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How Final Fantasy XIV Works

Interesting read with a few confirmed new details. I especially like how they say weather patterns change in addition to day/night cycles. They also note the Komoto stated that leveling a healer class and swordsman class means that potentially you can completely change jobs in the field. This is awesome in that you could bash stuff as a swordsman, pop into healer, replenish health, and pop back into swordsman in real-time.

Also, they describe the guild leave system more like Campaign ops, but with more flexibility to complete solo or with friends.

I know most of this has been pointed out already, but confirmation from an American source as well as the few new details seemed worthy of a new topic.

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can't wait till friday when they get all the information from famitsu. And a couple of weeks from now in the european gaming convention (can't remember then name now) i hope they show some in game videos showing more than the teaser at e3

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Sorry, but I'm locking this one since it's a duplicate of another.
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