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I have a theory on how SE will let players select ther job classes. My theory is that every weapon will have an affinity towards certain jobs. For example if a you wanted to be a healer you would want to use a club or a staff but im thinking SE may let any job use any weapon(I think SE will be making some of the more powerful weapons more class exclusive) Soooo you could be a polearm wielding whm if you wanted to, but the spears affinity to white magic will be low so getting spells would take longer. In other words Every weapon has a natural Affinity towards a every class, some jobs like paladin, whose main weapon is a sword, would have a higher affinity towards the sword.

Now if you Match the weapon with the class Then you would get spells, job abilities, and what ever is replacing weapon skills, faster and these skills would become more potent. Just a theory but **** I'm bored and im about to go to work and its been on my mind for a little while.
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I really don't think wielding a polearm or a GS will give your whm any more magic ability, but i think that you can still use what you learned. I am willing to bet each weapon will have it's own magic/ability set, that anybody can use and learn from, but you will probably only bea able to maxamize the abilities/magic with that weapon equipped.

For example:
You spend time running around with a staff, and lets say you learn fire 1, fire 2, and Fire 3. Now lets say you decide to pick up an axe. I think that you would probably be able to use fire 1, but not 2 or 3 w/o the staff equipped. also, with the axe now equipped, you probably won't learn any new "fire' spells at all.

Just how i think it will be.
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