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#1 Jun 19 2009 at 9:34 AM Rating: Decent
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What kinda battle system are you hoping for in FFXIV?

The FFXI system with auto attacks and pseudo real-time actions (Weapon skills, Magic) access via menus/macros

Traditional MMO battles with real time skills access via hotbar clicks or button presses.

Or action battles that are similar to console gaming, where you have attacks assigned to button presses.

I myself am hoping for a mix of the FFXI system (i love the menus) and an action battle system. with a targetless/targetable melee/magic system. (where you can target if you want to hit certin mobs, or just swing away at a grp and can connect with whatever is in your arc)

I was kinda thinking an action system would be kinda hard to pull off. especially for choosing magic attacks. But I thought they could implement a fairly basic system for casting: you have four face buttons on standard controllers. each button could corrispond to a differnt element in that catagory and the longer you hold the button you charge the cast (like yuo wind up for cast). and you can choose differnt catagories via the left or right bumper buttons.

as you choose magic skills an icon scrolls to let you know what catagory you are in and a helpful reminding icon pops up letting you know what button corrisopnds to what"

air Esuna Paralyze
earth fire Cure Cleanse Slow Blind
water raise Gravity

well that didn't work. just imagine somewhere on your screen the square triangle circle X diagram with spell types in place of the shapes.

example: you target a mob. and you are currently in "Healing" catagory. you press the left bumper and it scrolls to "Elemental" now the Square button: is earth, triangle: air, circle: fire, and X: water. you press and hold the triangle button and a bar with 5 ticks appears on screen:


each bar is a tier of magic.
you charge to tier 3:

(xxx/xxx/xxx/-4-/-5-): Aero3

you charge to 5:

(xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx): Tornado

if you need to switch over to healing you bump over to your healing catagory.

For melee it would work the same. maybe you can have differnt stances you can choose from with the bumpers and you can press the buttons for quick attacks or charge them for "Weaponskills"

Things like regen, refresh, bar spells and bar songs (Buffs) could be accessed via the menu and in my world would last longer (30 mins +) . or are "Aura" type
effects and last for the duration that person is in a grp with you.

Thoughts and Ideas anyone?

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Edited, Jun 19th 2009 10:36am by SevenLittleChipmunks
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lol i just thought of somethign increadibly cool. At least to me.

Take a note from FFXI and FF:CC

what if you can combine spells to make differnt effects? Like a spell skill chain. Maybe if you have two casters, and each fires off a fire spell it creates a -GA type spell. or maybe as a solo caster you can press and hold two buttons lets say earth and ice and cast "Gravity"

Melee fighters can press buttons in sequence to create combs: light light med heavy and preform an AOE attack at the end.

FFXIV has it's first official RMT'r: Zyuu
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