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That sense of wonder.Follow

#1 Jun 19 2009 at 1:53 AM Rating: Excellent
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I think the title explains it all. That feeling you got when you first walked out of the city (after finally learning how to move your character). Remembering how long it took you to get the money the weapon you wanted. The first weaponskill you did. The feeling of being new into a world, and having all these expectations.

Ever since the unveiling of FFXIV at E3, all other games that use to give some form of that feeling lost any appeal they had. I was currently playing Halo Wars and inFamous, in addition to FFXI. I heard about FFXIV about an hour before I went to work, and instantly my mind raced back to when my Mom got my FFXI for my PC as a birthday gift about 5 or so years ago. I remember it took me all night to install on my ****** computer, and I had school in the morning, but I got to log in for about 10 minutes. I was in awe. It was my first real MMO, and as I saw people running around me, I realized that this was the feeling I was looking for in a game.

Fast forward a few years, after I dropped my character to go play EQ2, then came back, then left again to play WoW, and now on my third return to FFXI and by far my most completed character, I've lost that sense of adventure. There's still a few things I haven't done (Salvage, higher tier ZNMs, and Sea gods), but I know what to expect when going in there. There's no more "What's this thing doing here, and why does it want to smash me to bits" feelings. I know I'm going in for a piece of gear that will increase my TP gain rate, or make my Gekko's do an extra few points of damage.

I guess I'm just saying this 'cause I got home from work early today, and read a bunch of speculation about FFXIV which made me want it even more. It'll be funny to look back on all the speculation after it comes out, and see who hit the nail on the head, and laugh at all the people who wanted to transfer their characters.

Every time I see that picture in the trailer of the Hume, Galka, and the Elvaan with the Chocobo looking over the cliff into the horizon, I get a little bit of a chill, knowing that soon (not soon enough), it'll be me and my friends looking over that cliff, heading into a world none of us know anything about. Hoping we can manage to scrape together the cash to buy that next weapon, or wondering if we're ever gonna beat that mission, or figuring out how to get the highest damage from whatever weaponskill-esqe damage system they have. I'm especially looking forward to seeing what kind of job system they'll have, so I can map out my character ahead of time with my friends.

I guess what it boils down to is, I miss that sense of adventure from FFXI, and I know I'm not alone in that feeling. I hadta do some venting today, which is why I posted this to begin with. If anyone else gets the feeling they're going to burst before it comes out, or if you just wanna put some words about how you use to feel when you started FFXI, feel free to post here. I hope to see some of you standing on the cliff next to me, awaiting what I think will be the greatest (albeit simulated) adventure of them all.

P.S incase you didn't notice, I'm a Samurai currently, and will be one in FFXIV, provided they don't have any uber melee/mage job (Geomancer).
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Definitely agreed. Each time I've come back, it's because of the memory of the first time I saw certain places and how I was so in awe about everything in the game, but now everything's set-in-stone. If you play it now, there's an entire plan for you. You remake a character, then level something up in a starter area til 10, then go to Valkurm Dunes and party with idiots who think they know everything, you probably die (to be expected), then you go to all the other areas you're supposed to go. The only alternative to this set-in-stone thing is Beastmaster, where you can actually explore and figure out things for yourself, but BST is more stressful than parties, and the leveling process is 10x slower to where it almost feels unworth it, and despite working so much harder than EVERYONE else, no one wants you in endgame, and it's better to go as another job to any event, instead of BST. RDM, however, can just go /NIN, be better at soloing than the job designed to solo, and gets an extremely easy ride to 75, with their only problem apparently being people annoying them with asking for Refresh. God forbid.

Oh, wait, I was ranting on about the wonders of the game, not the flaws of FFXI.

Yeah, I really would love to have that same sense back. I think SE will recreate that perfectly, to be honest. I just really hope the game never becomes something where EVERYTHING is outlined in what you HAVE to do. =/
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I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same when I first saw the trailer, it took me back to my first day of XI. I didn't even know how to move, I kept trying to use the arrow keys, nyaha. When somebody kindly came over n told me how to move, off I went out to try my first battle. I love it all so much. Seeing the waterfall in Gustaberg for the first time blew me away, the graphics were so beautiful. I may have complained about how long traveling took too, but I still love how large XI is, you get a real sense of exploration from it. I play WoW now but I feel that its just too small in comparison.

I have high hopes for XIV, I just hope they manage to capture me the way XI did cuz we know they have already said the games will be very different. I cant wait to see some screenshots or for some info on caracter creation and jobs. :3
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SourMonster wrote:
I have high hopes for XIV, I just hope they manage to capture me the way XI did cuz we know they have already said the games will be very different.

I have high hopes also, but I don't think that I will feel the same type of wonderment that I did when I first played FFXI. It was my first MMO, and, as such, I knew practically nothing about playing within that type of environment. To me, no matter how good FFXIV is, in the end the scope of my learning experience in FFXI equals the wonderment I experienced by playing it.

This is not to say I will enjoy it any less - but now I expect things of wonderment and look forward to them; instead of being surprised by them.
#5 Jun 19 2009 at 6:52 PM Rating: Good
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Like so many things, you'll never really get back the same feelings you had whe you started FFXI since it was your first MMO. But yeah, dfferent kind of wonderment could await. I look forward to learning more about the game.
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Awwwww dam... this is going to be one **** of a nostalgic rant of a post. Like, totally.

First off, rate up to Jayenel for the contents and the timing of your post; reason being that I actually started deleting a couple of my mules today on PlayOnline & FFXI Content ID page (it's the first stage of me fully quitting ffxi for the third and last time). While deleting them, there is a page on the Content ID area that shows you the dates you purchased all your additional Xters etc. I had just scrolled down to the last Xter on the list which is my main and my very first Character; and stared for a long time at the date: April 4th, 2004. The day I started playing my very first MMORPG.

And the memories just started flooding back; how I saw the advert on TV for ffxi and headed out to Best Buy the next day to get the whole ps2 bundle (they had a whole special eye-catching display stand for FFXI). Got home, spent well over an hour configuring the whole setup, connected to PlayOnline and then saw that the system had selected Garuda server for me. Then spent almost half an hour trying to decide what kinda Elvaan I wanted to be... and then connected into North Sandy.

I too, was in complete and utter awe. It was visual overload for me for the next three hours.

There were all these other people running round with names above their heads. There were NPCs that actually had very engaging dialogues. There were these awesome looking buildings. There were consistent chatlines flooding my screen (I had NO idea what chat filters were at the time, so you can imagine). I didn't even make it into the next zone (Port Sandy) until like an hour later because I had no idea how to pop open my map and therefore kept going round in circles speaking to various NPCs over and over again. And even then, I found port sandy only by sheer luck (I had zoned thru that archway and remember feeling that panicked anxiety when the screen went black with "downloading" at the bottom corner of the screen. I thought I had messed up somehow and was hoping there wasn't some button on my gamepad that I had to press. (Yes, please laugh at me cuz right now even I am laughing me for those memories).

More exploration of port sandy ensued and then I saw an airship land... and I was like "Whoaaaaa!". Then I had to log cuz I had to turn in an overdue assignment to my professor in the morning plus I had my parttime job. Next day when I did manage to log in, I saw a Galka Monk in full AF standing beside me and I was thrilled when he tried to answer my questions in English (he was of course Japanese). By my third or fourth day, I had bought the Brady's Guide (I'm still demanding a refund from the publishers, dammit!) and I had one of those "Aha" moments when I found out stuff like crystals could stack.

Over the next few more days, I explored more of this new and fascinating world: I saw DRK AF for the first time and drooled; I saw carby for the first time in Ronfaure and joined a bunch of new players who kept running after this strange creature with a bluish glow. I got to level 5 and met my real first friend (a TaruTaru named Leverate), and with another new Elvaan friend named Jobrant (my second friend in ffxi) we took it upon ourselves to protect the campfire spots in Ronfaure from the Orcs and Gobs. We took this task so seriously that even as at yestarday, I still went back there on my level 75 Paladain to perform this duty for a few minutes. For some very crazy reason, this trivial, unremarkable, obscure duty still marks itself as one of my greatest and important achievements in ffxi. Yep, till this very day.

Anywayz, I got to Level 7 and tried on my white and grey Leather armour set, of which I was exceptionally proud of. I became even more proud when I hit level 10 and myself plus our group of now eight new friends all scraped gil together so we could all wear the reddish scale armour (just so that we could now look awesome like the npc guards). Heck, and when my friend's wife insisted that we all got matching berets to go with our new scale armour (were they like 300 gil each at the time?) we all jumped at the idea. And by Altana, how we all laughed so hard at being totally owned when we braved Ghelspa Outpost.

Heh, and I remember yelling "OMG!" at my screen the first time I saw how much exp could be earned within a full party at the Dunes (ummm, when you aren't dying of course). And who can forget finally making it to jeuno for the first time? I still remember waiting in front of the palace at level 20, waiting for my friends to log on so we could attempt our (second or third?) hike to jeuno and suddenly a group of level 55-ish to 60-ish japanese players offered to take us. They all subbed /whm so they could cast inv and sneak on us, and thus was my first experience of an alliance. They were so organized, paired each one of us with one "protector" (I was paired with a level 55 THF/WHM named Jein) and away we went. Dam, the excitement of finally making it thru Jugner and Batallia was a headrush!). BTW, making it to jeuno was another bout of information overload: everybody was like level 50+ and almost everybody was in AF. To my friends and I, all these players seemed like demigods. It was just sick!

Ahhh yes, more reminiscing: Getting the Chocobo licence was like getting your real driver's licence and I rode to Bastok and Windy for the first time. I got my first advanced job (which was actually Dragoon). Then I did some Sandy missions and was so impressed with Prince Trion's character that I wanted to become a Paladin so I could help protect San'd'Oria just like him, so I unlocked Paladin and began leveling it. I got my airship licence and spent a small fortune once again visiting all the cities. I did more missions and quests, some of which struck a chord in you so strongly that you wanted to help other people get through them JUST so they could experience the story as well. I did my first limit quest and had a blast marvelling at the horrendous drop rates for exoray and the almighty "paper". I did the second limit quest in Xarcabard with the help of none other than the great Pikko... she had been sending shouts in Lower Jeuno for people to join up so that she, Parsival and some other higher level players could help out people who needed to kill those bloody tigers. From that day on, I always knelt to her anytime I saw her in town.

Life continued, I got stronger, I did more quests, I explored more places, I met more people, I got into two very fun linkshells and one of the shells used to meet near Maat in Ru'Lude Gardens. And don't even get me started on the hillarious jokes so many people on the server had about why so many players liked to hang out in the Archduke's bedroom. Then there were the dozens upon dozens of dancing Tarus in Lower Jeuno that always brought life to my screen (I really do miss having like twenty Taru players mob you for gil after they had performed a routine). Oh yeah, and when you got bored in Port Jeuno, you put "/follow" on Red Ghost join like 30-40 players who would be marching behind him. And naturally, there was always a serious scramble by players for doing the "lighting the lamps" quest in Lower Jeuno.

I got Rank 10, I joined my first HNMLS and I think somewhere inbetween I saw the "greed" emerge in some of my later friends. Some quit and some become excessively arrogant. I shrugged and played on... but now it became harder and harder to find exp parties and statics were not as reliable as they should've been. The game suddenly wasn't fun anymore: it had become heavily materialistic and a scramble for who could get their hands on the best stuff. No sense of loyalty, no sense of true friendship, and definitely no sense of honor when I saw the first wave of RMT swarm thru the game. Besides, almost all my original friends had quit or no longer played regularly, so what was the point? So I quit for several long months, thinking "Yeah, I've played heavily for over a year, let's quit for a while". So I tried Lineage II.

I think I came back about six weeks after Treasures release but the game had lost it's magic. I leveled Blue Mage for a bit, did Dynamis just because I wanted my PLD to be (how should I put this?)... "fulfilled"... in being fully clad in AFv2; and then did a few bits and ends. However, nothing I did could bring back the magic. I found myself sitting at the palace gates more and more often cuz that's where my old friends and I used to hang out. Yeah, I'd help a few new players with their missions, give advice and once in a while do an avatar run. When I get tired of that, I ride out to the campfire spots in Ronfaure, kill gobs and Orcs for like 10 minutes in memory of Jobrant and Leverate, then OP warp to do "Mob-Police" in Qufim... but I'd still be bored and wouldn't really have any sense of fun.

Eventually, I quit again but this time my playtimes were much more erractic than just staying away for months unend. WoTG brought me back full time and I was excited about that expansion, but when I found out that there was no Tavnazia, I felt a weird sort of quiet disappointment with Square Enix. And I've been considering quitting for good but would like to play on because I actually want to see how the Crystal War story unfolds. More often than not, these days when I do log on, I'm half-heartedly doing Campaign, playing the AH, and just going for extended afks in front of the palace in Sandy (yeah same spot, yet again huh?).

And now with FFXIV coming, I realize that I'm truly done with ffxi and it's time to gradually start "liquidating" my assets. Heck, right now I've recently chosen to start wearing the starter's gear on my main (maybe just so one last time, I can recapture that magic sense of wonder I felt when I first arrived in Vana'diel). I couldn't agree more with Jayenel and all of you that there's a certain "something" about ffxi being your first mmorpg that no other mmorpg will ever surpass. However, here's hoping (seriously hoping) that we can all recapture at least some of that awe we first felt when we walked into Vanadiel when Haiderin opens it's doors to us.

I'd like to believe there will be a campfire somewhere in Eorzea for all of us to defend.

*Heh, toldja this would be a very nostalgic rant.*

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What did it for me in XI was, without a doubt, the music and ambiance.

That music for the starting area outside of Bastok is forever burned into my memory. The howling wind stirred my spirit and gave me the ambition to not just play a game, put step into an experience. When heading into the Eldeim(sp?) Necropolis for the first time to help a fellow LS member, I felt an actually sense of uneasiness. There was no music. Only stillness and faint crackling of burning torches shedding only a minimal amount of light. It made me feel like I was in a place that I wasn't supposed to be.

I miss that feeling. I've never experienced that in any other game that XI.

And I know that SE will recreate that feeling in XIV. That's why I can't wait for it to come out. :)
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I got a good laugh from your post, Leo. I remember when I made the run to Jeuno. I ran from Windy, and it took me three attempts. I still, to this day, hate the Skinks. Ah, the good ole days. It's good to see that I'm not the only one who's about to blow a gasket waiting for this game.

I also hafta say the music in this game has some kinda power over your feelings. It took me a very long time to complete CoP. By the time I finally finished, I had two 75s, yet when I did that final cutscene at Blueblade Fell, and Distant Worlds played, that rush came back to me, albeit for a moment. Not the sense of wonder, but the one other feeling I've yet to get from any other MMO, the sense of achievement. That I did something, whether it was with the help of your friends, or an entire LS, I had met the challenge that was placed in front of me, and the reward was well worth it.

The final cutscene of CoP made me feel like I had acomplished something amazing. And while the actual cutscene was beautiful, the thing that made it worth all the hours I spent was the music. Distant Worlds is by far, the most amazing song in FFXI.

And Square has the uncanny ability to recreate this feeling on more than one occasion in all of their games. I would expect FFXIV will have amazing ambient music, but Nobuo(sp) has a gift for music that hasn't been matched in this generation, and I'm sure he'll put something together for whatever CoP-esqe mission that will move each and every one of us in a different way.

I can't wait.

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Ahhh, you're right Jayenel; how could I forget the great CoP missions lol. I actually met five new friends through CoP (we took the coolest screenie after decimating Promethia) and I still keep in touch with the three that still play regularly. I kinda forgot about the CoP runs; and when I said I did a few "bits and ends" during my first return to the game, completing those missions was one of them. Yep, CoP was rewarding (I honestly won't go through them again though), and I thoroughly enjoyed the final cutscene and music at Blueblade Fell.

Matter of fact, not only have I selected it as one of the three spots I would like to retire my character for good; I've been using the Blueblade Fell wallpaper on my PlayOnline mainscreen for over three years now (the one with a grown Aldo standing at Blueblade Fell overlooking the ruins of Tavnazia and "holding up the city as a jewel" to his eye).

Priceless wallpaper, priceless ending to CoP and I cannot agree with you more that SE seriously knows how to create perfect ambient music in all their games. I mean, just listen to Voyager on the Selbina_Mhaura boat, or Santuary of Zi'Tah (quick pause, I always wondered where the name Zi'Tah came from, why that zone was named such, if Zi'Tah was some sort of ancient Zilart monarch, if SE would ever add a quest about him/her).

Ahem, my bad; I got distracted again lol.
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This game was my first MMO like many others, but I got it in 2007 when there were not a lot of new players to level with. Still with that I thought it was amazing. My friend has the soundtrack to the game and everytime I go over to his house and I hear either Vana'diel March or The Kingdom of San'Doria (my starting town) I stand and salute. I miss this game so much and can't wait to stand on that cliff with all of you guys!

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Wow, what great reads from everyone. Rate up around if I can spare them.

I too showed up on the "First Day" of NA release.

What an experience. I had played other MMOs, but Final Fantasy had a special place in my heart. In addition to my recent return from a teaching job in Japan for the past 6 months and the upcoming FFXI release in North America I was really set up for a "Year of FFXI".

I remember very clearly seeing the Japanese Trailer on TV for FFXI that had some sort of cave with a huge Blue dragon swooping down and a few players engaging it. I was sold.

The first login day was another story of course. I picked a Mithra THF, as what was proclaimed on Gamefacts at the time by JP PS2 importers was that Race was VERY important in terms of Job decision. Ha!

I honestly for the first time ever in an MMO met my "Crew" when I first stepped outside of Windurst. We played together for the next year, but it was that first feeling of awe beating down Rarabs with others which left me satisfied with all months of waiting and excitement.

East Sabby turned into "Jeffery" parties (Dhammels with an added Toys'R'Us reference) in T-Canyon, I pulled Ishtar without knowing what an NM was and it would be my first 1/1, those parties turned into running around frantically claiming Maze Makers in S-Maze, which turned into all of us scared sh*tless riding the boat to Valkurm. I spent a lot of time there. Then it was the first venture to Jeuno as a group (A disaster that was hours of laughs), then the first Qufim party. Every place was more unique than the other and despite learning your Job enough where it became repetitive, every zone kept you on your toes.

I remember being in an LS party trying desperately to figure out exactly how to get a Khazam Air pass and asking hesitant Japanese players for directions. My first Advanced job unlocked was NIN, I begged JP players to help and when I finally arrived in the Dunes I felt the ego boost of having a job that most us "Newbies" didnt (Explaining when to Provoke was a different matter of course).

Although FFXI never got old, Players did. Our LS had Drama, some split, mergers happened, people took sides and suddenly the people you had celebrated landing your first skillchain with were suddenly gone.

Ultimately, it is the players that made FFXI, not the game. It was never meant to be a solo experience, it was meant to experience shared with others. That deep breathe you take when zoning into a new area with your "Crew", wiping on Dark Spark, a sea of White colored Pearls /random'ing while waiting to feed our Chocobos... That is what it was about.

I am hoping that this time around it will be same, but even better so. You can make FFXIV the most beautiful game ever, the most amazing combat experience, the most involved in terms of story, but if you do not make it a game about coming together as friends its just a... "Game".

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I'm hoping to keep the thread alive, so I figure I'll bump it with a question. (I'm really enjoying the stories thus far, and I'm hoping to get a few more before the thread died.)

How many people have rewatched the trailer a few times? I know it's beginning to be a nightly habit for me. Started to watch it before I went to bed a week ago, and I've watched it every night since. It actually made me laugh a bit when I realized how excited I was. I can only equate when you were a kid, and you found out your parents had went Christmas shopping. You just KNEW something awesome was on the way. We know something phenominal is coming, except in this case, we just don't know when.

Who knows, maybe my dorkiness is too much even for the Allakazham forums...
#13 Jun 23 2009 at 8:12 AM Rating: Decent
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Glad to see that I wasn't the only one taking a peep on this thread now and again lol. And no, I disagree about the dorkiness thing Jayenel: if it has anything to do with FFXIV and the ZAM forums, I very much think you're in the right place.

I remember watching that trailer for the first time and being so glad that I chose Elvaan (because there was a ranger dark-haired Elvaan that looked like 200% pwnage). This is yet another reason why I wanted SE to add Tavnazia in WoTG because there were several heroes from that war that I badly wanted to meet & explore their origins (what Gilgamesh was like back then; the identities of the five Arch-Angels before they were "turned?" into the Crystal Warriors; what kind of characters were Marquis Altedour I of Tavnazia and his son Rochefogne; what was Cape Teriggan really used for... stuff like that)

Speaking of the the trailer, another memory just kicked in: remember the behemoths? I had NO idea that he spawned in Behemoth's dominion or that that place even existed (and I was already level 50-ish). A friend and I were hunting for carby ruby in Qufim and then saw a whole bunch of higher level players run EAST past the tower entrance. Perplexed, we were like "there's nothing there but mountains and water"; but because we were so curious, we followed and to our amazement, there he was. Heh good memories.

Yep, something phenomenal is coming on FFXIV. I intend to take a short ten to fourteen day vacation when it comes out; and I know I'll have upgraded my HDTV by then. We're all gonna make that cliff soon enough xD
This is my future FFXIV Character and this is his least that's the tentative plan. Yep. (Concept Art of Rasler by the legendary Akihiko Yoshida) I asked for the Qiqirn to be added in FFXIV since October 2009 and we now have them! Yessss!

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Kotisu wrote:
SourMonster wrote:
I have high hopes for XIV, I just hope they manage to capture me the way XI did cuz we know they have already said the games will be very different.

I have high hopes also, but I don't think that I will feel the same type of wonderment that I did when I first played FFXI. It was my first MMO, and, as such, I knew practically nothing about playing within that type of environment. To me, no matter how good FFXIV is, in the end the scope of my learning experience in FFXI equals the wonderment I experienced by playing it.

This is not to say I will enjoy it any less - but now I expect things of wonderment and look forward to them; instead of being surprised by them.

Exactly my sentiment. I think part of what makes XI so special to me is that SE makes a **** good RPG. But a healthy amount of the XI experience that awed me was simply not being prepared for, or even fully understanding, the size and depth of content that is a top quality MMO. If I had started somewhere else, I still might feel XI was a stellar MMO, but those special feelings about learning the ropes would belong to another MMO. You never get a second first time.

One way I hope to rekindle some of that, however, is to spend as much time soaking in all the content as soon as I'm able, instead of leveling and going back to quests later that I could have accomplished when I was much weaker. Everyone else can go rot in Endgame for all I care. The best time in any MMO is your first time up, and I hope it takes me half way to forever to get there.
#15 Oct 23 2009 at 2:12 AM Rating: Good
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The first time through is always the best but could it be that we sabotage ourselves without knowing? I think that I did. Exploration is a big part of any MMO. After a while I started doing research online in forums and other sites about what ever it was that I was going to do. I think we sometimes cheat ourselves of many of those "first time" feelings.

Here's to hoping XIV will be another great "first".

p.s. I know the thread is old but after reading it I couldn't help but bring it back up. Great stories.
#16 Oct 24 2009 at 3:39 AM Rating: Excellent
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It made me go "who stole my thread title" when I saw this after like 3 months. LoL

I dunno if anyone else is guilty of this, but I've rewatched the E3 and TGS trailers several times and imagined a different scenario during my favorite parts, and how each clip might tie into the story, and it just makes me even more excited. My favorite clip from the trailers is that massive beam of light at the end of the E3 trailer. I can't wait to see what causes that. I can only hope it's some big bad weapon firing from the Garlean Empire, and hopefully, I'll get to go in and kick some *** to stop it from happening again. Or maybe it's one of the Twelve, who has personally fallen from the clouds to fight some horrible monster summoned by a nasty new bad guy.

One other thing I can't wait to see are the new spell effects. I love FFXI spell effects, in my opinion, they're still some of the best out there. I hated the spell effects in WoW, EQ2, and SWG. Eve had some nice explosions, but nothing really compairs to dropping a Burst 2 on something's head. And don't even get my started on how much I love the Tachi: Kasha animation. Makes me feel like Ruroni Kenshin. (I know, massive amounts of nerd in this post, but if I can't nerd out here, then where is it safe?)

I just babbling on at this point, but hopefully, this thread popping back up will bring out a few more good stories. Even if you read this and don't post, I hope it brings back some nostalgia about FFXI, and maybe makes you that much more excited about XIV. God knows I'll be in that game for quite some time if it's as good as XI, so maybe you'll see me in game, and give me a high five or something. LoL
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Great stories guys, prompting me to reminisce.

I got the game as a gift from my brother-in-law at christmas 2005 and didnt install it and get online until Jan 1st 2006. I had never heard of MMORPG and espeically not FFXI. Wow was I in for a life-changing shock!

I had no idea what I was doing on character creation so went for a character that I thought looked like me and went Hume >> Sandoria - Something that always bugged me cause you get a nice ring if you are elvan! I couldnt think of a name so went for a random one and funnily 'Edy' came up - the most 'unlike a Fantasy' name I could think of so I went with that.

My first few steps in Sandy after the initial cutscene were very wierd - I just didnt know what I was supposed to do - I was used to very linear FPS type games and didnt understand why my character just stood there and nothing 'in-game' told me what to do. I didnt even understand the concept of the NPC and remember trying to have conversations with them thinking they were real people until I finally figured out green name meant computer person! I remember seeing a SAM early on that helped me do misson2-3?? at the Ghelsba Outpost in full AF - I thought it was so awesome. My first job was MNK - not sure why I picked this - think it might have been cause I thought MNK would be a sort of cleric job - helping people etc - lol I knew nothing of the term DD. I remember it took me the best part of a month to figure out the AH properly and getting gil was very tough. I can't remember the name but some guy once gave me 50,000 gil in West Ronfare very early on - I thought I was the richest person in Sandy at that point - but it was soon spent.

As time went on in those first few months I met one very good long term friend 'Morwen' - we both started at the same time but as she was a mage she was soon at 75 and I was struggling to get a party 40+ as a mnk so I changed to BST - my first adnvanced job. Thats the point where I really started to learn the game and understand it. Even though BST is still the leper of FFXI I am always proud that I did that job.

I stuck with BST for a couple of years and met most of my best friends in the game through it. One of them 'Jaizon' was an up and coming BST and even though he ended up far surpassing my achievements we always had a deep respect for each other and helped each other at the drop of a hat - like that for so many people. I remember being so ecstatic when we attempted to make an all pet linkshell and the first time we took down a HNM and did SKY. The thrill of new areas, finding new mobs and getting into unpredictable situations is what kept me going. The music is definately a memorable thing and I can still hum the original logon music - the one when you come out of Playonline when you see an area from the world for the first time - dum dum did dum, dum dum dum dum dum -da da da daaaaa did dum da da da da da. lol - well thats the best way I can write it.

I think the thing that really 'got me' about FFXI was the sheer complexity. After completing COP I was so excited I think I actually jumped for joy - that final cutscene was happy/sad for me. The main problems that I started to have was the amount of time that I needed to play the game - It was becoming a problem because I wasnt spending enough time with family etc [btw I've had two kids since starting play this game].

After nearly four years of playing I had four jobs at 75 and was starting to do end-game things but as soon as I heard about FFXIV I started to think what was the point of continuing on FFXI? I thought well I'll take a break from this for a year or so and then try it again...I just hope it doesnt completely take up too much of my life again. I still miss it but I have made a decision and I'm sticking to it. When I left I made a pact with some of my online friends that if we return and can choose the same names we will do and try and choose the first server alphabetically - I would love to see those guys again.

FFXI had a big impact on my life in terms of what I do for recreation and although it has its downsides I dont regret playing it and in fact am quite proud of my achievements and that I was part of it. I am so looking forward to FFXIV.

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I also miss that sense of wonder from the beginning. I started my first character in Sandy, a hume. A couple friends had played for about 6 months and convinced me to join. I remember it taking me about 10 minutes to figure out how to move. Then another half hour to get outside and start killing things. I believe it took me a week to get to level 10. I was always excited about new gear, to the point that as soon as I hit 24 I sold my lizard gear and bought 2 pieces of chainmail and did a party or two in just that until I could afford the rest. The run to Jeuno was rather exciting, I think it took me about an hour.

After I started dating my wife-to-be, turns out her roommate also played FFXI and we convinced her to join. This meant a server change for me, and I just created a new character to level with her. The lower levels went smoother the second time around, but post-Khazam was still kind of scary. I think the most awe-inspired moment was in the Hall of the Gods for the first time.

I think the strongest element of the game for me was the imagery. I love how the cities are designed (except for Bastok, never liked Bastok). In fact, playing in the Campaign battles nowadays I can get so upset at the ruin and turmoil of Windurst that I would have to stop and go back into the present and run around familiar old Windy.

I also love the interactions, the social aspect. Our favorite linkshell disbanded years ago, before our first year-long break. All but 3 people from that shell have left, and I miss them all very much. We came back and levelled with my friends who originally introduced us to the game, but I never liked the pace they set for exp parties. It was these certain days for such a length of time. I had just graduated and started working full time and keeping a game schedule was difficult. So we quit again. I actually just came back to the game just over a month ago. Felt the itch after reading up about FFXIV. Maybe I will finally get to 75!
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God I loved being a FFXI noob, best online gaming experience I ever had. Actual friendships evolving from a game. People helping each other on the way up. I hope FFXIV has the same experience, but I don't know if it is possible to recapture. Too many games have come out, too many of us have played them. For the FF community, this was our first online co-op outing, and it brought out the best in many.

So here is looking to a new generation of noobs, I hope to proudly rank amongst their numbers. (until I get an epic/relic/legendary/omgwtfbbq ... then I might just be jaded again).

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For those that are nostalgic of leveling in South Gustaberg like I am, I present to you the sounds of remembrance. Long live that once in a lifetime feeling of wonderment.
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There are many sounds I remember and this one is for you Sandy people!
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I guess it's safe to say that we're all VERY anxious to be a n00b again. =)
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Whenever something is new, you're always interested - after playing the game for a couple years you lose that sense of interest or wonder (obviously long before two years) and the game becomes routine - of course for most of us, we're still having fun with it, that's why we kept playing - for the rest of us it became a job, as if if I'm a level 75 everything, i'm #1 in the world...I love the sense of wonder you get with any new game, and FFXI was my first MMO and I ended up trying WoW after it and Guild Wars and hated both, so i kept coming back to FFXI until i eventually quit because it just took way too long a time to get anything done...getting to my point though, I loved exploring the first few months, and going to new areas; i remember Altepa and my first party there, god it was fun, but after that the game became routine and people dictated where you leveled at each and every level (i mean it was more like a law you had to follow - everyone at lv. 30is-35ish levelled in Garlaige Citadel etc.) lost its touch...i hope FFXIV is just as fun, or even better, than FFXI.
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Thanks a lot for digging this thread back up everyone (thanks yet again to Jayenel for starting this thread)...and great salutes to the added stories on here. Awww crap... you guys are gonna make me rant again lol.

Yeah, I'll shamelessly admit to having watched the trailers a few dozen times... matter of fact, the nostalgia here actually pushed and inspired me enough to begin a FFXIV blog. I kinda figured that even though I have close to 1,100 pics from FFXI, I wanna do it right this time and actually have a weekly documented update about my adventures in Eorzea.

Lemme stress this... the way FFXI affected me is unbelieveably unreal... no, seriously. I always wanted to explore, I wanted to socialize and join friends in being involved in the various storylines, I wanted to have engaging debates with other San'dorians why I felt Trion should be King and Pieuje should be the next Cardinal, I enjoyed hating Maat (and that VERY psychotic Naja), I enjoyed looking at Gilgamesh's gear just for drooling sake, I enjoyed having a deep emphathy for Luzaf & Rasfahd, I enjoyed protecting Gadalar and the other Serpent Generals in besieged...and the list goes on and on.

Just a few moments ago I just saw a paragraph in one of the above recent posts about Altepa (forgive me, can't remeber who posted it)... and I remember seeing a tornado for the first time while looking for Rabao. I remember being stunned while looking at that.... and also remember wandering into Kuftal Tunnel while trying to find Rabao the next time (cuz I was too skint to afford the maps).

And yes I agree with Gadhelyn, Khazam was VERY hellish. I mean, take for instance the hellish times of leveling 25 to 30 in Yuhtunga jungle back in 2004; those days, there was the usual MPK-ing (both intentional and unintentional) and then those bastid Gobs... anyone remember that? I was soooooooooooooo ****** at those Gobs that when I finally hit around lvl 55-ish, I actually went back to that jungle and spent almost a couple hours just killing gobs and lizards out of sheer spite.

These are the memories that carry on with you even after you leave the game and I have great confidence that Eorzea will do the same for all of us again... I definitely want that sense of kinship community that FFXI had pre-sky era. Already, I'm speculating what kind of governments the city-states will have; and if the Elezen will again have a monarchy (with a QUEEN this time, no less!). Questions like kind of Cid we'll have this time... Hyur? Elezen? Or a dual axe-weilding Moogle with goggles ftw? And I'm already speculating how I'll be a Blacksmithing Alchemist with Lancer-Archer-Darknight-Samurai abilities who will be loyal to the Elezen race to a shameless fault... (yes, I'm THAT eccentric).

My point is, if there is one thing SE have continued to be consistent about, it's their ability to create truly memorable characters that we always want to identify with... and I can't wait to see the next incarnation of heroes in Eorzea and eventually Hydaelyn.
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