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No experience, levelling in FFXIVFollow

#1 Aug 04 2009 at 12:57 PM Rating: Good
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In a video interview published by Famitsu, Square Enix has revealed a few more details on its next MMO, Final Fantasy XIV - including the surprising revelation that it will not feature experience points or a levelling system.

"This time, there will be no experience points or level system," said producer Hiromichi Tanaka in the interview, which you can watch on YouTube or read about on Scrawl. "It will be a different system altogether."

FFXIV's director Nobuaki Komoto told Famitsu that Square Enix wants "people who may never have tried an online game before have the freedom to try many different things and tackle any number of quests and grow naturally from their experiences... That's our priority: players enjoying the process of character growth."

Komoto hinted at the way character advancement might work when he discussed the game's job system. Considered a strength of Square Enix's last MMO, FFXI - which allows players to combine character classes, and expand them with sub-jobs - it will return, but in a new form based around the weapons and equipment players choose to use.

"We believe the main factor behind Final Fantasy XI's lasting appeal is the job system," said Komoto. "However, the system will become something completely different. The focus here will be on weapons. Your weapon will determine how you play. Your weapon will determine how you fight.

"We want to afford players enough variety to choose a different way to play on any given day. If they could practice one skill one day, they could work on another one the next," he added. This seems to suggest a skill-based advancement system, similar to Ultima Online's.

The interview touched on several other topics: according to Komoto, FFXIV will offer good possibilities for both solo and group play; the music will be composed in its entirety by FF stalwart Nobuo Uematsu; the setting will be "high fantasy" but more modern than FFXI's, with more advanced technology; the races will be familiar to FFXI players, but carry new names and other changes.

"You can trust that we plan to create a world of new possibilities that redefine the MMO. I hope you're looking forward to everything we have in store," Komoto concluded.

We hope to have more on FFXIV from gamescom later this month. The game is due for release on PC and PS3 next year.
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#2 Aug 04 2009 at 1:11 PM Rating: Good
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Basically what I got from this is that now we'll be leveling skills instead of jobs.

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I really really hope SE does make this game casual friendly unlike FFXI, then FFXI can become the harder MMO out of the two. This seems like a good idea for keeping FFXI still alive when this game comes out.

My channel with FFXI battle music and hard to find songs that were not even released on Original Soundtracks.

I also plan on uploading FFXIV music when the game is released.
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wow this so isn't going to be that time sink I feared it would still be .... your evade skill just increased by 0.2

three hours later

your evade skill just increased by 0.1
#5 Aug 04 2009 at 1:30 PM Rating: Default
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NuckingFuts wrote:
wow this so isn't going to be that time sink I feared it would still be .... your evade skill just increased by 0.2

three hours later

your evade skill just increased by 0.1

Well we dont know, might as well be;

".... your evade skill just increased by 5.2

three hours later

your evade skill just increased by 5.0
Congratulation you have reached the maximum of your skill (aka hit max level)."

Although, with this you level up a job to max within 3 hours LOL (if that was a weapon skill).

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To me, that just sounds like leveling in a different form. There has to be some form of advancement and in an MMO that generally means killing stuff until you have killed enough stuff to learn a new skill or progress past your current skill. Which I'm sure everyone is perfectly fine with.

Who knows though, maybe they have come up with something extremely creative that will be completely unexpected that will blow us away and finally bring some freshness to MMO genre. This is what I dream of at least.
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#7 Aug 04 2009 at 8:28 PM Rating: Decent
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I posted a rather long set of posts on Eozeapedia about jobs in FFXIV, but here is the bullet points of my posts.

  • The boat scene is the only in game scene when you compare it to the rest of the video
  • In the boat scene 3 normal characters are seen and 3 clone characters are seen, and the mithra is protecting one in her bubble
  • I believe these 3 are NPC owned by the 3 characters on the ship, and this is part 1 of why I believe parties are group in 3
  • The second reason I think they are groups in 3 is the last scene of the video being a party of 3

  • If the NPCs are a main part of FFXIV and you level a NPC with you main then it may take the place of subjobs being a job class NPC you can choose
  • This would allow weapons to be tied to a job and the weapon skill levels with use like FFXI, but weapon skill determines which you can use
  • The higher the weapon skill you have the more slots it will have on it for spells/skills which work a bit like materia

  • This is all purely guess work done off the info told by SE and shown so far. The "characters can level one thing and then switch later to level a different thing" makes me thing materia is used on weapons to level, and grows as you kill enemies.
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    Grinding is grinding doesn't matter if it's skills or levels.
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    I thought of it first:
    #9 Aug 04 2009 at 9:15 PM Rating: Decent
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    Anything is better than losing XP after dying :)
    #10 Aug 04 2009 at 10:46 PM Rating: Decent
    Anything is better than losing XP after dying :)

    Instead you lose your weapon~
    #11 Aug 04 2009 at 11:55 PM Rating: Good
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    allegrocantabile wrote:
    Anything is better than losing XP after dying :)

    Instead you lose your weapon~

    I know someone who is going to be a monk! XD
    #12 Aug 05 2009 at 12:21 AM Rating: Excellent
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    When I saw that, I immediately thought of Oblivion's leveling system. If you wanna play as something, skill up the skill.
    #13 Aug 05 2009 at 11:26 AM Rating: Decent
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    Does this mean a low level character can party with a high level and both gain good growth?

    Or would that be too easy to abuse, like a kind of power leveling?
    #14 Aug 05 2009 at 12:36 PM Rating: Good
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    Progressing =! grinding. Grinding is doing the same thing over and over with no new challenges or surprises. Leveling, whether it's xp or skills, does not have to be grinding.

    As for skilling up, I very much doubt it will be like in XI, where skill growths are seemingly random and based on luck. It seems more like you'll get fixed growths.
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    If anyone remember playing Final Fantasy II, it had a very similar system. Characters would gain stats based on what they did in battle and no exp was used.

    For example, someone who gets hit more often would gain HP faster, a magic user would gain MP as well as improve the potency of their spells, dishing out damage improved your attack skills, while taking damage improved defensive skills. I wonder if FFXIV will be very much like this?

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