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What FFXIV weapons could do:Follow

#1 Jun 27 2009 at 7:37 AM Rating: Default
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Expanding on the theory that in FFXIV your weapon will determine many things.
I think your weapon should expand your stats in one area and kill your stats in another maybe somewhat like these:

Two handed weapons greatly increase str while lowering mp, hmp, chr, int, mnd, and vit. They give you the highest str caos but no added dex

Swords and Katana moderately increase str and dex while lowering mp hmp, int, mnd, and agi. They give you moderate str and dex caps..

Daggers, katanas, etc greatly increase dex while increasing str slowly, while lowering mp, hmp, int and mnd. They give low str caps and high dex caps.

so basically two handed weapons increase str to a higher cap than sword or dagger, but decays dex to a lower cap than sword or dagger; Sword is in the middle, and dagger gives you a high dex cap and low str cap.

Other things:

Casting black magic increases int, mp and hmp, but lowers dex, vit, chr and str

Casting white magic increases mnd, chr, mp and hmp, but lowers dex, agi, and str

Using a shield increases vit, mnd, agi, and chr while lowering mp and dex

for example, using a scythe on your dark knight would result in a high attack character and lower accuracy. In order to change this you have to play with a sword or dagger for awhile to increse your dex.

I see it like this:

on Dark knight you have soft caps of 75 str, 75 dex, and 75 int. You cast a bunch and your int goes up to a cap of 100 while your dex and str goes down to 75. You hit with your sword to raise dex and your int suffers, going back down to 75. You fight with your scythe and your str goes up to 100 but your dex goes nowhere. This make a cycle of keeping your dark knight great but forces you to expand variety play of the game ^^

You can see how this sould help and limit many of the currect jobs of FFXI unless they play with different weapons, while you can have a fine experience playing with one, to do your best, you have to play with many before using that one.

So for FFXIV I see us all starting out as onion knights (basiaclly rdms) who can cast and equip just about everything but never get above stats that cap at 30. No onion knight could get far into the game. But when you reach certain levels of certain stats, you can unlock jobs and take certain stats up to high levels on those jobs and have to suffer soft caps if you don't balance your play. Example you have to get int, mnd, and dex (with a dagger, cause the +dex would be > - dex from casting) to certain levels on your union knight to unlock red mage. Then the red mage soft caps are 75 for int, mnd, and dex. but you have a challenge ahead of you to get them all near 100 hard cap.

On thief, you could play around with a sword to raise your str high and then switch to dagger, use your dagger weapon skills until your str decays back to dagger level and then go back to sword.

Spells, abilities, and weapon skills could be based on your stats and weapons too. Example, you need 80 str to do Guillotine on dark knight, if you fall below 80 str, you can't do it anymore. A black mage who melees alot might do nice spirit taker for mp regain, but his low int would prevent casting tier 4 spells and tier 3 "-ga"s which would require 80+ int.

Now you can see how relic weapons would be even more awesome in this game. They could be designed to increase stats that the weapons normally wouldn't and cause stats to increase beyond hard caps. A black mage relic staff could allow you to raise int (25% above cap) to 110 and that's the level you need to cast ultima! ^^

Then finally potions that temporary raise stats would be vital for some things. An int potion could help you reach that 110 int needed for ultima but you could only cast it for the 5 minutes that potion lasts.

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Why not call onion knights, squires instead? Anyway, I'm not too sure if I like the way this would be implemented. If there are negatives they should come form the gear you select, not "I have a scythe in general"

I do have some general ideas though, I will speculate that weapons will have a very large importance that factors in.. I wonder if there will be tradtional mage weapons like wands and staves or if they get a melee oriented weapon like a giant hammer or something of that nature that will make even casters more physical. That the casting comes along with strategy. Speaking of strategy, I hope that the enemy Ai is challenging, and not because they have 5x more health than us while doing similar damage.
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Going by the concept art weapons seem to me to be significant to each job, the part that intrigues me is the crystal dart looking things behind what I presume is a black mage. I suspect that changing weapons is like changing sub in FFXIV, just a guess.
Can you see what it is yet?
#4 Jun 27 2009 at 8:58 AM Rating: Decent
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That would be interesting in the fact that if you wanted to skill up a different weapon you became a different job automatically and had to raise it from scratch :X
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