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#1 Aug 07 2009 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
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I played FFXI for about 2 years (many years ago) and I played on the PS2. I knew people who played on the PC, and I think it was a fairly common complaint that you couldn't really run anything in the background while playing (be it screen recorders or addons or whatever).

So, I'm wondering what the community's thoughts are on the possibility of SE opening it up a bit more this time around. With the game confirmed on both PC and PS3, do you think addons are going to be an option?

Similarly, do you think they might include a more robust scripting language for macros and the like?

Lastly, do you think there will be keyboard/mouse support on the PS3? Controller support on the PC?

I realize that very little along these lines have been disclosed/confirmed/speculated on, but I'm interested to know what you guys think.



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You could play ffxi with a keyboard on the ps2 so you should be able to do so on the ps3. I don't know anything about controller support for the pc though. I always used a keyboard because that's what felt better for me.

I would expect the same rules about 3rd party addons with ffxiv. Let's hope they make some of those features actually built into the game.
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You were able to use a gamepad for the PC version of FFXI, wouldn't surprise me if the same happens in FFXIV. Get a PS3 controller, plug it via USB and google some drivers for it.

As for whether or not they will open and allow people to do custom addons... This is SE we're talking about. I highly doubt it, but let's keep our fingers crossed and hope they learned at least that from WoW.
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Doubt it. It be just like everything with FFXI , they are going to want the PC players to be forced to have the same experience as the PS3 players. So more than likely they wont allow custom add ons, becuase they would have to distribute them to the ps3 players if they wanted it to be 'fair'.
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I don't think SE will allow addons on the PC version since they were very adamant about not giving PC users an advantage over console users.

FFXI on PS2 already had keyboard and mouse support.

On PC it should have controller support. One of the standards on new PC games is to have Xbox360 controller support out of the box so they might go with that too. SE already did that with The Last Remnant on PC, but also allowed for other controllers to work too.
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