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FF8 and weapons Follow

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I was watching the history of FF titles that was provided by a link in a recent forum. I was thinking about FFXIV and how they stated they were looking at old FF titles for ideas. Then it hit me. FF8 and Monster Hunter a game I wrote a thread on that was very dependent on weapons and gear for the growth of your character which is two of the themes in the game. Growth through Story and Weapons. I then remembered the weapons system in FF8 and how you had to get items from monsters to make and upgrade your weapons. I think that this game is going to have a pretty linear storyline as far as well the story goes since quests of some shape or form are the main way for you character to grow that has been stated. Aswell as weapons put two and two together and it makes sense.

Kill mobs upgrade your weapons and then you elimanate mob grinding for weapons and armor growth. AH can be used for selling of items for non- rare weapons or even rarer weapons through rare monster drops. Combine that with quest rewards and lvl restrictions and you have a system to work off. Then throw in some type of FF9 or FF7 system where you learn spells and abilites for the weapons you use and then equipe the spells accordingly or some type of not materia (Becuase it was created from the life stream and there I hope will be no Jenova in this game or life stream or mako energy) Even though i love ff7. I can see an orb or something system with weapon slots with specific orbs that are limited to the weapon like HP up for warrior tank and dd classes or mp up for mage classes and then you can pick and choose your spells to grow in and come up with your own unique strats. Just an idea. and you can control this by only alowing specific materia to be assingned per job or weapon. It can be done I think the best systems in FF for "Custimization and learning spells were ff9 and ff7) and all you would need is a system to control the custimization of the characters so you dont get a broke as **** hybrid class.
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