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#1 Jun 19 2009 at 7:29 AM Rating: Good
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Since there's so many people coming up with ideas for the game I figured we need a ideas thread so here we go.

Ability points-You gain through missions and use to equip powers and traits you've learned. Some Examples: +stats- +hp/mp 10% cost 50AP,etc.
Powers- cure 1 cost 10AP, cure 2 cost 20AP, must equip 1 in order to equip 2 and so forth. Pet-100AP to equip, can choose what type such as tank, dd, support,etc. Can spend more AP to make pet stronger.
Specials- Cost 100AP to equip and have a 1 hour cool down time, can spend more AP to make them last longer or make them stronger. One of my own special ideas 'Time stop' for 10 seconds all enemies around you stop and can't move or attack.
Counters- Can spend more AP to make them more effective. Counterattack 50AP-10% chance to counter with weapon/'s in hand, Hp regain50AP- regain 1 hp every 3 seconds, etc
Weapon skills- H2H Combo 10AP, raging first 50AP, must equip the lower weapon skills in order to equip the high ones.
+Powers- +Fire damage 10% 50AP/ +sword damage 10% 50AP/ +combo damage 25% 50AP
Abilities & traits-Sneak attack 75AP/Treasure hunter 30AP/convert 200AP/etc
Just to name a few and give the general idea.

Weaknesses-If you choose you can equip a weakness in exchange for ability points, example: weakness to fire damage by 10% gain 50 ability points.

Chocobo training- Once you get a chocobo you can train it to run faster but also train it to walk on water or swim if game allows, all the way up to flight.

Titles-Like in fable you can buy titles which npc's will call your for example your title is hero, you talk to a npc and they say hello hero.

Honor points-Gain through various tasks. Can be used to purchase things like accessories. Accessories give bonuses like +stats, +elemental damages, +xp, etc. They can be leveled up using honor points making them more powerful.

World fair-Like in ff7 that one place can't remember the name where you can bet on chocobo races and play games. There would be rides, games, clubs like dancing where you can do special dances for example you type /dance club and you will do a dance only available at the club. A underground fight club where you can duel and fight people and what ever else you can think of, feel free to come up with your own ideas.

Card game-Like in past ff games we could bring back the card game where you if you lose the other play can take a card from you. Also you could trade in sets for prizes, for example you have 5 crawler cards which you can trade for a silk robe, etc.

Party search by %-One of the ways you can search for people will be by power percentage, for example your looking for a healer so you search healing %, you see at the top of the list healing 90%, this means this person has healed 90% of the time they've been playing. So an example of looking at a persons power percentage would be as follows- elemental 15%, sword 20%, buffing 35%, healing 30%. 35% being the highest means this person buffs more then anything else.

Reaction command- Maybe they could have a reaction command like in kingdom hearts so at certain points you and party members chain together special actions like a skill chain. So for example your behind an enemy with a tail and you see the reaction command and push it then you grab it's tail, then another person who is in front of it see's the command and if they push it in time the two of you make it trip over it's tail and it falls down.

Radio and tv- Like in GTA4 maybe we could have radios that we can attach to are chocobo's and listen to the radio, I can see it now 'Inforumnation where you get your news and entertainment. Also you can purchase a tv for you mog house to watch, it is FF where talking about here it's not like that can't do good animations and stories. Perhaps you can even upload your own music and animations for those who have talent. There would have to be a policy like no bad language, copy right material, bad audio, and it can't suck. Also if they do use your music or animation you get rewarded, maybe a reward point system where you can buy things like T shirts, coffee mugs, in game gil, or maybe if you have enough a free monthly play. This would rock, chill out at home and watch the tube or go for a cruise on you choco and listen to some tunes. To bad the reward points wouldn't apply to me I have no talents.

Anyways I'm just coming up with lots of ideas and loving the ideas others are coming up with. I'm just so excited about this game can't wait until it comes out. So lets hear those ideas people.

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#2 Jun 19 2009 at 7:33 AM Rating: Good
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i think thats why this whole forum exists -_-

but I'll bite.

mobile phone auction house application
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#3 Jun 19 2009 at 8:17 AM Rating: Good
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Kharmageddon wrote:
i think thats why this whole forum exists -_-

but I'll bite.

mobile phone auction house application

That would actually be really cool but i would imagine be really hard to program as people have many different phones with different operating systems. They'd have to port it form Windows Mobile to Android to IPhone OS to etc.

Massive detail enhancements. Ex: Battle damage(blood, broken armor, cracked sword, etc.), Character tripping randomly(but you can keep running), Goblins running and stealing your stuff(nothing too important) out of nowhere when you're not looking(of course you can run and chase him), Chocobo mounted battles, etc. there is a lot of small and big details that can be added.

Duel system.

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#4 Jun 19 2009 at 8:58 AM Rating: Decent
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Chocobo training- Once you get a chocobo you can train it to run faster but also train it to walk on water or swim if game allows, all the way up to flight.

Jesus Chocobos LoL.

I like the idea of being able to fly on my own power. I know it's unfeasible to give everyone their own personal airship, so Black flying chocos will have to do.

World fair is a good idea. There should be more mini games.

I also like having the arena, where people can PvP.

Titles would rock, but I don't know about buying them. I agree that NPC's should call you by your title.

I want some voice acting...keyword "some." Tales of Vesperia had a good balance between listening to and reading text.

More quests/missions/backstories, with more rewards, including xp/ap, gil, gear, and abilities. I think there should be a real sense of accomplishment through completing missions, stories, quests, etc. through growth/progression of the character.

No 6 hour chocobo quest. I don't mind a minimum level to ride, but that quest was absolutely ridiculous, and I know most would agree with me.

Balance jobs out more evenly, so everyone's job is given equal respect when determining who to invite for a group.
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#5 Jun 19 2009 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
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Thought about pvp and came up with this.
War zones kingdom vs. kingdom face each other on a massive battle field, a zone with no monsters. The winner is the side the scores the most kills which is tallied every 30 min the kingdom that wins gains 10% increase in respect and the losers lose 10% respect. (Kingdoms gain respect 0-100% ever 1% of respect for your kingdom increases every ones stats in that kingdom by .5%, Max +50% increase. So if you have 100% the other kingdoms would have 0% which they probably won’t let happen.)
The players on the winning team gain some gil, some honor points and are rewarded items, the longer you’ve been there and more you helped out increases the % chance you get an item, more gil, and honor points. The side that has less people receive a increase in stats the more the other side has the more your stats increase.
Just an idea for pvp that wouldn't effect the rest of the game with just 1 zone to fight in,with a tally every 30 minutes you don't have to have a start and stop time, and a increase in stats for kingdoms with less people would even up the odds. Plus with prizes and respect on the line people would desire to pvp since it would effect everyone.
#6 Jun 19 2009 at 12:29 PM Rating: Default
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I think thf's should be able to steal from players...and if they are caught they would have to either give the stuff back or (if the victim desires) battle the other player in an epic PvP fight where each player is forced to put up all the gil they currently hold on their persons! (I hope you can store gil in ur mog house this time out^^) I originally thought of this idea to cut down on RMT's, its definatly not fool proof...But doesnt it sound like a fun idea lol.
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#7 Jun 19 2009 at 1:14 PM Rating: Decent
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Probably would be better if players had hidden random items on them that they don't know about. So you steal from a person and get some gil or maybe a good item but it doesn't take away from them. Also to make sure it's not abused you can only steal from 3 people (not including mobs just people) an hour. That way you don't get LS members together and just steal from each other to take advantage of the system.
#8 Jun 20 2009 at 7:59 PM Rating: Decent
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Was playing oblivion and I thought what if this game had a make your own spell system. Example: slow for 20 seconds on foe, paralyze for 20 seconds on foe, regain 10 hp a second on self for 20 seconds +10foot radius(area effect).
So you can choose your spell, how powerful you want it, how long it's effects last, AoE distance, etc. Not sure if it would even be possible but it would be kind of cool.
#9 Jun 21 2009 at 4:04 AM Rating: Decent
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Bring back the materia system, while typing this i am playing ff7 on my ps3 and i forgot just how totally awsome this game really is... Poor poor Aris... i just got her 4th limit break and then she had to die, what a waste i say..
#10 Jun 21 2009 at 8:09 PM Rating: Decent
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Awesome ideas and I thought I'd humbly toss one or two ideas I hope to see implemented.

First off, I know well have large expansive cities and an example is taken from here (some other korean mmorpg in the works; scroll the video to 2.18 and see what I mean by "expansive cities")

Secondly, will we ever have personal homes and more furniture (obtained through questing or purchasable) or is this not a feasible idea? If yes, can we also please have outdoor gardens like the “planted-in-rows” type found in Rolanberry field? At least if not personal homes, then Linkshell-Houses and/or linkshell exclusive areas; which can be upgraded/ expanded through quests or purchasable items. I found a good example of this while playing the ps2 game “.hack//roots/Rebirth and Reminensce” (a Bandai-Namco MMORPG-related game with a storyline that has surprising similarities to FFXI). On that game, the two most powerful guilds actually had guild-exclusive areas the size of small cities… and I just thought it was an interesting theme that SE could look into.

Will we ever have Linkshell Shops? I mean, can’t linkshells, clans or guilds go on certain hunts, get a “sellable” rare/ex item and do financial or barter trade with another linkshell? Could this ruin the economy or help forge great community relations between guilds and players?

My next question is whether the “Gambit” style of play (introduced in FFXII) will be possible on FFXIV? Or will it compromise security systems and enhance cheating/hacking/botting?

Is it possible that in FFXIV, Square Enix perhaps introduces an affordable method of “hiring” and/or renting NPCs for "leveling", quests or missions? The NPC Adventurer-Fellow Buddy system in FFXI was a great start and perhaps adding one more NPC (therefore making it two per player) could help solo-oriented players. Also increasing their time duration to perhaps 3 hours will be quite appreciated. If it’s a feasible notion and the game dynamics can handle it, I'd like to see this.

Will we have an "Eorzean Tribune" (just like the “Vana’diel Tribune II”?) I think I asked this somewhere else on the board. I felt it was an excellent journal, superbly written in a fun, witty way; and was highly informative.

Will SE introduce a system that will allow players to change their facial and hair color/appearance? I'm positive that character customization will likely be very expansive from the start but will we have to option to change the appearance of our characters say like 3 months down the line? This is another aspect that could help to constantly “refresh” the game.

Will we have personal (or linkshell-joint-owned pirate ships)? Or will game system "limitations" prevent this?

These are just a few of the ideas, speculations and questions I have floating around my head while I wait for FFXIV and it'll be intresting to see if some of tese ideas materialize.

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#11 Jun 21 2009 at 8:18 PM Rating: Good
I'd like if it had more references to like other games or something. You know small things that make you smile. I say games because if it was cultural references most of us would nto get them because the game is from Japan. But if they like mention things from like CT or other final fantasies here and there (like the spoony bard thing) I think it adds to the flavor of the game. Like having NPCs that can sort of be compared to characters in other Final Fantasies.. like say there's an artist whos a little girl, or something and you help her on a quest, obviously shes like Relm from FFVI.

additions like this do nothing to take away from the story and it gives players a sense of nostalgia.
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#12 Jun 21 2009 at 9:31 PM Rating: Decent
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My idea is to make it the best Final Fantasy Ever. And in order to do that it HAS to be online.

(wait... the developers already said that is what it is going to be?)


(they didn't think the FF movie was good did they? or the majority of the crystal chronicles games right? Or the Mystic Quest game? Or the Chocobo Dungeon? Or Ehrgiez?)

****... what do they think is the best FF game possible... They better be looking at US II and III, FFVII, and FFX imo...

Cuz US III (JP FFVI right?) was the best final fantasy ever.
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I would like something like this,

A linkshell "owns" a town. They get to set the taxes (nothing to ridiculous) and that money is split between all the members of the LS.

EX: One LS "owns" San'Doria and another LS "owns" Bastok.

And in each town is a Township battle Moderator. An NPC that handles Township Battles. So another LS can come into San'Doria and challenge for ownership.

I actually got this concept from a game called Rohan Bloodfeud but I like that. It's a good way to keep people active and it gives LSs more to do then just talk or help others with quests.
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#14 Jun 21 2009 at 9:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Invites- Be able to invite from ANYWHERE!!!! not just zones that are next to each other.

Change to chocobos- Use them anywhere and when ever you want... no 5-20 min cooldown or w/e it was with only 20 charges... Be able to use your chocobo when ever you want. how ever many times you want.

Auction House- Make city AH's linked and make it so you can put up how ever many things you want.(and so prices for crying out loud, its not an auction house if multiple people cant bid on one item.)

Im tired of these one mob rights over and over and over and over and over... make it so partys can go to dungeons and fight your way through with bosses that drop things.(yes I know wowish but dammit its freaking awesome and a much needed change, if I have to fight 600 colibri in a row again ill kill myself)

More airships/transportation- airships take FOREVER and walking takes for ever. If your trying to get 5-6 zones away there should be a better way then to walk.

for the love of god no CoP!!!

let us jump... while were at it let us roll forward when we are running as a semi dash move lol just for kicks.

Glow- sounds strange right? but really things that glow are cool. Like if you get a gem put on your weapon or an enchantment of some sort it should glow.

If I think of some later ill post more.
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A crafting system made for crafters, not just usefull for the endgame crowd and a few lucky putzes (to many rare mob bits required to make gear people expected one to wear *points at the scorpian harness*).. I miss Vanguards crafting :P.

Cloathing I can wear for the purpose of wearing something not armor. I like haveing a big wardrobe.

Cities worthy of spending time to explore, Windy was the best of the starting cities for this but Jueno was sad considering just how big it was suposed to be.

Moderate customisation at least, I didn't realy like looking like a clone mithra.

#16 Jun 22 2009 at 2:10 PM Rating: Good
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That would actually be really cool but i would imagine be really hard to program as people have many different phones with different operating systems. They'd have to port it form Windows Mobile to Android to IPhone OS to etc.

what if it was web-based? just about any smart phone has some sort of web browser application.
#17 Jun 24 2009 at 10:36 AM Rating: Good
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What about the ability to show/hide your helmet? In many fantasies, the hero is marked by not wearing the helmet so you can see his face.
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