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The developers have stated that battles will occur in realtime, but will not focus on fast-paced action and timing. Instead, strategy will play a much larger role. It seems the Armoury system will play into this, allowing players to actively change jobs on the fly, and adapt to many different situations. Unlike Final Fantasy XI, players will not be stuck in an infinite loop of pulling and fighting. This time, the developers have put more thought into creating battle situations with more variety.

The Mithra casting a barrier is an example of how the flow of battle could change. Instead of simply pulling and provoking, placement of characters and using abilities to assist each other could have much more impact. Developers have confirmed there will be battles where you face groups of monsters at a time, and the opportunities to effectively employ strategy will increase as well.

This has me really excited about the gameplay in FF14! I hope there is alot more abilities and spells of this nature besides the one about the mithra being mentioned. Also it really bugged me in FF11 how it was very close to impossible to find multiple monsters at a time , I always felt AOE spells were underpowered.

There wasn't really that much stategy in FF11. I remember my first day playing I would run around the monsters because initially I believed it might increase my chances of evasion, only tbe sadly disappointed.

Also alot of people tout how hard FF11 is, when its only difficulty is time itself. WoW despite being 'an easier' game required much more strategy as your characters position was very important and they included many spells with strategic positioning. (What did FF11 have? Make sure your close enough to the bard for mana <,<?).

So I was wondering if anyone else has any speculation about possible job abilities in spells.

Reflect- honestly I would like to see a return of the 'reflect' spell in FF14. Make it so the user has to position himself in a certain way for it work, instead of simply just casting the spell and spells casted on you reflect.

Float -Also it be cool to have some sort of spell to possibly levitate yourself i.e. float which made the user immune to earth base attacks But weak against wind based ones and in FF9 you could be blown away by a monster during this effect.

Also, I would love to see combination abilities like in FF9 vivi and steiner were able to do. It would also give incentive to partying and would be really fun.

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I'm sorry. I promise I will post a thoughtful reply after I stop laughing about "stradegetic" and "stadegy"

Ok, haha, I just found that too humorous. I could imagine a lot of strategic elements, but I'm trying not to think about it too much. I do hope there are a lot more positioning, timing, and status/trait elements, and I'm anxious to see what they've cooked up.

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Hyrist wrote:
Ok, now we're going to get slash fiction of Wint x Kachi somehere... rule 34 and all...

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would be neat if status buff spells where on demand aura (AOE) type effects. Like shell/protect/reflect ect ect would have to be used and held by the caster until no longer needed.

Example: During a boss fight you see he's winding up for a spell. your caster posistions themselves in middle of the grp and casts shell, or reflect and a bubble/aura expands from the caster and envelops the party. the party is defended against the incoming spell.

Or as a melee type fighter would be neat if you had a parry or block button where your chances or defedning become much greater.

The mention of realtime battles but not fast action combat reminds me of a post i made back in june about weapons skills and spell casting. where the power of attack or nuke/cure strength was used on a "charge" system. the longer you held the button the more powerful the spell/attack would become.

example: you select to cast cure: you hold down triangle to charge the spell, a long bar with 5 sections appear, you charge to bar 3 and unleach a cure 3 spell.

or as a melee you charge for weapon skill the longer you charge the skill type changes.

Can't wait to see what SE comes up with.
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