artho and his belt of brokenness. Among others....

The thing is... do we still want NMs/HNMs in FFXIV or are they simply a way to let gil sellers thrive and bring back the elitist attitude that was brought upon in FFXI. I know that NMs were a whole aspect of the game in XI. But to be fair and honest, a lot of the exclusive items were way too exclusive, I know they made BCNMS and KSNMS but those were often class biased among other things. I'm not saying NMs need to be done away with.. but I feel something has to change. It might be shorter spawn times, or something like 100% drops. Whatever the case I still feel like something at level 7 should not last until 72.

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#2 Jun 18 2009 at 7:15 PM Rating: Good
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I'm hoping with the no xp system comes a lot of itemization changes, which will change the way we look at monsters and special loot. But I agree -- an item at level 7 shouldn't last that long (or you shouldn't be able to get/wear it as a level 7).
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#3 Jun 18 2009 at 7:27 PM Rating: Decent
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Personally, I loved hunting down NM's. I think SE got it right in FFXII, where you signed up at the shop to hunt down a NM. If said NM had a drop, then it dropped it %100 of the time. There was also a backstory, which told you why the NM or NM's were Notorious. IMO, SE sort of fixed the NM problem in XI by making the RMT items exclusive, or rare/exclusive. The droprates do need to increase. Argus was a punk. Took me six straight months of camping/killing him to get my Peacock Amulet, without a THF to help. If all NM's had a droprate of %100, I would have only spent a month camping him. By the way, I'm 1/13 Peacock Amulet. I'm 1/1 on Speed Belt (from Ksnm) and 1/6 on Kraken Club (Bcnm).
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#4 Jun 18 2009 at 7:33 PM Rating: Decent
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I really enjoyed NMs too, though I wish that there were more alternatives. For example, what if there were other NMs, in other areas, that dropped items similar to Leaping Liz. It would provide more opportunity and hopefully reduce tensions.

Then again, tension will always be there as long as people expect the best gear out of everyone else.
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#5 Jun 19 2009 at 6:51 PM Rating: Good
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I had this idea a long time ago concerning ordinary NMs in FFXI - the type that spawn normally in zones. Though, it could also be used for HNMs, and other types of NMs, I suppose.

What if . . . there was a "hunting guild" of sorts. You had to get a license or some-such from the guild to go "hunting," maybe it's quested or something. Once you obtained a license, you were only allowed to hunt NMs that you "sign up" for, and only for a certain amount of time - say 3 days and it expires (you then have to sign up for it again). You could only sign up for x-amount of NMs at one time, but maybe that number goes up as you do more hunts, etc. Maybe like the more "hunter guild points" you get, them more NMs you are allowed to sign up for. Other people could also hunt the same NM simultaneously, but only if they signed up for it also. If you come across a NM in the wild, and you don't have a "license to hunt" or have not signed up for that particular NM, you can't attack it until you have signed up for it, etc. As well, you can form parties with friends, etc., to hunt and fight the NM if everyone in the party has a license, and has signed up for that NM.

I don't know why I came up with this idea, but I did - a long time ago. I think it had something to do with balancing out spawn campers or RMT, can't remember.

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#6 Jun 19 2009 at 7:04 PM Rating: Good
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If NMs are popped by quest or by farmable items, I'm all for them however they end up being.

If they are lottery spawn between 6-24 hours with no way of getting ToD without using 3rd party tools or being there 24/7, or pop once every 21-24 hours with the HQ version popping once every 3rd or 4th pop.. With a < 10% drop on anything worth the effort, It'll be just like now. I just will not bother with them. My limit on these is Ose and Charybdis.
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#7 Jun 19 2009 at 7:07 PM Rating: Decent
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Two words:

Force spawn.

That'll fix all the problems.
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#8 Jun 19 2009 at 7:36 PM Rating: Decent
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I like how they have it in FFXI.

Though, I'd like to see NM's being used as part of a bigger overall scheme than just some nice item.

I'd like to see a bestiary sort of function, which involves filling up all of the entries, and upon completing it, and reaching certain milestones, receiving something of value.

I'd also like most NM's to not drop anything of real value, and if they do, for them to be 100% drops, and perhaps Rare/Ex or something similar.

It'd be more interesting, to me, to see people work together and help each other find rare monsters, to complete a common goal.
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#9 Jun 19 2009 at 8:00 PM Rating: Good
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Honestly, I hope these HNMs are much more difficult. I guess I'm kind of the only one who loves challenge. I personally think HNMs should minimum require 10 people and each require some certain strategy. Nothing like absolute virtue but maybe a unique strategy besides kiting.
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#10 Jun 19 2009 at 8:04 PM Rating: Excellent
Actually while I feel the random spawn time and other factors like that were problems, I think the bigger one was how long the items lasted. I mean Peacock charm, leaping boots, Speed belt, were all useful for a very long time. (If i recall speed belt was easily over 100M on my server during the RMT high). I have no problems with an item being better, or useful for maybe 10 "levels" or whatever, but the problem was they were more like "Items you need to be good" in FFXI.

But the problem is balance. Even if theres a smaller spawn window, and more chances to grab an item, if you can "out level" the item fairly quickly no one is really going to care. I really like that hunter idea, but that might cause problems if like linkshells wanted to hunt certain creatures or other things spontaneously, it might lead to a lot of dissapointment. But I like the idea of a sort of hunting guild still...

also, forced spawns sort of takes the excitement and heart poundingness out of it. Something I liked in NM hunting. The problem was the total anticlimatic letdown when nothing dropped.

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#11 Jun 19 2009 at 8:16 PM Rating: Good
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I think that there should be only 3 types of pop conditions for NMs:

1)Aggro Pop-- This should completely replace maybe 90% of the NM spawns in the game. Kill enough of the lesser mobs (perhaps only counts if you gain xp/ap/whatever) that the big daddy version comes out. JeJ comes out after killing 100 or so rabbits. (all numbers are made up and are not what i think is fair)

2)Force Pop-- Get certain item (NOT from random drop for the love of god) and force NM to appear. Make some of the items either craftable or questable. Nancy wants xxx flint stones to light stove, makes soup, gives soup to player, mentions that father loves that soup despite having it stolen at the beach by some crab. . . etc. If you MUST have force pop nms from rare and/or hard to claim mobs, keep the number as low as possible.

3)Condition Pop-- I kind of like the idea that a certain mob has to 'evolve' into the NM version, or only shows up during weather effects. Just don't make it like 10 hours that a monster must not be touched then a rainstorm must happen within 15 minutes or else timer resets. Be reasonable.

Kotisu wrote:
What if . . . there was a "hunting guild" of sorts. You had to get a license or some-such from the guild to go "hunting," maybe it's quested or something. Once you obtained a license, you were only allowed to hunt NMs that you "sign up" for, and only for a certain amount of time - say 3 days and it expires (you then have to sign up for it again). You could only sign up for x-amount of NMs at one time, but maybe that number goes up as you do more hunts, etc. Maybe like the more "hunter guild points" you get, them more NMs you are allowed to sign up for. Other people could also hunt the same NM simultaneously, but only if they signed up for it also. If you come across a NM in the wild, and you don't have a "license to hunt" or have not signed up for that particular NM, you can't attack it until you have signed up for it, etc. As well, you can form parties with friends, etc., to hunt and fight the NM if everyone in the party has a license, and has signed up for that NM.

I like this. I like it a lot. So instead of a lizard dropping boots of awesomeness it drops a rare hide that the guild turns into boots of awesomeness.
But lotto pops and 21-24 hour windows have GOT TO GO!
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#12 Jun 19 2009 at 10:12 PM Rating: Good
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My vote is for an instanced BCNM style NM system that anyone can do if they meet the requirements. Away with lottery pops. I am really sick of leaving my PC on for 24 hours to learn a ToD and I still am plagued with horrible nightterrors regarding my experiences with botters back in the day before everything good went Rare/Ex. The Argus camp used to look like a Argentinean key shaking protest.

Open field NMs that can be soloed had the following problems:

- There is no story behind open field lottery pop NMs. They just appear. Other than poorly written and often inaccurate Googled ancient history lessons authored by teenagers appearing on Wiki's about a NM's name, you have no idea why they are there or what their relation is with the surrounding world. They just have funny names and drop cool stuff. BCNMs allow a story driven encounter that can be just as challenging but the environment and story can be controlled quite easily. Now I do admit that when you FINALLY claim something, there is that unmistakable adrenaline rush that runs through you veins. While you are easily dispatching the NM all that goes through your mind is, "Please drop!". That is exactly the problem. Its all about the item and not the actual NM. You can get great gear and also be enthralled about the NM's defeat in a story sense as well, no?

- Open field NMs tend to be poorly itemized based on their difficulty and solo'bility. If you are Level 7 and need a pair of amazing boots, there's no way in **** you are going to take down Lizzy yourself. Yes, you can ask for some help or be one of those few players that posts a "Soloed" story on this very forum about how you beat XYZ NM under miraculous odds and with the aid of potion+3's. However, shouldn't the NM experience be about being challenged while actively progressing with your gear at the same time? Camping a level 15 NM with your 75 THF doesn't accomplish that. The current NM system is much akin to crafting, the effort and difficulty outweighs the reward when you actually could use the item to progress further. How many times have you said to yourself, "I could have leveled to X level in the time it took to camp this!"?

- BCNMs initially were Mission driven but then the mechanic was used to counter-act RMT. It was thought that RMT would have difficulty farming Beastman Seals in a rate that actually worked for them. This is not to mention the requirements for B-seals and that for some of the higher selling items, you tend to need a decently well gear PT that is not controlled by a single person in order for it to provide a suitable return on investment. The system evolved of course and now you have plenty of things that use the instanced experience to progress not only a storyline but challenge an individual or a party as well.

In closing I will say that I have had some really great times camping NMs. I tend to be an "off beat" NM ***** and just love that feeling of looking up a NM and walking into an empty camp. However, I would sacrifice that in place of some seriously questing or item farming for BCNM entry requirements that are story driven which in turn allow me to gear up at the same time. NMs should be challenging and rewarding, but never something that is just about killing a unique monster that appears out of no where, whose name has some abstract relation to Zeus's adopted niece.

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#13 Jun 19 2009 at 11:59 PM Rating: Default
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They easiest way is to eliminate solo NM's completely from the game or make the item that they drop only viable when you are low level. You should never ever put an item that is viable for end game on a NM that you can solo.

Also if it is solo able and you still want it to drop high-end loot then make them rare/ex.
#14 Jun 20 2009 at 12:37 AM Rating: Decent
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The thing is... do we still want NMs/HNMs in FFXIV

*raises hand* I for one, hope NM/HNMS make a return to FFXIV. Why you ask? Thrill of the hunt. I used to be a NM/HNM hunter along with my THF partner, boy did i enjoy the hunt. Neck to neck with other competition (including RMT) made it even more thrilling, ditto on actually acquiring said item(s), im sure WE all know that feeling of satisfaction. Hehe, im even having fond memories MPKing RMT and them trying to MPK us. *sits back taking in the nostalgia* . . . *smiles*

But one thing that i hope SE learned and fixes from FFXI is those annoying bots claiming NM/HNMs out of thin air.
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#15 Jun 20 2009 at 2:31 AM Rating: Good
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Something obtained at level 7 should not be a viable option at max level.

That being said, random NMs around the world is a given. However, they may not drop stuff. Having them drop rare items encourages botting and cheating to achieve a goal first.

I'd rather see certain NMs give exp or monetary bonuses, or BOP/rare,ex gear in addition to normal expected drops of their non-nm counterparts. Crafted items are the only items I see that should be without binding restrictions. This will encourage trade and farming for ingredients. However, ingredients such as a named dragons skin should be removed and instead generic skin should be required but in larger quantities. An example would be 12 lizard skins instead of 1 NM named lizard skin to make boots. That way with dedication, you can reach your goal without having to rely on extreme rng and luck.

No one likes camping a mob for 15 hours, going 1/15.

Its pretty obvious that FFXIV is going to incorporate instances as the main fous of their pve. Its headed that way in FFXI and people are happy with it. Don't expect fafnir/kb debacles to arise again.

Something I would like to clarify as well: Raiding/Questing with large groups at a scheduled time is NOT casual. It is practical. People have school/work/life. They cannot expect to sit in a zone for 4 hours waiting. Instead lockouts and instances similar to wow and other 'modern' MMORPGS is the future and something FFXIV is going to have.

It is too practical and it makes too much sense to use instances and lockouts. They've already implemented it in 11 and it will become MUCH more prevalent in 14.

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#16 Jun 20 2009 at 3:36 AM Rating: Good
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#1: If it takes more than 1 person to kill/accomplish a battlefield, there should be a points system involved (one set IN GAME by Square Enix so that greedy people cannot manipulate others, and so there is no more needless drama and arguing).

#2: If you claim it, and kill it, there should be a drop. It's not enough that you actually have to claim something and hope to kill it, but then you have to hope it drops what you are after. This puts a huge damper on so many things, and is also why it is so hard to make player based point systems in FFXI, because it's hard to count on or allocate what will or will not drop, and overly complicates things.

#3: More spawned/instanced NM's.

If they could follow these three things, the game would be absolutely flawless, and you would take away sooooooooo much needless drama. Things could still be hard, and still require much time and effort, but if they would just make them FAIR and not so EASILY MANIPULATED BY PEOPLE and SO MONOPOLIZED it would be more fun for everyone, and there would be a lot more enjoyable mindset and feeling to the game.

I don't want the whole FFXI end game BS all over again, where it's nothing but drama, fighting, and even when you finally accomplish a goal, which only so many people do, you feel a bit underwhelmed and seem to only remember all the BS you went through to get it, leading to a elitism attitude most of the time.

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#17 Jun 20 2009 at 5:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Here's a few things I'd like to see.

Higher drop rates, either 100% if its a rare mob or maybe lower but with more common spawns.

If placeholder mobs are used I'd like to see the NM look exactly like the placeholder until its attacked, even down to the name of the mob. That way you aren't going to get freeloaders letting other people kill all the placeholder mobs then they just kill the NM. Sure, people will die but that all adds to the fun of NMs. The aggro pop method someone mentioned could also be done instead of this.

NM drops should be non-tradable (EX) to stop RMT from trying to monopolise them.

Regular low level NMs should spawn fairly often, higher level HNM types should be much longer but not at a fixed time from death and not on fixed windows either.
#18 Jun 20 2009 at 7:18 AM Rating: Decent
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Wow, a lot of really great NM suggestions in here, I like what I'm saying.

I think they should implement a wide range of NM types listed in here, as something for everything is good.

The thing I want to say is that I really loved the NM system in XI. I liked the randomness of it. As somebody else said, the thrill of the hunt. I remember helping someone in Valkurm as a BST, noticing on my radar that the Valkurm Emporer was spawned, but far away. Me, having never camped him before, or even knowing much about him, excited as ****, heart pumping, booked it over to him. I thought for sure someone else would get him. As I ran up to it spamming my charm macro heart about to explode, I claimed it, killed it, and got the hairpin. I couldn't believe it.

On another note, I was also about 0/10 on Hoo Mjuu the Torrent and his Monster Signa, an item that would be useful to me as I played both Bard and Beast Master. It was depressing, but I did not need that item.

In fact, there is never a need for any NM item. Sure that +3DEX +3AGI on leaping boots might be good at low levels, and even the best item available for some jobs at higher levels, but it's not needed. At lower levels, the benefit you will grow less and less as you level quick, and as you get higher reasonable alternatives will become available.

What I think they should keep:
- Lottery pop NM
- Sellable, rare, drops that are good.

What I think they should fix:
- More consistancy, a.k.a 1 hour spawn, not 1-2 hour spawn. The longer the spawn times, the better the chance the drop.
- Some mobs drop ex items, some don't.
- Maybe NM's could have a common drop that is rare/ex, and a "+1" version that's better and sellable. That way if you fight this mob, you can easily get a good drop, but if you want to commit to it, you could potentially get a great drop.
- I liked the idea of aggro spawn, and hidden spawns, except you should be aware that it's an NM after you attack.
- Maybe level specific drops for NMs. If you kill leaping lizzy at level 30, you won't ever get the boots. Make the NMs give you EXP too so that if you continue to camp them you'll eventually become out of their range? Just an idea.

Overall I'm just not a fan of replacing world NMs with BCNMs or instanced NMs. I loved seeing random NMs walking around, wondering if they were story related, or had good drops. Picking fights with ones and not knowing what to expect. The world would seem empty without these random suckers walking around.
#19 Jun 20 2009 at 7:22 AM Rating: Decent
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I just wrote an essay on Notorious Monsters...
#20 Jun 20 2009 at 7:26 AM Rating: Good
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I like the idea of the hunter's guild, but I had another idea about it. I am really hoping for a clan system in this game. This system is separate from the linkshell system of ffxi. In the clan system, a person with enough support can buy a building and start a clan. The building would have many uses besides being a meeting point. It would be nice if examinable lists and charts would be placed on the wall. These lists could contain clan charters, a roster including ranks, and a list of quests.

At certain times during the week, a list gets updated with a quest your clan can partake in, these quests can take anywhere from one (such as a delivery quest or kill/gather items) to alliances full of people (such as an instanced dynamis). Doing the quests gives your clan points, and gives the people who complete them points next to their name on the roster. Your clan's points can be used to purchase quests/items to spawn named monsters with back-stories which drop skin/bones/etc that you can bring back for proof that is then made into items. An individual's points would be used in the lotting system.

I believe given the right tools, a clan system would be a beautiful addition to the game that allows even people with little time to grow close to a group and help the group prosper.
#21 Jun 20 2009 at 8:51 AM Rating: Decent
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i would love to see all the "NMs" being put in under a hunt system my self. 12 had it right with there special monster fights. it could work loosely like the znm system currently works in xi. just with out the "best" way to farm points to pop said monsters would not involve sleeping a monster and taking pictures of it..

i would also love to see permanent tier progression with it. under a force pop system lowish drop rates on the really sought after stuff is fine by me.

#22 Jun 20 2009 at 9:09 AM Rating: Good
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My vote is for an NM with no exact respawn time and spawn between all monsters in the world sharing the same "name". Example being Spiny Spipi (is that it?) from FFXI spawning from any crawler that has the name "crawler". Therefore, this NM could spawn in any of the Sarutabaruta zones at totally random times.

Just make that in the new game, and it almost eliminates camping and reinstates the "I just stumbled upon an NM" aspect of adventuring.
#23 Jun 20 2009 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
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I also like this idea too, but not for every NM.
#24 Jun 20 2009 at 10:56 AM Rating: Good
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I would love to see a Bestiary system in the game as well. Using Vana'diel's FFXI for example, if you can kill 5 of each type of enemy in each area, you could get a decent item for that area as a reward which would usually be useful in the next higher areas.

For example, killing 5-10 of each type of enemy in East Ronfaure could get you a level 10 Polearm with 23 damage, 396 delay, +2 Strength and +2 Accuracy. Killing 5-10 enemy of each type in West Ronfaure could get you a level 10 Shield with 4 AC, +2 Shield skill, and +1 to each elemental resistance. Valkurm Dunes could reward you with a +3 Attack and +3 Evasion Earring for a level 20 job. Each of these items is Rare/EX though if you throw the item away, you would be able to get it again by killing 5-10 of each creature again. To make it a bit more difficult, you must complete the bestiary collection at the level of the reward or lower. Notorious Monsters would not be part of the bestiary reward quests.

For higher tiered gear (level 75), you must complete species bestiary quests, and for these you MUST kill the NMs of each family that you are trying to complete, but you would only need 1 kill to get an entry for it. Some NMs that are spawns for specific things like Weapon Skills, can be spawned using a second method specifically for Bestiary completion, but they do not give rewards for what they normally do. The rewards for these would be fairly incredible... Killing all the Fly mobs in the game for example could get you a level 75 Hairpin with +10 Dex, +10 Agi, +10 Cha, +25 Evasion, and +10 to all elemental resists.
#25 Jun 20 2009 at 12:32 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm not saying NMs need to be done away with.. but I feel something has to change. It might be shorter spawn times, or something like 100% drops. Whatever the case I still feel like something at level 7 should not last until 72.

Yes yes yes. I loved camping NMs, but maybe this time around Square can make things a bit more friendly and alot less rediculous as far as NMs go.
#26 Jun 20 2009 at 3:14 PM Rating: Decent
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I do like the idea of the "in the field" NM's (like FFXI's Leaping Lizzy, Valkurm Emperor etc) not revealing themselves until they are attacked.

They look the same as their normal mobs anyway, so without the names above them, we wouldn't know the difference.

Grab a Fly, attack and then BAM! It's Valkurm Emperor! (as an FFXI example)

That would be brilliant. :)

Edited, Jun 20th 2009 7:15pm by scotchio

Also I'd like the NM spawns more random but more common. So people can't use caclulations to find the NM time and spot. And keep some randomness on the drop, but more like 50/50.

If it was 100%, it would lose that excitment when it did actually drop.

Edited, Jun 20th 2009 7:22pm by scotchio
#27 Jun 20 2009 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
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Best would be if no armor did anything. They'd just be the way your character looks and have nothing to do with stats. That way people seriously wanting a skirt would camp the skirt NM, but you wouldn't have everyone camping the skirt NM because it was the best item.
#28 Jun 20 2009 at 3:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Best would be if no armor did anything.
I'm totally against that getting better armor is like half the fun. When you get a crazy item you get really pumped up and you show off to your friends and suddenly wanna be the f'n most pwn guy/girl ever.

Here are two ideas.

1) There is a guy one in every major city who is in a cheap pub who is a seer(just for story purposes). 10 minutes before a pop of an NM he will tell you that it will appear in the area it will appear in. Now with this system NM pop wherever one of its kind is and it looks exactly the same as its family except for something small that makes it unique. That way it makes it easier for everyone because they will have a fair chance of finding the NM. Only flaw is people telling like 5 other 75's RNG who hunt it and split it 6 ways.

2)Another thing could be take out all NM's who are in a field and just make Beastman Seal's(or whatever the new thing is) come around more often and then just have a BCNM's in every location and make the drops lower depending on the level of the area. There will be a cap depending on the area and everything. Flaw is I dunno plz tell me.
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#29 Jun 20 2009 at 4:39 PM Rating: Decent
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I hope Nms/Hnms stay the way they is for the most part. I loved the feeling of competition and it made the community a lot more familiar with eachother. I think the drop rates should stay the same , I believe that a rare item should actually be rare. All of these 100% drop rates im seeing on here would just turn me off completely, I like the feeling of accomplishments you get in ffxi, there is no accomplishment if you just got something everybody else has. I think its simple, if you want to be "elite" you have to put in the "elite" work, nothing that Nms/Hnms dropped you "needed" to play the game. People just wanted them because it made you better at what you do, but it was not a "need" or I can't play this job at all. You should work for the things you want, and not just have stuff handed to you.

Now that being said I want more difficult Nm/Hnms, without turning them into Av. I never got why fafnir/nid could be slept at all but anyways thats not all. I understand that after people figure out a working strat (like when fafnir first came out, had to learn to position right or get flailed), that it makes the mob easier, but comeon now all the hnms was pretty much a cake walk. I low man'd every single hnm and king there is and easily once people gear became better, and after practice over and over you could pretty much kill all of them with 6-8 people.

I wouldn't mind hnms being tied into like a monster quest for a super rare item (maybe some items to pick from) so everybody in the fight gets something out of it. Something like kill every hnm out at the time 3 times each, and after every kill you gota bring back the title to an npc so he can keep record, then when you kill them all 3 times each you get to pick 1 item from 3 rare items. Then maybe as the game grows you add more quest like that as you add more and harder hnms. That why you might not get the drop from the hnm but at least you got the title to show the npc.
#30 Jun 20 2009 at 4:56 PM Rating: Decent
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I believe they should all be force popped with items crafted from normal monsters around the world. Maybe even have the ??? or whatever spawn in many areas instead of a single spot.

Who am I kidding though, that will never happen.
#31 Jun 23 2009 at 7:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Why I pray they keep this yah it give drama and elite but hey if you work for it why not. But one thing a higher drop rate not 100% like people want maybe 10-15% max but if not you get something else more items that drop would be a start. Come on people where is your thrill of the hunt like some one stated above i loved camping For THF knife with my RDM Mate and getting claim beatin RMT's was super fun or trying to kill them.

Yah the 21-24 hour rate was a pain and i think i read something saying they would remove this on aion source a wile back

But for sure they must keep BCNM KSNM my linkshell would offten do this with the person getting to pick 2 items that droped and rest being sold and split between linksheel as just fun events.
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