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Flat world's a boring world?
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Creatures from under the ground have built them as access portals for their universal attack on all FF worlds. It is a plan to totally control and take over all known worlds of the FF series and turn them into Care Bear games.

...or SE just likes the idea of things poking out of the ground to give the worlds an interesting look.
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It's not just Square that does it.

It's a semi-popular technique among artists to make a landscape look more Fantasy-ish or Sci-Fi-ish.

Look what you get when you Google "Sci-Fi Landscapes". About half the pictures have random things jutting out of the ground.

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I think by large they're called rocks. Dont quote me on that though!
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Kordain wrote:
I think by large they're called rocks. Dont quote me on that though!

You mean like this?
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Freud would say that they are phallic symbols and that the game designers are either compensating (if male) or undergoing ***** envy (if female).

Then again, that would be the "later" Freud, and that man was off the wall crazy.
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I admit that I was wrong

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