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We are all going to play this game right?Follow

#1 Jun 21 2009 at 9:25 PM Rating: Sub-Default
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We are all going to play FFXIV right? I mean, SE already has everyone's cash in their pockets if they are posting here?
The only question being 'how long will we keep paying'.

So how about less ******** and a little more feedback on what we would like? We know they sometimes skim threads looking for ideas.

I think FFXI's last 3 years were full of testing for what would work with the FF online community, and the changes made in the last couple of years were tests to see what would be popular. Sorry if you quit the game, or are primarily a WOW, AOC, WAR, etc player. The last few years have seen many MAJOR changes in FFXI.

Most of the complaints about FFXI I have seen posted here are dated ie: 'No way to play with your friends of other levels.' 'Beastmen never invaded a city' 'I spent too long lfp' 'not enough solo play'.

Some of the complaints were ignored by SE because they had fundamentally affected FFXI, but they also recognized the problem and probably learned from it, but it was simply too late to change in FFXI without completely rewriting the game. IE: 'Blink tanks/utsusemi is broken' 'Burn parties are broken' 'Gear swapping is broken'

'Gear swapping broken' leading to 'not enough inventory'... even though the actual amount of inventory available to your character is not that much different from other MMOs, it was just the amount you needed to have at any given moment, stemming from the gear swap problems.

They already have our cash for at least 2-3 months, so lets focus on feedback. I saw a number of good threads in this forum die in order to be replaced by new threads purely focused on complaints, or how we should swim, or how we should eat, or how we should be.........

actually just let this thread die too. It is just another in a sea of useless crap that will inevitably replace a thread that actually had good ideas.

But they already have our cash right? If you had no intent of playing FFXIV then why did you read this forum?
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Shazaamemt wrote:
So how about less ******** and a little more feedback on what we would like? We know they sometimes skim threads looking for ideas.

I don't think you get that the two are the same.
Shazaamemt wrote:
'Beastmen never invaded a city'

Lol no. If you ask someone what made them leave FFXI and start playing Lotro I bet you're not going to hear "Cause the beastmen never invaded the city! Why didn't the beastmen invade the city? I would still be playing FFXI if only the beastment had invaded the city!"

Leveling with friends was more of a general MMORPG complaint rather than an FFXI specific one. Still it is creepy how SE has done the best job of addressing this issue. Way to very selectively succeed.
Shazaamemt wrote:
'I spent too long lfp' 'not enough solo play'.

It's still an issue. Fellowship NPCs helped this, but it's still much slower than in a party.
Shazaamemt wrote:
actually just let this thread die too. It is just another in a sea of useless crap that will inevitably replace a thread that actually had good ideas.

This is a useless thread. You're complaining about the lack of suggestions for FXIV when you can't get more than 3 threads down the forum list without finding one full of ideas for FFXIV. You're complaining about the lack of food at a ballpark as a man walks down the aisles shouting "Hot dogs. Get 'em while they're hot!" mumbling to yourself about how much you wished they served hot dogs.

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#3 Jun 21 2009 at 9:56 PM Rating: Excellent
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Hey, you posted, so I'm replying.

The chances that I'm playing are super high; but we don't know much yet, so I can't rule out that there might be something fundamental about the game that will rule it out for me.

I mean, as much as I love Final Fantasy, what if...I don't know, they take on Peter Molyneux as co-producer? Well, even in that case I'd give it a try, but.

What's going to keep me playing?

-Fantastic character customization and more options as I level up, as an extra incentive to keep playing. This isn't just a "side issue" for me. This represents how attached I'll get to my character and how much I'll care about them advancing. In general the more someone can create they like, the more likely they are to attach to it, so it is important to a degree for all players.

-Playing with people, especially ones I know. What's most likely to keep me playing this game for a long time is if my friends continue to play it past launch, or if I actually somehow manage to make friends in game that accord with my interests and attitude. For the former to happen, the game is just going to have to engage my friends that thought the game was "too slow" before. I don't necessarily think this means the game has to be "faster". I like not racing to endgame. I think the game will just need to keep the attention of these players better somehow, and help them appreciate the atmosphere that was such a big draw of FFXI (but not very underlined for players not inclined to enjoy it).

-Content that I can do and progress in on my own. I can't always play with friends, and playing with strangers isn't usually that pleasant. I don't want to be able to play the whole game alone or totally ownz the game solo. I just want to be able to play and enjoy the game when no one's around...doing something more active than "click button, craft something".
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#4 Jun 21 2009 at 10:13 PM Rating: Decent
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Giving this game a shot no matter what, and by the title you've listed, it seems like you're going to play also. "We are all going to play this game, right?". Answer: WTFAREYOUCRAZYYESS!!111

Now that your question is answered, is there anything else?

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#5 Jun 21 2009 at 10:20 PM Rating: Good
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Forums are forums. There will always be an element of people who cling to arguments and old ideas long beyond the point where they're relevant. We've already seen an evolution in these forums in the short weeks since FFXIV has been announced. I would expect that every day between now and TGS will see new threads created to discuss things that have already been discussed. I fully expect that people will be arguing right up until the first reports start coming out of the beta regarding what the specific mechanics of the game actually involve. Even then, there will be those who aren't going to be satisfied and will argue straight up until launch about how much they hope SE changes this or excludes that or adds this before the game goes live.

And then when the game goes live, the naysayers will finally be left with no option but to ****** off because live games tend not to see major overhauls for the first few months and the people who actually enjoy the new offering will be liberal with the red arrows and scathing rebukes.

Then we can get down to the business of complaining about PUGs, poking fun at people for not reading stickies, and generally doing what people do in game forums.

Lamenting the state of the forums with the expectation that every day will bring quality new threads with intelligent discussions is not helpful. It is what it is.
#6 Jun 21 2009 at 10:43 PM Rating: Decent
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ya.. I'll play this game untill my life is ruined... Then play some more... I was addicted to ffxi and I'm guessing the same for ffxiV
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