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#1 Jul 03 2009 at 10:28 PM Rating: Excellent
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Let's get a list of features that we do or don't want to see in this new game. Here's mine:

-Subligar. Lot's of it. While initially disappointed when I got my first pair, I loved the idea that you look kind of goofy in some gear. It just makes it that much more satisfying when you get the BA looking gear later.
-Huge zones. I feel that one of the big strengths in FFXI was the gigantic zones that you could get totally lost in. I loved how my first trip from Sandoria to Windurst felt (not looked, of course)like a road trip across the US. This feature could definitely be kept if balanced with better travel options. You can make your ugly and empty ones smaller though. =P
-Character versatility. The job system was fantastic because it allowed one character to be all things to an extent. I understand and prefer that you use a new system for this, but I want to make sure that versatility is stressed.

-Personally, I don't want to see lost items from failed synths. I'm already losing enough hair through my natural aging process.
-Don't make me spend 2 solid months hitting rocks, from morning to night, just so that people will stop making fun of my gear. I don't mind working hard for quality items but O. M. G.
-Please do not giving drastic racial differences to character stats. I really would rather begin by making a character that I think looks cool and not feel like I need to reroll because I didn't do enough research or didn't realize that I wanted to play a caster class later on.

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The "What I DON'T want" thread a few below this is basically the same thing, even if it doesn't specifically add the "do."

I suggest just heading there instead of starting a thread and forcing people to repeat their ideas.
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