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Could the old way work for summoners?Follow

#1 Jun 24 2009 at 2:35 AM Rating: Good
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Just spend your mp, the avatar comes out, does his thing, and then goes away. It's just a simplified version of the summon, bp, release maneuver anyway. Increase the damage, and the mp cost, and the casting time. Putting up big damage numbers in one shot is what summoners were all about. Throwing in some healing, buffing, and status effect type summons would give the job some versatility.

The downside would be not having Carby walking beside me anymore.
#2 Jun 24 2009 at 3:20 AM Rating: Good
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I actually enjoyed Summoner in XI, but in XIV I'm hoping they do one thing:

Remove the perp cost, weaken the summoner, strengthen the summons. Make the avatar spells and attacks the main focus of the job. Don't allow Summoner to just be a backseat healer.

(Also I hope Carby does return.)

Edit: Oh, I see what you're saying.

You're saying that instead of being a pet class, use summons in the traditional sense. I suppose that could work, but what really differentiates them from a Black Mage, in that case?

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#3 Jun 24 2009 at 3:58 AM Rating: Decent
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I've tried to stop myself from speculating but seeing this thread popped an idea that I think would allow a summoner to become more unique and more of a summoner not a Black Mage that uses avatars to cast devastating Spells.
---Sorry for long post I'll make a cliffnote at the bottom---

Avatar Harmonization:
--As time progresses with an avatar out they gain new abilities,
lower MP perpetualization cost, and increase Loyalty Rating.

--Loyalty Rating is lowered when an avatar is felled in combat
Lower Loyalty increases MP cost and weakens the harmonization process

--When an avatar is unsummoned the harmonization begins to slowly decay
til it reaches 0 but with higher loyalty the rate of which harmonization
is maxed is sped up


Shiva Harmonization with Player=Player LV

Shiva:Harmonization 0%

Attributes:Same as player
Perp Cost=10 MP/tick


Attributes:HP,STR, DEX, INT 5%
Abilities:Slap, Frost
Per Cost:8 MP/tick


Attributes:STR, DEX, 7%,HP, INT 10%
Abilities:Slap, Frost, Ice
Per Cost:6 MP/tick


Attributes:VIT 5%, STR DEX 10%,HP, INT 15%
Abilities:Slap, Frost, Ice, Blizzaga
Per Cost:4 MP/tick


Attributes:VIT 7%, STR DEX 15%,HP, INT 25%
Abilities:Slap, Frost, Ice, Blizzaga, Diamond Dust(Reduces Harmonization back to 0)
Per Cost:2 MP/tick

--Loyalty Increases Rate which harmonization is raised and Base Attributes--


Attributes:HP, STR, DEX, INT, *5%
Abilities:Access to Single Target elemental during any Harmonization(of appropriate lv)
Perp Cost -1

Attributes:STR, DEX 7%, HP, INT, *10%
Abilities:Access to any aga elemental during harmonization(of appropriate lv)
Perp Cost -1

Attributes:VIT 5%, STR, DEX 10%, HP, INT, *15%
Abilities:Reduce Harmonization lost through DD by 25%
Perp Cost -1

Attributes:VIT 7%, STR, DEX 15%, HP, INT, *25%
Abilities:Reduce Astral Drained downtime by 50%
Perp Cost -1

--Stronger skills are obtained through fighting alongside your avatar--
Basically gain AP to invest into the different skills of an Avatar

Shiva's Skills:
Slap<auto Attack>,Axe Kick,Double Slap, Rush,Heavenly Strike:2.5k,7.5k,15k,45k
Blizzard 2,3,4:10k,20k,40k
Blizzaga 2,3,4:15k,30k,60k
Diamon Dust(Focus):Concentrate DD on one target=10k
Aura Boost x:Focus on one aura to boost it's effect but negates the other auras=10k

Ice Queen=Aura that improves Ice dmg to those around her
Ice Barrier=Aura that Increases MAG DEF against Ice

List of SMN Abilities:
Guardian's Shield:Avatar absorbs damage taken to SMN -toggle-
Astral Recovery:Regain MP (Based on day/weather and avatar out basically
same day/double/avatar=++++ MP regain
different=Normal MP regain
conflicting=-- Less MP gained)
Avatar Possession:Enhance Users Skills by becoming united with avatar
(50% of avatar's attributes gained, gain avatar's spells
(except Diamond Dust),
spell cast time reduced 75% for their element and
able to cast on the move,Last until Harmonization
reaches 0 in which user leaves the posession
state and goes into an Astral Drained State
in which MP can't be recovered for 5 mins)


I know I'm basing this on a level system since it's easier to see a change in stats through level even though XIV might not be using levels. Basically the way I see the Summoner as someone who should work to gain respect with their avatar. They start down a rough rode always having to become compatible with the avatar slowly before gaining the full use of them. As they use the avatar in battle the avatar becomes more Loyal with the Summoner causing the SMN to have an easier time handling the avatar aka lower perp cost and the avatar itself becomes stronger.

With Loyalty lowering when an avatar is defeated in combat I wanted to prevent users from having an avatar out as a pulling tool to just die to avoid links. With a system like this I would think about using a possible negative Loyalty towards the user if they abuse the avatar and use it as a tool for pulling. In that instance scenarios could be created where a Summoner fails to summon because the avatar refuses to obey the Master. The avatars abilities would be severely reduced and Harmonization would take forever to max out.

In terms of abilities I just based it on what was in XI for the most part. With Diamond Dust seen as the avatar's most devastating attack I thought it would be best to have it only accessible at Max Harmonization with the penalty of losing your Harmonization after use. I added was a possession ability which could be used as a tool to enhance the user's abilities but leaving them drained after it was through. When it comes to Summoners I would've leveled the job had I been able to actually been able to Unite with then and enhance my abilities in combat rather then just have to always use them as a Side kick of sorts. Then for those who rather have the avatar fight by their side I added a Toggle ability that would allow the user to have the avatar take damage so that they wouldn't have to be afraid of fighting in the front lines or worry about having hate and the avatar not taking any damage.

Anyways this is just an idea that popped into my head after waking up and seeing this topic. I'm curious to see if anyone has any suggestions or finds a system like this interesting for Summoners that would allow them to be more unique between one another instead of the same ole Stoneskinga, Blinkga, Hastega, Nether Blast, one trick pony avatars lol.
#4 Jun 24 2009 at 5:00 AM Rating: Decent
No thanks done the old way, want a new way :)
Can you see what it is yet?
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