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#1 Jun 20 2009 at 7:32 AM Rating: Good
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I've seen some ideas floating around about possibly including a Hunter's Guild or "Marks system" of some sort, like the one in Final Fantasy XII, so I decided to write out some ideas about how it might work. This is just speculation and brainstorming on my part, so feel free to discuss it and share your own ideas, and criticize or praise mine as you see fit.

New Trade skill Hunter's Guild - Designed at its core to be very much like the other trade skills, with levels that raise by performing guild related tasks, and being able to do better guild related things at higher levels, but focused on hunting monsters rather than crafting/fishing/mining type things. Basically, it would work like the system in FFXII, where you commission a hunt by checking a notice board in a pub, accepting the hunt, finding the NPC who posted the hunt on the board, confirming quest details, then finding and defeating the enemy, then returning to the NPC for your reward. But it would be modified somewhat to work well with a MMO environment.

1. Find the Guild Hall (perhaps have one in every town instead of only in a certain town for easier access; could make it a story related thing to add to the depth like it did in FFXII; like the governments of the world support it as a way to keep Notorious Monsters and the like under control since they can be a threat to people, and alleviate the stress of having to spend government money and taxes to send soldiers, so they supported the forming of the guild as a separate independent organization in the world, kind of like the Tenshodo in FFXI, to allow adventurers privileges to hunt them instead) and talk to the Guild Master NPC to join.

2. Once you are in, go find a notice board in a pub or public place. Unlike in FFXII, perhaps the notice boards would not have the same marks on each one, to encourage people to explore the other towns, and it would also make sense, one mark might not really affect people in another town as much, and the locals would only post it locally. But there could be really bad marks that either a particularly desperate client wanted gone so bad that he posted it on every notice board he could find, or that affect all the towns, or maybe the governments are having trouble and they posted a request themselves, that can be found on most/any notice board.

3. Find an NM that you want to kill. Information would be sketchy. Level of the NM and difficulty, etc., would not be shown. You'd have to use your own judgment. Maybe some subtle hints could be given in the NPC's request, and perhaps more when you talk to the NPC in person, but nothing would be known for certain, you'd have to see for yourself. However, depending on your level (or "progress") some NMs may not appear on the list for you. Or maybe they appear, but the client will turn you down, not believing you can handle it, until you get to a greater level of advancement.

4. Once the client accepts you, details known by the client will be given to you. "I was attacked in this area at this location" or "I saw it near -insert area related landmark here like a waterfall or something-" "but it seems to appear only in rainy weather" or something similar to this. In other words, some would be already waiting at a designated spot where it likes to prowl, others would be hidden and require special conditions to be met before it appears. Could be anything, the weather, other monsters present/not present, killing monsters of the same family as the mark, not killing monsters of the same family as the mark, the mark fears a certain other creature so you have to kill all of those that are nearby, and so on, the possibilities are endless. However, the marks should not appear unless you have the quest for hunting it flagged with the appropriate NPC. And if more people are hunting it, it will have a low respawn timer so eventually you will get your chance.

5. Once the Mark has been found, the battle begins.. or maybe not. Perhaps while some are ready to rumble right away, others might have to be chased down. Or perhaps getting it to appear doesn't matter unless it likes you, or something you have. Maybe an item is needed to make it appear in Step 4 above, or perhaps that item isn't needed to get it to appear, but to get it to stay put. Basically, adding an element of strategy to it beyond just mere combat strategy. And while many marks could be potentially soloed, there would be certain ones that would need a group. Imagine a chocobo NM for example, that runs really fast, and you have to basically get it cornered. One person could not possibly run that fast or head it off, but a group, working together, could corner it. Then maybe, you need to put some greens down to make it stay put, so you can begin to fight it. As long as the greens are in effect, it would stay and fight. But when the greens wear, you either have to drop some more before the previous greens fade or you'll have to repeat the chase. Just a basic example, there is considerable room for many many more possible mark types and strategies, and if this was implemented, more marks could be designed and added in future updates.

6. After defeating the mark, you return to the NPC. Perhaps a key item or one rare/ex item for every member who assisted is dropped upon its defeat. Then, everyone returns to the questgiver and turns in the item. The questgiver gives a reward (an item of some sort, the harder the mark the better the item) and you are rewarded some gil and exp in addition to the exp you obtained when you defeated the mark.

7. Defeating marks earns you guild points. These guild points can be used to purchase special gear and items available only at the guild. Being a hunter's guild, most of these items could be nice rare/ex equipment for various jobs to use. Perhaps you could buy other things though, like an enhancement to your map that places a marker where the mark(s) you have flagged are said to spawn, or some other utilities to help you in your hunts. After gaining so many points you rank up in the guild, and can take on harder marks. In addition, as your fame in the guild increases with rank up, sometimes the guild will ask you to hunt a special mark that can't be found on the notice board. These marks would be far harder than the 'normal marks' on the notice board, but would give very nice EXP, money, and guild points when defeated. And the guild would reward you with a fittingly nice reward based on the difficulty of the mark. The rewards for these special marks would be generally far nicer than most of the notice board marks. As your character's personal level/growth/whatever it is rises, and as your guild rank rises, so too does your fame in the hunters world. Sometimes, an NPC might approach you, or some NPCs might say different things to you, asking you to hunt a mark that isn't posted, opening special "Independent Hunts" that sort of fall outside the Guild's jurisdiction. These would be special rare hunts that give the usual EXP, item and money rewards, and in addition, would earn you a great deal more guild points than normal, because you introduced a new monster to the guild that it wasn't aware of. This would earn you special fame in the guild and could even be a springboard to yet more hunts in the future. Certain marks could give you perhaps a new title too, if there is going to be titles again.

8. Marks are repeatable. That way, you can relive some of the best marks, and also repeating marks will make it easier to earn guild points towards the item you want and to the next rank up.
#2 Jun 20 2009 at 7:45 AM Rating: Decent
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Good work! I like the FF XII system myself, and have been advocating for it since I began posting. I'd be one of the first in line to sign up for the Hunter's Guild.

I'd like to add:

Once you kill said NM, you get a title, which NPC's would address you by, and every real player can see when they examine you.
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#3 Jun 20 2009 at 7:49 AM Rating: Decent
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I like the idea of the hunter's guild, but I had another idea about it. I am really hoping for a clan system in this game. This system is separate from the linkshell system of ffxi. In the clan system, a person with enough support can buy a building and start a clan. The building would have many uses besides being a meeting point. It would be nice if examinable lists and charts would be placed on the wall. These lists could contain clan charters, a roster including ranks, and a list of quests.

At certain times during the week, a list gets updated with a quest your clan can partake in, these quests can take anywhere from one (such as a delivery quest or kill/gather items) to alliances full of people (such as an instanced dynamis). Doing the quests gives your clan points, and gives the people who complete them points next to their name on the roster. Your clan's points can be used to purchase quests/items to spawn named monsters with back-stories which drop skin/bones/etc that you can bring back for proof that is then made into items. An individual's points would be used in the lotting system.

I believe given the right tools, a clan system would be a beautiful addition to the game that allows even people with little time to grow close to a group and help the group prosper.

Lol, I said this less than 15 minutes ago, If you wanted to talk about / add on to the ideas we were talking about, you really didn't a new thread. Still, I think the idea of making it clan specific a little better. I think it would give many people who don't socialize much or don't have much time a suitable way to participate in a group and contribute/get rewarded fairly despite any levels. This would also help keep groups together, as the group can grow from beginners to endgame and not need an "endgame" clan.

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#4 Jun 20 2009 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
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Sounds like a good idea but one glaring whole. How do you keep other people from killing your NM before you get to it?
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#5 Jun 20 2009 at 8:47 AM Rating: Decent
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Sorry, you're right, I should have just posted it in the other thread. Just thought it might be more appropriate to have a topic dedicated to the Guild idea itself, and not just Legendary Monsters. Wasn't trying to steal the idea or anything.

As for claiming the NM, I'm not too sure, other than to make it where it has a low respawn timer. Maybe have it spawn in multiple locations or something. Or set a limit on how many times individual players can kill it in a certain time period so there is no over camping and everyone has a decent shot at claiming it. And you would have to be flagged with the quest giver before you could touch it.
#6 Jun 20 2009 at 9:33 AM Rating: Decent
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Ive never really done a craft, I have always just hunted the nm's, barely ever had more than 20k up to lvl 70 too^^, But I just never had the patience for the crafts. I would really like to see hunters craft implemented I like the idea, But i wonder if it will draw to many people away from the other crafts and we won't be able to get the other items we need, or these items could become super inflated. Then again who's to say their will be crafting at all^^
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#7 Jun 20 2009 at 9:55 AM Rating: Decent
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I think it would be interesting if the nm in question would sometimes need to be chased down after found, like it is trying to flee. It would constantly stop and use abilities to slow you down such as causing quicksand to appear in your path or other hurdles, knocking over trees and finally increased movement speed for a short time while zig zagging into dangerous territory. If you do get a title, it would be neat to have time it took to catch said nm be posted on the hunter guild board for others to see. There would also have to be some way that the nm would raise in difficulty depending on how much more advanced you were compared to others who tried it, perhaps tiered fights of the same nm which gives different titles and seperate times as well as different items given.
#8 Jun 20 2009 at 10:20 AM Rating: Decent
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This is an idea of pure win, Faldein. I seriously enjoyed many many things about FFXII and the Hunter's Guild dynamics was definitely one of them (it effortlessly added another 70+ hours to the game --at least!). It was a blast having to go to the Hunter's Guild in (Phon's Coast?); and the whole process for the Clan Centurio hunts were also excellently structured. Applying the system into FFXIV would not only expand the fun factor exponentially, but also curb potential RMT activity and or monopolization by other players.

*(Stares again at the OP's posts)* Yeah, that's just spot on and I'd heavily advocate for a hunting system like this on Haiderin.
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The ONLY way this would work is if NM spawn was claimed to you so no one can jack it from you . Because people would camp hunt locations and steal spawns.
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Yeah, I also really enjoyed the Hunt system in FFXII, probably more than the main game itself. It was fun tracking them down, then having to figure out how to get them to show up.

I like your idea zeroskillkyrios of having a kind of Leaderboard where other Guild members can see your hunting stats. It would be cool to see all the top hunters in the Guild with the best times and most marks slain, etc. And what you said about the NM doing things to slow you down reminds me a lot of the Cactoid hunt in FF12, how it runs away from you, causing you to chase it and make a chain of mobs lol.

As for the other crafts (if any) I dunno if having a Hunter's Guild would affect them, maybe not, since they are about making things and not killing things. Seems like most people craft either for profit or just for something different, from what I can see, so I don't think it would hurt them IMO.

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#11 Jun 20 2009 at 12:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Love it great idea very well done. I thought about a honor point system but guild points sounds better, you could use them to buy special accessories that you can level up using guild points making them stronger. Accessories like +hp, +str, +fire damage, etc.
Though I am concerned about people camping the NM's, any ideas to fix this problem.
#12 Jun 20 2009 at 2:55 PM Rating: Good
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I like this idea too. I never crafted a single thing or did any trades in FFXI. All I ever did for gil was BCNM, KSNM, ENM, and a metric **** ton of NM hunting. I had decent luck with NM hunting, and if you kept at it the gil wasn't too bad. But just like with crafting, for it to be effective for making gil, you had to work at it on a regular basis. Made some very nice profits here and there and had lots of fun duoing and trioing KA, Sim, Bune, Behemoth, Sozu Sarberry, CC, and Serket. However, once the economy turned to crap, the drop rate to returns ratio went straight to ****. It became worthless in most cases because of the diminishing returns for such large amounts of time spent camping on a near daily basis. Even if you had a dry spell (no claim or no drop), before the economy went to ****, you would make it up with time.

In answer to the question about what to do about camping/stealing issues, the answer is simple. Just make it a popable NM. When you accept a "mark" as a target for the guild you get a key item to spawn it. That way the challenge is can you make it to the NM? Can you kill it? I see no reason why you would have to camp it, if the only thing it gives you is another key item that you use to get guild points. It would still be a challenge and take a while to get enough points for a item.

That being said, they already have systems similar to this in FFXI now. Assaults and Einherijar(spelling)both have you do short challenges that give you points that you can save for pieces of equipment. I mean I know it isn't the same thing but it is similar. The major difference is this guild idea would be ,"exp", NM specific, and more story? I think gil is asking too much. If any profit is to be made, let it be with the hard earned guild points. That way you could get gil, but would be forced too choose between that and gear. Also, the gil rewards would need to be somewhat limited to keep it fair to the other crafters/traders. In other words, this shouldn't be something that greatly outshines all other crafts or trades. It should just be another option for those of us that hate crafting and tradeskills. I want to fight and kill stuff, and I see no reason why I can't make decent gil doing it. The same thing applies to the crafters/traders though, as well. They like crafting and tradeskills, and want to make money at it, so they should not be forced to go kill NMs for profit if they don't like it.
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#13 Jun 21 2009 at 4:45 AM Rating: Good
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a good solution would make the NM not give and exp or drops when it is killed, or make it so only ppl on the quest can aggro it.
if you are on the quest and you kill it you can get your reward when you return to the NPC exp/gil/items so it doesnt need to really drop anything.
and would push ppl that are waiting for it to spawn to maybe team up and kill it together since there wont be any greed involved

i would love to see this in ffxiv, i just started Xii a cpl days ago and i am loving most of the content in it so i hope to see some of it in xiv
#14 Jun 21 2009 at 11:20 AM Rating: Decent
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quick solutions to prevent people from stealing the mob your after, or reducing the frustration.

1 have the monsters be force poped 100% drop on a "Trophy" item to prove you killed it.
2 easy spawn conditions, take the silk caterpillar in rolanberry. it spawns every time an airship flys over head. yes it will suck to have a monster snaked out from under you. how ever you will get another shot at it in a short amount of time, and it keeps the thrill of the hunt aspect of the xi nm system

now i would be all for a free for all with training wheels for the low teir monsters, how ever high tier mobs should be force poped. and most importantly allow this system to be accessible to every one. from day one noobs to grizzled vets

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