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Question for people that started FFXI on day oneFollow

#1 Jul 06 2009 at 4:21 PM Rating: Good
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Unfortunately I started XI when the game had been out for 5 years and never got to experience a time when everything was new (though it was to me obviously)
By the time I started the economy was sorted and there was an abundance of gear to buy and I was extremely fortunate to have a complete stranger give me 50,000 gil my first day, which saw me through my first few weeks and kept me going until I could earn for myself.

How does it start? Does SE have basic gear already in the auction house ready for cash earned from quests? Do you have basic gear in the mog house to be able to kill starting area mobs for goods to sell to NPCs or do you have to wait for people to start crafting stuff?

I am incredibly happy to be able to start this time on day one, but curious as to how it will begin.


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#2 Jul 06 2009 at 4:27 PM Rating: Excellent
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It starts from scratch. Auction House is empty, no clothes except the stuff on your back.

It's kinda sad to say, but the truth of MMOs is they are hard at the beginning and get easier with time. Both as real world time passes, and as you get higher in level.

The opposite of normal videogames.

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The day one is always tough, and it will be for the first few weeks... In XI, you get body, legs, feet, hands and an Onion weapon, depending on your job, WHM BLM MNK get a spell or belt... You get a cupon for 50gil and thats it. You have to kill the mobs for gil, items and gear. then selling the stuff you don't need to the AH... Anyways, Im sure you get the point lol.... But thats how FFXIV will be when it comes out... ALTHOUGH FFXIV is going to be a world release, and FFXI was Japanese only.
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IMO the first days of a brand new MMO (read: servers just opened, you are the 1st generation of players) is one of the greatest feelings I've experienced in gaming. The teamwork and exploration at this point will rarely be matched in the rest of your play time.
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Since Japanese players had already been playing FFXI for a year before American players it might be hard to find someone here who was around on the first day.

I have been around a few other MMOs on the first day though and I can say it is rather hard to find anything you want for a while. The first people to play are really the pioneers who have to blaze a path through the game.
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Thanks all.
Sounds like it's going to be fun, frustrating.....but very rewarding.
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I started a few months after the NA release (which was already a couple years after it had been out in Japan). There's a few easy, repeatable quests in each town to help you get some gil at the start. In San d'Oria it was turning in two bat wings for 200g or 3 rabbit hides for 120g. That helps to get your first couple of levels of equipment, which were available from vendors as well as the AH. There's also a couple of other quests that give low level equipment directly. I remember killing the NM for the strike baghnakhs and selling them for a mind boggling 30,000g. That lasted for a while. FFXIV will probably be pretty similar at the start.
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